Monday, October 7, 2013

Please, first doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith

Hi family,
 I am starting to get sick. It always seems like this time of year I get sick.  I really enjoyed conference. For conference we went over to a senior couples house and they made us lunch and dinner and then breakfast today. I liked President Uchtdorf’s talk basically saying everyone is different  but we must go on inviting everyone to learn about the church.  I realize now that members sometimes hold their church membership like they do something that belongs to them that they are proud of, but they don’t share.  Like if you have a super nice car or something.  You show it to everyone, but you don’t invite people to drive it.  Does that make sense.  Members often let people know they are members but they don’t invite others to be members.  That is a huge part f what we deal with here.  People that are members don’t often tell thei non- member friends about the church. Make sure you all do that.  You all have friends that are not members.  Invite them to things.  Like mum at school invite your friends to go to church.  What are you waiting for.  Don’t just hang out with Suzie and your other LDS friends at work.  Another point he brought up is questions and faith.  I loved his quote, "Please, first doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith."  When we teach we have people who will feel the spirit.  I know it, they know it, but then the doubts creep in.  It is like I want to follow them around all day and remind them of what they felt.  And tell them,"Doubt your doubts."

Elder Schmoekel is training a kid from Spain who is super quiet and he just turned 18. He is truggling a bit  and some days just stays in their room all day. I wish I could communicate with him better and help him out. I can’t really talk to him. We surprised him with African food. He struggled a little but i think everyone does at first anyways. I had to buy 2 new trousers because one of mine ripped and the others were all colour faded and everything. So that took up a lot of my money... I would love groceries so it was perfect timing that you asked.  Thanks Mother.  I don’t have too much time anymore. Do you remember Stacy and Chloe when I was in Christchurch? Anyways they got married and then got baptized! i just saw their names on President Millar’s weekly letter.  That is such a great thing and I am so happy to have been part of their conversion. I knew they would get everything in order.  I got 2 letters from sister Bertha and a letter from bro. sis Patterson. Tell them I am bummed that there are no African stores in Las Vegas. WhenI get back I want to have an African food party with them.  Just them though.  Not one of your over thetop parties mum.  So anyhow Sis Patterson and I can cook up all the African foods. I have plenty of bags of powder Pepe.  She will know aout that.  I will figure out a way to get Fufu flour too.  Tell everyone Hello!

Elder Mecham

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