Monday, November 11, 2013


Nov 11

Ya Ya Go BYU! All the pictures were sick! How did the team look? Pretty good? It is good you were talking with Hayden. Sounds like his talk was excellent.  You always love his talks Mum. I have super short time today and have a bunch to do.  We do a lot of service so we are busy with it.  I got an email from the Lythgoes! That was sick. I get sister Bertha’s letters every week but the problem is that our zone leaders don’t go to the temple every week so I get them maybe once a month and then I never know which one to write back about because she already sends me two more by the time I get her last 4. Her letters are the great. So like i said moves are on Wednesday but I find out where I am moved tonight. I am pretty certain  I am going because I have already been here for over 6 months.  The next moves is on the day after Christmas so I heard that no one is really moving on that day so it’s either now or in February. We are excited for Thanksgiving which may or may not be cool depending on who I am with.  Here it is just another day, but some folks try to make it special for us.  We will see.  I have to go though.  Sorry for the dull letter.

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