Monday, September 2, 2013



Hello family,

Ok so sorry I don’t have too much time for this email. Man that message you sent about the post by Hayden made me trunkee, I just want to play lacrosse with him so bad. It’s been 3 years since I have been able to do that. Tell him to avoid marriage until I get back. I don’t want to lax with a married man. And plus he needs to make a summer ball team. But I miss him for sure. Send him my best and tell him I will see him next summer, and I will always be ready to lax. So a huge surprise happened last night and I am very excited about it. So this whole week poor elder Bendall has been really sick still. Like any time we eat food he throws up.  He has been really sick, and it was pretty bad so the whole week was making calls to the area medical advisor and to President and Sister Millar. All of which were so helpful and kind.  Then, last night Pres. calls me and says that elder Bendall is getting moved to Eastbourne and I am getting a brand new missionary coming from the mtc. I will have a son.  So I am training and he is from France and President said that he needs to learn English and who better to stick him with than a proper English speaker. So yea my son is coming in on Wednesday and elder Bendall is going out.  I am looking forward to this opportunity to train.  So that was really it for this week in news because my comp has been so sick. We have had a good amount of member present lessons though and those always help. Usually the wife is a member and they want the rest of their family taught.  It is always best when members are present. I am quite short on time today so I will not have much more to write. As far as my reading I am in 2nd Chronicles. It recounts things in a different light. So sometimes it is interesting but not always. And yes I am still in Welling. The Elder that moved from Croydon to Welling is elder Kopicshke an elder from my group. He is the zl, a good friend and a great guy. Right now we have 3 sets of elders in welling and the zl's live in a different flat than us. But yes he is here. I was recently going through old pictures when I was back in Croydon and came across the Tuckers obvi... they were the best family  and one of the best I have met on the mission. Usually there is always one good family in each ward that you can remember. Sometimes not but there is only one family you remember. The Tuckers I will remember and the Falls  and the Hazels. There are more but I will remember them for sure.  The Tuckers were the coolest Texans I have ever met. And ok I will send photos... ciao ciao.

Next week there should be lots to tell.  Wish me luck with my new responsibilities here in Welling.

Love, Elder Mecham

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