Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Talking to you guys on Christmas was simple the best.

Christmas morning before leaving the flat

Talking to you guys on Christmas was simply the best.  I enjoyed every minute even with a little bit of skype trouble.  That stinks for the Moody’s that Mary has a no skype rule.  I am sure Dee hates that rule.   Well it was probably one of the longest weeks in my entire mission. The holidays were most excellent and I was so geared up  to do missionary work but we have been meeting one roadblock after another.  The whole week just slumped and died basically. We had 0 teaches this week.  It really was that slow. I was dying!   That is the first time I had 0 teaches in my mission. Everyone was just too busy or in such a rush that nothing happened and ended up just walking from street to street trying to do all the work possible. We stopped by former investigators that said to come by in mid-January and we even went to less active members and they said come back in Mid January as well.  It wasn’t like any bad happened this week it was just that nothing happened this week in terms of missionary work.  That makes for long weeks and feeling pretty bad about it all.  I am hoping the new Year will bring about changes.  We did get to meet some cool members of the ward though and getting to know them should help our efforts in the work. Christmas was like 50 million times better than anything though and I loved talking to the family.  So after I skyped you all we played monopoly and had dinner.  I won monopoly. I remember loving that game when I was a little kid and I still love that game now.  The packages were great as well I have so much sweets and chocolate. I think everyone will like the Christmas packages I am sending home.

Uh oh, here comes the weather news.  (See I told you it's that slow.  I am like and old man talking about weather) Most of our area is flooded and all the trains and buses are cancelled because of the big storm that came. Everyone had fences and stuff that were blown over. Remember I told you that we were supposed to do exchanges on Friday but the trains were cancelled. Luckily Royal Tunbridge Wells is on a hill so this town isn’t flooded but everywhere around us is. We find out tomorrow morning if we are moving or not. I think I am staying. 

I was thinking this week it is the  New Year. I have not set foot on American soil for the entire year. Have not heard the new music or seen a new film.  I have not done a lot of things that most 20 year olds do during their twentieth year, but I wouldn’t change a thing.  I have spent all of 2013 in the service of the Lord and my fellow man.  Not much can top that.  I guess I should make it my resolution to continue that after my return.  What a world it would be if everyone served the Lord and their fellow man.  Utopia I think is what it’s called.   But that is all for now... looks like it will be another stormy week seeeeyaaaaaaaaa!


Elder Mecham out for 2013

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