Tuesday, January 14, 2014

There is a God... but also aliens?

Hello family,

So this week was definitely better than last week.  We got to teach a few people and we had two dinners!  Our new Ward Mission leader is great and I think things might really start to happen now with him working with us.  Lots of knocking still but  we are doing great.   I just started the Book of Mormon again.  I have read the scriptures so much while I have been out here.  I am going to be like a scriptorian when I get back.  In gospel doctrine class I will be correcting the teacher all the time, “No brother, that is in verse eight.”  I will say stuff like that without even looking at my scriptures.  Ha No really, I will be able to quote verse without even checking .  I still want to sit by Moody’s pool with all the elders of our tribe and discuss things.  You and Dee will have to serve us lemonade. We did an exchange so I went down to the coast which was pretty cool. They have no baptismal dates but they teach like 8 lessons a day.  When I got there the day wasn’t planned too well so we didn’t do too much, which frustrated me But, we got several lessons in.  Funny story,  One was with this lady that I believe may have been drinking.  She couldn’t even hold the conversation properly but we kept trying to teach her.   I am not really sure we should have, but she did keep asking questions here and there. Here is the part that is kind of funny.  We taught her the restoration and gave her our number because she said she wanted to know more.  Then she called us 5 minutes later asking who it was. So that was an interesting exchange. We had zone training so we got to see all the missionaries in the zone. Times have changed so much the zone last year was really small and now it’s really big. I got my new glasses this week but I don’t think I have taken a picture with them.  We  got 4 new investigators this week... Well 2 of them dropped right away the next ones was a Christian lady who has 2 sons that have religious degrees and are preachers. That was an interesting teach. They argued over every single point in the restoration lesson. She told us she won’t read the Book of Mormon, but she said we can come back next Friday... The next is this 17 year old kid that has questions about aliens and stuff. He said he just looks at pictures of space and said that he doesn’t believe we are alone and that there is a God but also aliens. He said he would pray about the Book of Mormon.  It’s a start right?  I am hoping we can replace his alien ideas with some truth.  Time will tell. Not much else I am afraid.  Oh we did a big service project this week cleaning a member’s attic.  We wore hazmat suits sort of.  Attics are pretty gross.  Remember when Bret and I locked the girls in the attic.  Or the time we locked them in the closet.  I don’t know why the girls ever trusted us.  Ha.  I said I just started the Book of Mormon again.  I hope you are all reading it every day.  Thank you for telling me about Alec’s talk.


Elder Mecham
Cut my hair this week

Missionary Minion

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