Monday, November 4, 2013

Pray for the people to soften their hearts

On the  13th of November moves happen. I know I am going because I have been here training for a long time and now Elder Morales will get his follow up trainer.  I have really enjoyed training and think I have been pretty good at it.  I am patient with him as he has learned the language and I think that has been very good for him.  I like serving with him a lot, but I know it is time for a change.  Dad told me BYU comes to Las Vegas soon. Let me know how that goes.  So on to the week…the zone leaders had a baptism on Friday.  It was great.  We don’t get to see too many so when we have them they are always very uplifting and bring a lot of joy to the mission.  Antony and Ashley went to that and they took us to get some pizza. They are a great family in this area. They also bought a little kitten a few weeks ago so you know how I am about that.  I miss the cats.  Don’t worry I will get several upon my return. Meow meow meow.  That means, ‘I am the cat man’, in cat language.   Hey are your friends coming for Christmas, are you going to give the box to them or are you shipping it? Just give it to the mission office either way.  I think that will be easiest for you and honestly you don’t have to send anything at all.  I don’t need it so please don’t feel like you have to spend on me.  I have way too much. you need to upload my other letters that I have sent.  Queston told me his mom found a place that prints blogs into books and I want my blog in a book so I can put it in a cardboard box of mission memorabilia and put it in my attic. Then when I am old my children and their children can read about old papa Mecham and his glory days.   I heard about the Sox. That’s pretty wicked. Too bad I missed it,but there will be a lifetime more when I get home. I bet Blake is dying that he missed it as well, we would have just been on espn that whole week if we were at the Y still. Ha.   I do still plan on Med school yes, so I will talk with Zech when I retrun.  It is hard to think of life after the mission now though.  Sorry if I don’t answer your questions about the post mission life like you would like.  As for med school in Boston, I would like that too.  I plan on living there and having a home in Connecticut and home in soCal. That way when people try to book a surprise visit to me in New England I will book a surprise trip to cali.... I am still aloner .  Pretty sick getaway plan huh.

Not much else to report.  I am sure you are dying mum when you read the letters of my friends who have nothing but news of one baptism after the next.  It kills me too, but I am here for a reason.  Pray for the people here to soften their hearts.

Elder Mecham

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