Monday, January 6, 2014

Knock---slam, Knock---slam

Hola mi amigos,

Wait no.   I am in England.  Well cool email mum, I appreciate it and all the words of wisdom. This week was another really....... slow week . We lost contact with the H--- family so I don’t have much to say about that.  It was very upsetting that they are dodging us but we will keep at it and hopefully we can get them back on track. There is  not really much to talk about in general.  This week we had three teaches.  Two that we came across after knocking doors.  We were happy they agreed to have us in and had us share a five minute message before saying that they were not interested. The third lesson was with an recent convert that was baptized last year. We enjoyed visiting with him but otherwise the week was hard, hard, hard . Knock--- slam. Knock--- slam. The weather has been poor. Windy and rainy so when we are outside which is basically all day every day, we just get soaked. I think I am building quite a stoic personality, especially now. I am following Elder Wirthlin’s advice, ‘come what may and love it.’  I have some pretty good mission stories about this and that will show some of the other kid’s children that I am the coolest uncle.  That probably goes without saying though. 

 The biggest and best news this week…We finally got a ward mission leader... our ward mission leader went back home to America the first week I was here and we finally got a new one called so that could and should help us moving forward now. I am really hopeful that this changes things in the ward with missionary work.  Your stories from San Miguel make me jealous, but of course with Dad as the WML things are great for your Elders.  I am not complaining, but we just have had little help from the ward because there is no one in the calling, not because of anything else.  Well let’s see all the things I can think about writing are for the things upcoming but then next week I won’t have anything to write so this week will just have to lack.  I am hoping to have some amazing tales to tell next week. I can tell you what we did every day this week though.... Got up and do everything in our individual morning routine then have companion study time. At ten go outside and it is raining and we just start knocking doors.  No takers. Come back at 2 and have lunch get back out and it’s still raining but now with an added twist, a flare of wind, and we proceed to try and contact formers.  None are home or they don’t live there anymore. More rain more wind. We finish the days with dinner at 8... it isn’t too bad and it’s not meant to be depressive or anything.  In fact it is great and if I spend all my days here doing this then that is what I do.  Missionary work is not easy (and it is not dry. At least here it isn’t.) I heard something interesting in testimony meeting on Sunday...It was a great meeting.  One of the members got up, (a brother) to share his testimony and basically said, “Don’t worry that your path in life is more difficult than other people’s paths.”  I thought it was similar to the mission... other people might have an easier mission or a harder one but in the end everyone serves 2 years and all so we all have done the Lord’s work for Him.  ... I can’t really say what exactly he said but it is basically that we were made to be different and have different experiences.  I equated that to missions.  I was reading D and C 18:15 and think this speaks to that idea. And if it so be that you should labor all your days in crying repentance unto this people, and bring, save it be one soul unto me, how great shall be your joy with him in the kingdom of my Father.


Alright I  have to go now so ciao.  And Happy New Year. 

 Love, Elder Mecham

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