Tuesday, January 28, 2014

21 Lessons- Up from zero. I am a boss.

Hmmmm sooo no questions this week makes it a little difficult.  I like when you give me the list because it makes answering easier.   But I will see what i can conjure up. Well, big news is this, remember when we had 0 teaches that one week. Well this week we had 21. 21lessons up from zero.  I am a boss. That is a ton for RTW. (Royal Tunbridge Wells) I only hope we will see some of these people again and the will continue to listen to the messages we share.  We were able to go to see A--- again and his family on Tuesday with the ward mission leader. It was really good C---expressed interest in being baptised,  but then as I have come accustomed to, they didn’t come to church on Sunday.  I do feel there will be a baptism in the future..... (probably after I leave.)  I know.  That will really bum me out.  Depending on my next move I will not be able to attend if I am far away.  There hasn’t been a baptism in RTW for a long time so it will be a truly great thing.   Lately everyone has been telling me things like wow you don’t have any time left at all and I’m still like, Shut up already,  I have 6 months to go.  I have a quarter of my mission still infront of me, plenty of time to do what I am here to do…and then elder Poulino reminds me that it is now less than 6 months. Interesting how the times have changed, I used to be reminding my companions that they don’t have much time left and now I’m the one being reminded.  I can’t even really think that way though.  This is where I am and I don’t want to  be anywhere else so I don’t think much about the time or how long I have been here.  I now know why the elders who came to dinner didn’t like it when we asked them how long they had been out.  It isn’t because it makes you homesick it is because when you are on the latter part of your mission you don’t want to think about leaving..  Saturday we had to walk to Pembury from RTW and that’s like a good hour and a half and in the middle of it we just heard this super loud roaring sound and then it started hailing super bad.... I got a video but it’s too big to send it to you. When we got to our da  we were completely soaked.... I will try to send some photos It was super funny.  Yesterday we went to a member who is form china her name is Yong and her husband used to own a Chinese food restaurant so he taught us how to make food yesterday... probably the best food I’ve had. we had 4 different meals. Mushroom chicken, egg fried rice , chinese chicken soup, and some rotten bamboo soup. it was soooo goood. Yesterday was a good day at church too so in all it was a great day.  Oh also here is a quote for pres. Stolworthy that I created, “We will never know what Christ’s atonement can do until we recognise what Christ’s atonement saves us from..... understanding our own fall is of the greatest importance.... He can tinker with the wording if he wants, his wording will probably be better than mine. Also tell him thanks for all the hard work he does.   Being out here makes you realise all the work all the leaders do and how much they love those they serve.  As a missionary I have learned that service does help us to love others.  Before my mission,I never really understood how I could love people the way I do now.  It is a Christlike love that I know is a gift when we truly serve others.  Christ spent his entire life serving others and his love was so great that he died to atone for our sins.  Mine and everyone else’s.  As we serve others we  are able to in some way emulate His love and impart some of that love to them.  Have a great week. 

Love you all,

Elder Mecham
Awesome Family!

Great food

This is my 'hood'. 

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