Tuesday, October 29, 2013

These Londoners might know about rain, but they know nothing of wind.

Hey family,

You didn’t answer any of my questions that I asked last week in your letter.  Also we should probably go back to the questions list again. Sometimes I don’t have a lot of time so it makes it easier. This week was pretty good! Yesterday everyone was talking about this huge storm to hit London and how it was going to be the biggest storm in like 30 years.  I was so siked.  I love storms. Remember the flood in Vegas?  I was thinking maybe some of that would be going on.  Sailing down the streets in canoes.  So I was all geared up for a great night of listening to it and maybe even running out in the rain for memory sake.  The night arrives and I was like “Storm? What storm?” It was just windy. Tiny showers and it was like just a bit above how windy it usually gets. So I was all excited for this huge storm to pass during the night and I woke up in the middle of the night (like I always do) and stand by our open windows and it was just windy... I got all excited for nothing.  It is windier in Vegas every day of the winter than it was here.  These Londoners might know about rain, but they know nothing of wind.  
The little storm he is talking about.  Read the full story below.

We haven’t got too many investigators to speak of right now and the members do their best to help us out.  I am sorry mom, but I certainly don’t have any golden investigators to tell you about for your talk in stake conference..haha I wish!  Write to Elder Tengberg or Lythgoe or any one of my Sur Americano amigos.    Hopefully next time!

I am still enjoying studying and yes I will take the challenge to read the Book of Mormon before the next stake conference.  Add me to the list.  It will be easy.  I read it so much and so often.  I could get through the Bible in that amount of time.  Speaking of stake conference, ours was awesome.  I loved seeing the Tuckers and bonus; all the speakers were great. 

So the story you told me about the two Marias and the Margherita is completely awesome.  It is like you are doing missionary work.  Looking them up is like knocking on doors.  And ya, I think Margherita is waiting for you to get going on her work.  That is pretty cool. 

We are going to start visiting a wonderful French family now. They are the G------ family. They have 4 kids from 28-20 and they are French so of course they  make good food. We are going to help them with their house. They converted their attic into a room so we are just taking old wallpaper down and put new wallpaper up. They are very nice people. Sister G----- served a mission in New Guinea so I thought of Elder Mikesell who would say that he always wanted to serve in Papua New Guinea when we were like in junior and high school. Haha. Now he is in Hong Kong with Sister Moody there too serving . Although it isn’t Papua I am sure he is down with it.  The other elders in our flat had a baptism on Saturday but we couldn’t go which was a huge bummer.  We were already filled up on Saturday so we didn’t get to see it.  I really would have liked to have been there.  We see so few baptisms.   This week, we just stuck to the basics and did contacting as much as possible.   We are not as successful as we would like of course but we work so hard at this.  The other night we went to a recent convert of about a year her name is M---- and she is from Sierra Leone. She knows how  I love the pepe and peanut butter soup so she made me an extra batch and gave me two pepes on the side to eat so of course I had to oblige.   It was so good. That is one of the first recipes I will cook for you. Peanut butter soup is so good. It’s one of my favorites for sure. It probably is my favorite. Tell Bro and Sister Patterson they are invited. 

This month has been going by really quickly. I have become a cheese connoisseur. Last week I had brie and camembert and goat cheese and stilton. This week I went for gorgonzola or something and I got a big wheel of brie. I like cheese now. It must mean that I am becoming more and more of a gentleman. I always have this huge urge to go out in my cleanest suit and then sit outside a little bakery when it is nice and sunny and just enjoy something like fizzy water to drink and a nice book and I would grow out this sick beard and get my hair long... like proper long. That’s my urge but for now it will take the backseat whilst I’m a missionary.  
Oh and Ma, You know how you asked me for photos, but then you told me you are being a 'bad mom' and not updating my blog?  Well read Matthew 25:29.  I can't give you lots of photos if you don't update my blog! hahahahhahaha jk Mum. 

All is well in London town.

Elder Mecham

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