Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Talking to you guys on Christmas was simple the best.

Christmas morning before leaving the flat

Talking to you guys on Christmas was simply the best.  I enjoyed every minute even with a little bit of skype trouble.  That stinks for the Moody’s that Mary has a no skype rule.  I am sure Dee hates that rule.   Well it was probably one of the longest weeks in my entire mission. The holidays were most excellent and I was so geared up  to do missionary work but we have been meeting one roadblock after another.  The whole week just slumped and died basically. We had 0 teaches this week.  It really was that slow. I was dying!   That is the first time I had 0 teaches in my mission. Everyone was just too busy or in such a rush that nothing happened and ended up just walking from street to street trying to do all the work possible. We stopped by former investigators that said to come by in mid-January and we even went to less active members and they said come back in Mid January as well.  It wasn’t like any bad happened this week it was just that nothing happened this week in terms of missionary work.  That makes for long weeks and feeling pretty bad about it all.  I am hoping the new Year will bring about changes.  We did get to meet some cool members of the ward though and getting to know them should help our efforts in the work. Christmas was like 50 million times better than anything though and I loved talking to the family.  So after I skyped you all we played monopoly and had dinner.  I won monopoly. I remember loving that game when I was a little kid and I still love that game now.  The packages were great as well I have so much sweets and chocolate. I think everyone will like the Christmas packages I am sending home.

Uh oh, here comes the weather news.  (See I told you it's that slow.  I am like and old man talking about weather) Most of our area is flooded and all the trains and buses are cancelled because of the big storm that came. Everyone had fences and stuff that were blown over. Remember I told you that we were supposed to do exchanges on Friday but the trains were cancelled. Luckily Royal Tunbridge Wells is on a hill so this town isn’t flooded but everywhere around us is. We find out tomorrow morning if we are moving or not. I think I am staying. 

I was thinking this week it is the  New Year. I have not set foot on American soil for the entire year. Have not heard the new music or seen a new film.  I have not done a lot of things that most 20 year olds do during their twentieth year, but I wouldn’t change a thing.  I have spent all of 2013 in the service of the Lord and my fellow man.  Not much can top that.  I guess I should make it my resolution to continue that after my return.  What a world it would be if everyone served the Lord and their fellow man.  Utopia I think is what it’s called.   But that is all for now... looks like it will be another stormy week seeeeyaaaaaaaaa!


Elder Mecham out for 2013

Monday, December 23, 2013

Now that Marleice and Mike are married they have officially become Mike and his wife.

So the H---- are that family that came to church, but on Sunday only the dad A-----and his 2 oldest boys came C----- who is 10 and R----- who is 6. so N-----stayed with L----- who is 10 weeks.   The dad also said she went out shopping doing all the last minute adjustments for Christmas. I am working as hard as I can to get this family together .  I  know that baptism is in their future for the mom.   We had a nativity done by the primary in sacrament it was so funny because there isn’t a lot of kids in the primary, and the primary kids are always funny. It was wonderful really and it reminded me of our days as nativity actors at the annual party at the Stutz’ house.  How I dreaded every year with you and Dee saying, Joey and Mary are obviously  Joseph and Mary.  Seriously.  The only thing worse was your Joey the red lipped reindeer song.  I’m glad that Mike and his wife stayed with you. Now that Marleice and Mike are married they have officially become Mike and his wife.  Marleice will forever be know as  Mike's wife or Fabrizio's lady or Breezy's girl, she lost her name I think. Similar to you and how you are my mom  and everyone calls you Joey's mom. Well now everyone is going to call Marleice Mike's wife... especially because he is on the lacrosse team and is a star.  Funny how that goes.  I wonder if she was on ateam and he wasn’t if it would be he’s Marleice’s husband.  Hmmmmm?  I am glad Mike is looking forward to our return.  I look forward to it too, but honestly it is not what I think about right now.  It will be great though. The photos of them with Flat Elder Mecham were great, but I look broken in those.  Did I rip or something? I got one box with BYU tape on it from the family but wasn’t sure if that was it or if there is more because the office had all my boxes on the bottom of this huge pile because I wasn’t supposed to go to the temple on Tuesday.   We were supposed to go on Thursday but elder Harrison was leaving so we went on Tuesday.  How perfect is the temple by the way.  I cannot wait to go with Dad.  I want to do a temple trip with Dad and Bret before he goes out to his mission.  I also can’t wait for ward temple days where you just go one session after another.  It is like the single best way to spend a few hours.  I know you guys go a lot, but go more.  Like every week at least twice.  I got to see elder Munson at the temple so you can ask his mom for pictures because I think he took quite a few. Elder Lythgoe's dad, elder Lythgoe  (haha he is a missionary too, get it)emailed me.  What a great guy.  He also sent me some cat pics.  So sick.  I am so going to write sister Bertha please tell her, when I get some  time. She sent me more mail. She is great and also my arch nemesis sister Edgel  sent me mail.  How she loves to hate me.  Haha  She cracks me up.  I got a package from Selina, and the Ash family and the Lythgoe's and I got more mail from bishop and the Garretts .  The package from Sister Ash was fantastic.  Reading the testimonies of my friends and the messages they sent was wonderful.  When I think of all of us spread out all over the world I think of the passage in the book of Alma that says God is mindful of all of his people in whatever land they might be in.  It is Alma 26:37 if you want to look.  Well that is it,but I will see you in a couple days.... literally.  I know I will talk to you on Christmas but I want to tell you that I am doing great and am always aware of your prayers for me.  I am grateful for this time of year and am shocked by how quickly the time is passing.  Merry Christmas to all those I love.  Or should I say, Happy Christmas and sound like a true Brit!

Elder Mecham

Monday, December 16, 2013

Sick in bed

So right now I am in a tri by the way. I  got a call from President late that night saying that he is sending me a companion until elder Harrison goes home, so I think I might be staying in Tunbridge Wells now with a newer missionary. He has been out for 4 months his name is elder Poulino, he is from Rotterdam, Holland and I’m probably will be his follow up trainer but I don’t know if he is my companion for this next move because I haven’t been told anything yet.  On Tuesday I was pretty sick and then Wednesday I started feeling good and elder Poulino came and he was just getting over his sickness and then we both felt pretty sick again on Thursday. Friday elder Harrison got really sick and is still sick while I’m doing well now.  Hopefully we will all be past it! My trainer elder Hansen has been home for a year now. I killed off 2 missionaries right before Christmas! That has been a tough thing to do.   So I don’t think elder Munson will be my companion which I was really hoping for because I felt like we could get a lot of work done as well as having a good time.  I had hoped to have that happen but I know President knows what he is doing.  I  will see him on tuesday. In good news, We have been trying to work with this part member family. The husband came to the Christmas social and then their whole family came on Sunday.... the husband is a member but his wife isn’t and they have 3 boys aged 10,6,5 months. We  went to bishops house and had lunch with them so hopefully they are able to progress. I have had many conversations with him about the nature of families and I have shared how it is important for them to become active. It would be nice if I could get them going. I feel a lot of success in this already.  The area I am in is pretty dead and I feel like our work with this family is bringing them around.  Please pray for us that we can bring the spirit to them and their hearts will be softened.   I liked the sweaters on our cats by the way.Millie and Bret looked exceptionally creepy.  I have  think that is all so I will try to send pictures right now but I haven’t taken too many at all.  Too bad I wasn’t with Munson.  He takes a bajillion. I can't believe how quickly Christmas is approaching.   Christmas is nice here in England too.  It has been cold and wet so much for so long that people just look away when we approach, but at Christmastime people here are a little bit happier and a little more interested in talking with us.  I think it is maybe because they know we are messengers from Christ, and let’s face it, people can try to say is just the holiday season, but we all know that is rubbish.  It’s Christ’s season.   

Elder Mecham

Okay so I don't look it here, but I was sick!  How do you like this bedding?

Monday, December 9, 2013

Stoker's old Mission Pres!
So before I forget to tell you... Stoker's old mission President is in my ward here, apparently our mission is giant compared to everyone else’s. I knew the area was big but we have 250 missionaries and stoker's mission has 85 brother Cempero said. He said Stoker was a great missionary though. And I can tell you that did not come as a surprise to me.He was always a good missionary, even before the mission.  So I am going to the temple on the 17th so that is when I will pick all the stuff up.  Thank you for sending things.  I do appreciate it so much.  In missionary news, we have been handing out little Christmas cards for our Christmas service on the 22nd. I am so hoping we get some folks to come.  Sunday night we went on splits with the bishop and his counselor. The Bishop said he would have us take on the more challenging folks . Elder Harrison and brother Woodward got the easy people and had a good time together visiting and spreading good cheer.  As luck would have it, Bishop and I got the angry people and we had to help 2 people remove their names because they have been asking to for about 20 years and they were angry.  Reminded me of some of Dad’s adventures that he writes me about going out with the Elders in Vegas.  Anyhow, it was not too bad as it sounds and  we had a good time as well. We had a ward Christmas party on Saturday night which went well.  It is always good to be with the saints.  Oh so guess what.... I fulfilled a lifelong childhood dream.... I set off the fire alarm in the chapel today, which is why I am emailing late.  Shout out to the Bennion kids who I think have set it off collectively more than any other family.  Tell Bishop he can claim me as his own. Anyhow stupid really, but hilarious.  The alarm has a glass case and said break glass here so I poked the dot, not to break it but to tap it.  I don’t know why.  It was like a reflex when it said “here” I touched the dot.  The glass was actually super thin and broke and the fire alarm went off... took us a good while to try to stop it... I ended up putting the glass back together to keep this button down.... but that was pretty dang exciting!  Oh and yes I heard about Alexis getting engaged and Marleice getting married... Both great bits of news.  It is so strange to think my friends are married.  I am certain that we are all still just freshmen at BYU sometimes.  Other times it seems like I have been here for 100 years.  Mission time warp!  That book of Mormon challenge is done for me. I will ikely get it read again before the time is up. I can read it proxy for a non reader.  How is all your family history going mum?  You baptise a lot more people than I do that is for sure.


PS I cut my own hair

Elder Mecham

Monday, December 2, 2013


So yea I saw elder Munson at the zone conference we had on Wednesday and it was so much fun... I sent you a picture with elder Munson elder Bodhaine and elder Kirk. We got to listen to elder Texeira and elder Herbertson. Both in the quorums of the seventy and check this elder Texeira asked to talked to 5 people and I was one of them! So I had an interview with him and we just chatted.   It was dope yo. He was such a great guy and had such a strong spirit about him, but he just normal too.  He asked me lots of questions and really listened to my answers.  He also gave me some wonderful ideas and advice.  It was a high point in my mission for sure.  I was pleased that I was one of the few chosen to speak with him. It was so good seeing elder Munson i am so going to his homecoming. Do you ever talk to his mom? Probably you two are exactly alike because we are. Also I don’t need too much for Christmas but i know the perfect place to get all the girls in the family presents... I’m not sure about dad or Bret though. So what would they like? We had exchanges this week which went pretty good. Tell sister Bertha I am going to write her a letter for Christmas. She is awesome she writes me like everyday I think. oh also BIG SHOUTOUT  TO MIKE AND MARLEICE FABRIZIO (MARLEIZIO) So happy for them... This week was a good week even though the work isn’t like the greatest or anything it seems like tons of good stuff happened. We didn't teach many lessons of course but I worked as hard as I could.  Prayer is real and it works.  I just have come to realize that answers do not come when we want them.  They come in God’s own time.  He has me here planting the seeds of his gospel.  They are taking root and if that is all that is all.  But someday they will grow forth.

Oh and I  also think I want to be a part time fashion designer or something maybe.  That is how I can pay for all the medical schooling. Sister Millar says hi... tell Shawn Rios hey! I’m sure he everyone is telling him to get married already He will probably be married when I get home and there will be even less bachelor cousins. Hey for Thanksgiving the ward took us to a carvery place and we had Thanksgiving there. It was really good and I was so full. Thanksgiving reminds me of all I have to be grateful for.  I am so grateful for you and the family I have because of you.  I am also grateful for the ward that raised me along with you.  Grateful too for my friends and the examples they set.  Mostly though I am grateful to Jesus Christ for his atonement and am grateful to be a missionary so I can teach others about the plan of salvation and their potential on earth and beyond.  God truly loves us and he is involved in the details of our lives.

Elder Mecham