Monday, November 25, 2013

We are about as bad as kittens.

That package was hilarious. I made the ‘Thanksgiving dinner’ except I opened the package and I didn’t know it was all for that so I gave the pringles to a sister in my district because she loves them. So I had the dinner without mashed potatoes. It was still pretty good. I asked sister Millar if i could wear the turkey hat and she said no, so rules are rules. I liked that lip chap that you sent me. So thank you for the package. I will make sure to send some pictures for you. This week was cold and rainy I had to wear my winter jackets. Not too much work is actually happening in this area, it’s pretty dead. No one is really interested right now and it doesn’t help that it is dark by 4:30.  The people here are mostly elderly so they think that we hooligans out on th street past dark.  It is kind of funny at times because we are like the exact opposite of holigans.  I couldn’t be less hooliganish.  Remember when Johnson and I got stopped walking at night by police officers.  We were like, “nope, we are not thug types at all.  Here we were I am about to leave on my mission and he just got home and the cops are taking their time talking to us.  We were like, “no, you guys could seriously use your time better than this. We are about as bad as kittens.” So anyhow,  past 4:30 and missionary work is impossibly hard and it’s like this never ending circle of we can’t knock past 4 and the people don’t get home from work until 6. So this area has its fair share of hiccups. There isn’t much as missionaries that we can do really in a situation like this... normally we would try to schedule all our appointments for after 4 but we have no one to schedule appointments with so that’s another circle. so a lot of the time it is just doing street contacting and even then its dark outside and the area is posh so they don’t really have street lights so we look really scary to people. Most people have cars so they aren’t outside in the first place, another circle.... So there are all these tiny little circles that never end until it gets a bit brighter at night time really.  I just read that and it sounds horrible.  It isn’t I just say it by way of explanation.  I don’t want you to think I am not happy.  I am .  I am working hard too.  Sometimes it is a bit challenging is all. On the bright side, we are trying to visit all the former investigators. My companion is pretty funny so it makes time go by a little easier. We had interviews with president on Friday which was nice.He is agood guy and I always enjoy talking to him.   The train we had to take to get to Orpington, where the interviews were, broke down so we had to hop on a train they told everyone to get on and it went right past Orpington station and straight to London. When we got to London and had to take the train back to Orpington..... It was an adventure.  I tried to  talk to very one on the train.  Hoping I could drum up some work.  It used to be so unnatural for me to talk to people, now it’s easy.  Anyhow, I  like this area but it is pretty difficult.  I was reading in the book of Mormon in Mosiah about how the sons of Mosiah went to preach to the Lamanites.  It could not have been easy. I mean it had to have been hard so I guess I will just have to remember that sometimes what is hard is what we need.  I hope and pray for success. 

Elder Mecham

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