Monday, December 2, 2013


So yea I saw elder Munson at the zone conference we had on Wednesday and it was so much fun... I sent you a picture with elder Munson elder Bodhaine and elder Kirk. We got to listen to elder Texeira and elder Herbertson. Both in the quorums of the seventy and check this elder Texeira asked to talked to 5 people and I was one of them! So I had an interview with him and we just chatted.   It was dope yo. He was such a great guy and had such a strong spirit about him, but he just normal too.  He asked me lots of questions and really listened to my answers.  He also gave me some wonderful ideas and advice.  It was a high point in my mission for sure.  I was pleased that I was one of the few chosen to speak with him. It was so good seeing elder Munson i am so going to his homecoming. Do you ever talk to his mom? Probably you two are exactly alike because we are. Also I don’t need too much for Christmas but i know the perfect place to get all the girls in the family presents... I’m not sure about dad or Bret though. So what would they like? We had exchanges this week which went pretty good. Tell sister Bertha I am going to write her a letter for Christmas. She is awesome she writes me like everyday I think. oh also BIG SHOUTOUT  TO MIKE AND MARLEICE FABRIZIO (MARLEIZIO) So happy for them... This week was a good week even though the work isn’t like the greatest or anything it seems like tons of good stuff happened. We didn't teach many lessons of course but I worked as hard as I could.  Prayer is real and it works.  I just have come to realize that answers do not come when we want them.  They come in God’s own time.  He has me here planting the seeds of his gospel.  They are taking root and if that is all that is all.  But someday they will grow forth.

Oh and I  also think I want to be a part time fashion designer or something maybe.  That is how I can pay for all the medical schooling. Sister Millar says hi... tell Shawn Rios hey! I’m sure he everyone is telling him to get married already He will probably be married when I get home and there will be even less bachelor cousins. Hey for Thanksgiving the ward took us to a carvery place and we had Thanksgiving there. It was really good and I was so full. Thanksgiving reminds me of all I have to be grateful for.  I am so grateful for you and the family I have because of you.  I am also grateful for the ward that raised me along with you.  Grateful too for my friends and the examples they set.  Mostly though I am grateful to Jesus Christ for his atonement and am grateful to be a missionary so I can teach others about the plan of salvation and their potential on earth and beyond.  God truly loves us and he is involved in the details of our lives.

Elder Mecham

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