Monday, December 16, 2013

Sick in bed

So right now I am in a tri by the way. I  got a call from President late that night saying that he is sending me a companion until elder Harrison goes home, so I think I might be staying in Tunbridge Wells now with a newer missionary. He has been out for 4 months his name is elder Poulino, he is from Rotterdam, Holland and I’m probably will be his follow up trainer but I don’t know if he is my companion for this next move because I haven’t been told anything yet.  On Tuesday I was pretty sick and then Wednesday I started feeling good and elder Poulino came and he was just getting over his sickness and then we both felt pretty sick again on Thursday. Friday elder Harrison got really sick and is still sick while I’m doing well now.  Hopefully we will all be past it! My trainer elder Hansen has been home for a year now. I killed off 2 missionaries right before Christmas! That has been a tough thing to do.   So I don’t think elder Munson will be my companion which I was really hoping for because I felt like we could get a lot of work done as well as having a good time.  I had hoped to have that happen but I know President knows what he is doing.  I  will see him on tuesday. In good news, We have been trying to work with this part member family. The husband came to the Christmas social and then their whole family came on Sunday.... the husband is a member but his wife isn’t and they have 3 boys aged 10,6,5 months. We  went to bishops house and had lunch with them so hopefully they are able to progress. I have had many conversations with him about the nature of families and I have shared how it is important for them to become active. It would be nice if I could get them going. I feel a lot of success in this already.  The area I am in is pretty dead and I feel like our work with this family is bringing them around.  Please pray for us that we can bring the spirit to them and their hearts will be softened.   I liked the sweaters on our cats by the way.Millie and Bret looked exceptionally creepy.  I have  think that is all so I will try to send pictures right now but I haven’t taken too many at all.  Too bad I wasn’t with Munson.  He takes a bajillion. I can't believe how quickly Christmas is approaching.   Christmas is nice here in England too.  It has been cold and wet so much for so long that people just look away when we approach, but at Christmastime people here are a little bit happier and a little more interested in talking with us.  I think it is maybe because they know we are messengers from Christ, and let’s face it, people can try to say is just the holiday season, but we all know that is rubbish.  It’s Christ’s season.   

Elder Mecham

Okay so I don't look it here, but I was sick!  How do you like this bedding?

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