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Sept. 22

Sept 22 

Mum, You said there were only going to be a few questions but I saw like a million so looks like I just have to pick the ones I want to answer.... and no I get no mail except I finally got Emily Stolworthy's letter. It was really funny. The girl is a riot.  She made me laugh right out loud! But our zone leaders are slacking and haven’t been to the temple to collect or mail so I don’t know what I am getting now. It’s been like 4 weeks.  So I don’t really get mail. I didn’t understand anything about what is happening with lacrosse. You made that pretty confusing so if you could write it more clear next time it would be good.  But thanks for the updates.  It is hard to even think about that now to tell you the truth.  

I am so excited to be going to lunch with president Stolworthy today in about an hour. They are coming to woolwich so it will be an interesting experience for them.  It is great that they are coming to see me and I am glad that worked out.   Blake Dowling fills me in on sports every email.  His family keeps him informed because of his dad’s work, so I stay informed as much as possible. Dad should stop whining about the packers losing. Everyone knows that is how they really are anyways. Good for a year then bad for ten. But from what Blake has told me it seems like all the good teams are doing poorly and all the bad teams are doing well....except the Pats.

Okay on  to my mission-It seems like the further I progress on time in the mission field the more the weeks blend together.  Sometimes I don’t know what to say because this seems like normal now. I mean it used to be very hard for me to talk to people so talking to someone on the street doesn’t really stick out now because I do it so readily. We ran into a former investigator from the other elders the other day. He is French and we have a high council member over missionary work in our ward who went on his mission to France. So he has been telling us that we need to find French people so he can teach them with elder Morales. And we did so on Saturday brother Millburn and elder Morales taught in French while I listened in. We have some really cool members in this ward. One being the Italian guy and his wife. His name is Gianpaulo Vitulano but his wife is American and her name is Hailey Vitulano. They make me think about all our ancestors that you have been working on mum. They moved flats and we helped them move and the whole time we were talking about food and the word of wisdom... I have been thinking about going vegetarian for one month just to see what it’s like when I get home and after talking to them I am totally going to do it now. They live exactly like Norwood does.... which reminds me. When I get home in a long time can you get appointments back with Norwood before I head up to BYU please. Ok back to food. You need to watch 2 movies. One is called food inc. and the other is called fat sick and nearly dead or something...  they said they are crazyyyy movies and since you care about food they said you will really want to see them.  But yea they are super healthy and vegetarians in the home but out of the home they are normal.... I probably just killed dad.... if you read the word of wisdom that how I want to eat now... we started talking about how if all you eat is meat everyday its breaking the word of wisdom and it is exactly like doing heroin. You are breaking the same rule. Just society makes the latter one look a lot worse, which it probably is, but you are still breaking the word of wisdom if you eat meat everyday or if you drink a can of beer everyday. So when I have the opportunity to go vegetarian for a month I will, but not within the first month of being home because i still enjoy a nice ribeye every here and there.  But yea  just a tiny experiment I want to do upon my return. Obviously it can’t happen in the mission, I don’t want to be a hassle to the families that go through a lot of effort and then me show up and say I don’t want this. So don’t worry it won’t happen for like another year. You can wake dad up now and tell him I want a ribeye and sushi.... I have been craving sushi this whole time in England. And those burgers dad and I would make and also those brats. Speaking of experiments.  I want to try the vegetarian thing out and it might be the thing that changes my life style.  I wish people would try out the LDS thing.  You know like it says in the book of Mormon, experiment upon my words.  If we can as missionaries and members get people to just try out ‘praying, reading the scriptures, following the laws of God’ that experiment, like my vegetarian one might just change their lives.  Pretty cool.  Sadly, we have a hard time getting to talk to people about this. So this week has been pretty good though, elder Morales English is getting better so that’s good. Everything is going well.  I am learning to be more patient than I ever thought I would be in my life.  It is hard sometimes because the people here are not too interested in what we have to say, but we keep trying and I know that the Lord is pleased with our efforts.

Keep reading the scriptures and be sure to help the missionaries out whenever you can.


Elder Mecham

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