Monday, October 21, 2013

The Grandmas love us

Hi family,
This  is me and Munson on the train.  Twins?

Tucker boys.  Love these kids!
 Another rainy week and yes I am pasty white.  Thanks for noticing.  This week we had zone conference.  Antony came and that is great.  He is a good guy but we just can’t get him to commit.  Ma he is like you were.  It took you six years right?  What the heck Mum.  The missionaries must have been so frusturated with you.  Tell me, what do I do with someone like you.  What was your hold up?  It is really hard because we know he knows but he just won’t move on it.  Anyhow, zone was great.  Really great.  Learned a lot like always.  I have learned so much out here it is crazy.  I can tellyou with out a doubt I learned more here in just the short time I have been here than I have in any other time or place in my life.  Everyone should go on a mission.  Everyone.  So if my friends who haven’t gone even read this.  Get going.  Put your stuff in order and get to it mates. Anyhow at zone everyone kept telling me about some kid that was my identical twin. Elder Blumenthal lives with him so he grabbed him and brought him to me and the kid and I both looked at each other and I said “hey dude” and he said, “hey dude,” and then  we just walked away. Later someone else told us we look just alike and the kid and I met again but this time we chatted. I dont think he looks too much like me but he is identical in personality and everything. We talk the same we listen to the same music we wear the same clothes. His name is elder Munson from Pleasant Grove, Utah. So the rest of the night we just chatted and we even use the same slang. It is crazy. I will send you a picture to decide for yourself. We had stake conference and they asked all missionaries to go to the Saturday night session. We went and it was funny, there were only old people and only like 60-70 people were even there.  So it was all these young elders and all the grandparents of the stake.  The grandmas love us.  I think maybe we were there for that reason.  Sunday was the coolest day. The session was fantastic.  A fgew talks reminded the members to help the missionaries do the ir work by having members present lessons.  I was glad,  we need the help.  We have so few who will work with us. I got to see mama Vega from Croydon and the Tucker family. I got pictures with them but I think theirs came out better. Ask them for the pics. They gave me some goldfish as well. It was good seeing them again. Well I don’t have too much time left so I will send you some pictures.

 Love, Elder Mecham

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