Monday, December 23, 2013

Now that Marleice and Mike are married they have officially become Mike and his wife.

So the H---- are that family that came to church, but on Sunday only the dad A-----and his 2 oldest boys came C----- who is 10 and R----- who is 6. so N-----stayed with L----- who is 10 weeks.   The dad also said she went out shopping doing all the last minute adjustments for Christmas. I am working as hard as I can to get this family together .  I  know that baptism is in their future for the mom.   We had a nativity done by the primary in sacrament it was so funny because there isn’t a lot of kids in the primary, and the primary kids are always funny. It was wonderful really and it reminded me of our days as nativity actors at the annual party at the Stutz’ house.  How I dreaded every year with you and Dee saying, Joey and Mary are obviously  Joseph and Mary.  Seriously.  The only thing worse was your Joey the red lipped reindeer song.  I’m glad that Mike and his wife stayed with you. Now that Marleice and Mike are married they have officially become Mike and his wife.  Marleice will forever be know as  Mike's wife or Fabrizio's lady or Breezy's girl, she lost her name I think. Similar to you and how you are my mom  and everyone calls you Joey's mom. Well now everyone is going to call Marleice Mike's wife... especially because he is on the lacrosse team and is a star.  Funny how that goes.  I wonder if she was on ateam and he wasn’t if it would be he’s Marleice’s husband.  Hmmmmm?  I am glad Mike is looking forward to our return.  I look forward to it too, but honestly it is not what I think about right now.  It will be great though. The photos of them with Flat Elder Mecham were great, but I look broken in those.  Did I rip or something? I got one box with BYU tape on it from the family but wasn’t sure if that was it or if there is more because the office had all my boxes on the bottom of this huge pile because I wasn’t supposed to go to the temple on Tuesday.   We were supposed to go on Thursday but elder Harrison was leaving so we went on Tuesday.  How perfect is the temple by the way.  I cannot wait to go with Dad.  I want to do a temple trip with Dad and Bret before he goes out to his mission.  I also can’t wait for ward temple days where you just go one session after another.  It is like the single best way to spend a few hours.  I know you guys go a lot, but go more.  Like every week at least twice.  I got to see elder Munson at the temple so you can ask his mom for pictures because I think he took quite a few. Elder Lythgoe's dad, elder Lythgoe  (haha he is a missionary too, get it)emailed me.  What a great guy.  He also sent me some cat pics.  So sick.  I am so going to write sister Bertha please tell her, when I get some  time. She sent me more mail. She is great and also my arch nemesis sister Edgel  sent me mail.  How she loves to hate me.  Haha  She cracks me up.  I got a package from Selina, and the Ash family and the Lythgoe's and I got more mail from bishop and the Garretts .  The package from Sister Ash was fantastic.  Reading the testimonies of my friends and the messages they sent was wonderful.  When I think of all of us spread out all over the world I think of the passage in the book of Alma that says God is mindful of all of his people in whatever land they might be in.  It is Alma 26:37 if you want to look.  Well that is it,but I will see you in a couple days.... literally.  I know I will talk to you on Christmas but I want to tell you that I am doing great and am always aware of your prayers for me.  I am grateful for this time of year and am shocked by how quickly the time is passing.  Merry Christmas to all those I love.  Or should I say, Happy Christmas and sound like a true Brit!

Elder Mecham

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