Monday, December 9, 2013

Stoker's old Mission Pres!
So before I forget to tell you... Stoker's old mission President is in my ward here, apparently our mission is giant compared to everyone else’s. I knew the area was big but we have 250 missionaries and stoker's mission has 85 brother Cempero said. He said Stoker was a great missionary though. And I can tell you that did not come as a surprise to me.He was always a good missionary, even before the mission.  So I am going to the temple on the 17th so that is when I will pick all the stuff up.  Thank you for sending things.  I do appreciate it so much.  In missionary news, we have been handing out little Christmas cards for our Christmas service on the 22nd. I am so hoping we get some folks to come.  Sunday night we went on splits with the bishop and his counselor. The Bishop said he would have us take on the more challenging folks . Elder Harrison and brother Woodward got the easy people and had a good time together visiting and spreading good cheer.  As luck would have it, Bishop and I got the angry people and we had to help 2 people remove their names because they have been asking to for about 20 years and they were angry.  Reminded me of some of Dad’s adventures that he writes me about going out with the Elders in Vegas.  Anyhow, it was not too bad as it sounds and  we had a good time as well. We had a ward Christmas party on Saturday night which went well.  It is always good to be with the saints.  Oh so guess what.... I fulfilled a lifelong childhood dream.... I set off the fire alarm in the chapel today, which is why I am emailing late.  Shout out to the Bennion kids who I think have set it off collectively more than any other family.  Tell Bishop he can claim me as his own. Anyhow stupid really, but hilarious.  The alarm has a glass case and said break glass here so I poked the dot, not to break it but to tap it.  I don’t know why.  It was like a reflex when it said “here” I touched the dot.  The glass was actually super thin and broke and the fire alarm went off... took us a good while to try to stop it... I ended up putting the glass back together to keep this button down.... but that was pretty dang exciting!  Oh and yes I heard about Alexis getting engaged and Marleice getting married... Both great bits of news.  It is so strange to think my friends are married.  I am certain that we are all still just freshmen at BYU sometimes.  Other times it seems like I have been here for 100 years.  Mission time warp!  That book of Mormon challenge is done for me. I will ikely get it read again before the time is up. I can read it proxy for a non reader.  How is all your family history going mum?  You baptise a lot more people than I do that is for sure.


PS I cut my own hair

Elder Mecham

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