Monday, October 14, 2013

I have a new pet. Not really. Sort of.

I have to tell you about Antony.  He has been thinking that he isn’t ready for baptism so we asked if he could set aside one night and read from the book of Mormon. He chose Friday and we asked him to think of a question he had and to read with the question in mind.  Well he did as so mnay people do and he just opened to a random page. So 1-531 and he chose 113 which talks about the reason Christ was baptised. He told us that question he had aksed himself was why should he be baptized.  That was pretty cool.  Really cool don’t you say?  He is really smart and he understands everything he reads. He likes the church but he hadn’t had a spiritual experience with it so he is just waiting for that to improve his faith. Zoe is good as well but, she doesn’t like feeling forced so it is kinds hard to commit her to do things. We talked about baptism and she said absolutely no way ever!!! But she came to church again. She says she really likes everything but she is taking it very slow.  We love them both and just keep working with them.
Hey I made fufu.  Shout out to the Patterson's.  Da body is good.  Da fufu is good.

Elder Morales and I both got sick this week with colds but we are getting over them now. To answer your question many in England live off benefits basically. It is an interesting way to live because kids/ young people don’t really set goals.  Many of them just assume they will be part of the system. I know you see a lot of that in the US but here it is more prevalent. What is happening in the US with obamacare... I heard news that something is happening with a government shutdown because Obama is throwing a temper tantrum that the republicans won’t pass the obamacare. Obama has clearly never spent time in england. If he did he would realise that free healthcare is never going to work well. Do you remember the story I told you about President Millar and his shoulder.  That is what it amounts to.  It is starting to feel like winter now. Cold, windy, and rainy. The three worst things ever. If you can remember Forrest Gump when he is talking about the rain in Vietnam and he says ' it rains soft it rains hard it rains down it rains sideways and sometimes it feels like it even rains up'. That is exactly the rain in England. I have an umbrella but the wind makes it useless. Whenever it rains like that i just think about Forrest Gump. Ok, I am out of time for today.  I will see if i can send pictures.
Oh I found a new friend.  Remember when I made friends with the wild cats at BYU?  This is similar.  I have anew pet.  Not really.  Sort of.  You know we have that no pet rule on our mission, but hey, I still love all of God's creatures.  Is that so wrong?  Anyhow say hello to my new friend.  Hasn't bit me yet!  Mom didn't you tell me if I could get salt on a squirrel's tale he would be my pet?  Seriously this one got so close I probably could have picked it up.  Someone must have salted him.
That is my hand.  Really.

Love you all.

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