Monday, September 30, 2013

I look like Superman?

It was great to see President and Sister Stoloworthy. I am so glad I got to see them and they took us to my favorite place called Nandos. President Stolworthy can turn up the heat in his food but Sister Stolworthy, lets just say, mom, you gotta take her out for wings or something.  ok so this week was a little slow again... not much is changing which is tough.  I wish we could see more progress  It gets discouraging. The French investigator elder Morales and I were teaching isn’t interested anymore. So it really is just back to contacting and stuff which isn’t too much fun I guess. I mean we make the most of it, but the days go by and there is not one person who will talk with us. I’m sorry I know I haven’t really had the best stories for a while now. Not too many interesting things are happening. We have been doing a lot of service for ward members like gardening and cleaning out garages stuff. I have spent this entire year serving others.  That is pretty cool.  I was thinking about that.  When 2013 ends I will have been serving others for every single day of that year.  That is pretty cool, don’t you think.  It is probably one of the best things I will ever do with a year of my life, don’t you think. So like I said, with the Stolworthys we went to Nandos and talked for a while and ate good food. It was good seeing them. they have good stories. Elder Morales really liked them and said they were really nice. Transfers are in two days but I already know what is happening. Elder Schmoekel is training and elder Wilson is leaving, and of course elder Morales and I are staying. I feel like I have been in Welling forever now. It has been a super long time. The weather this week actually wasn’t too bad. we had like a 2 day sunny stretch so that was good.... you can know when I run out of things to say because then I will start talking about weather... probably the most boring depressing subject ever and I think that’s why the English like to talk about it so much.  I really like the glasses and the ties as well. Oh I do have a funny story, everyone keeps saying that I look like Clark Kent. Everyone says that! It cracks me up.  Everywhere I go,  especially when the superman poster were everywhere... people would just stare at me and then I would look behind me and see the poster. It would go like this, "Eh everyone ever tell you you look abit like the bloke who plays Superman?"  Then they point to the poster and I just laugh.  Even President tells me I do.   I have to re read that email dad sent me about Superman/Christ.  It may help me start a conversation with people and get an in with them.  It could work.  I will let you know next week how that goes.

Love you all,
Elder Mecham



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