Tuesday, September 17, 2013

That mouse came into the wrong flat! Like, literally the worst one a mouse could choose. A flat with 4 twenty year old guys.... What a dumb mouse.

So this week we had a lot of fun. We have entered the rainy season for sure... it has been nonstop rain since last Monday. Everyone gets a bit more depressed than usual and they are ignoring us... again. But contacting in the rain makes for good stories. This week we have been getting fed a lot of african food. So I have been training Elder Morales not only in the ways of missionary work, but also how to eat large quantities of food now. I have also taught him how to eat fufu. I know that sounds crazy but, there is a technique to eating fufu; you don’t chew it. You just swallow fufu whole. He struggles with that, but we are working on it. Also I think the pepe is a little too spicy for him. I am going to make fufu for you when i get home and all the African dishes I have learned how to make. But, I warn you, they will be spicy. We have been working on his English and it has really been improving quickly. I have almost gotten back to normal speed in my speech. I have found that when I talk with him it helps if I leave certain words out, because he does as well or better if I leave out extraneous stuff. So, I won’t say certain words because in French they don’t have translation for these certain English words words so it is like broken English. I have been trying to speak proper English but it gets hard because there are no words like to or if or things like that. If that makes any sense. But we have quite a bit of time to study now.  Training elder Morales has showed me how to “cut out the fluff” as Pres. Millar would put it. So I can teach very simply now. Missionary work is going well. The most promising investigators are A----- who is married to a less active member named A-----. Well, to be honest, she isn’t less active anymore, so we teach him every Wednesday night. He will be baptised soon I think  Please pray for him to make the right decision. Then we are working with A-----‘s daughter Z---_. When we first taught A----, Z---- said she would never listen to us then she started to listen to us.  Later, she said she would never take the lessons and now she is taking the lessons.  Then she said she would never come to church, and yep, yesterday she came to church and she said she really like it. It is awesome to see her come around.  The Gospel is what they need in their lives. Pres. Millar called this morning and told me that our number are really good and that we are doing an excellent job.  I am so happy about that.  It means a lot to me because it’s hard to get a lot of teaches in the first place but then you add on training and the 2 hours of study there really isn’t much time to find if you have other lessons throughout the day, but we are working very hard.  Sadly we still have some empty days in which we are struggling  to find anyone to talk to. Walking around in the rain looking for people makes for goods stories though, as I mentioned before. One day it was just pouring.  I mean pouring rain, and there was one guy in the street, only one, and we stopped him and he told us that he doesn’t speak English.... (in perfect English.) I asked him what language he spoke and (in perfect English) he said oh I speak French.  Haha jokes on you buddy! Elder Morales steps up and spoke to him in French and taught him!!!   He told us to call him so we can teach him again. He later told us that he just didn’t want to talk to us and tried to avoid us by saying he only spoke French, but it never works, umm we have God on our team so no one can out strategize us.

Oka and for my funny story this week, we found a mouse in our flat. We killed it then buried it under our basil tree we have in the flat. That mouse came into the wrong flat. Like, literally the worst one a mouse could choose. A flat with 4 twenty year old guys.... What a dumb mouse. (editor's note- Elder Mecham attached a photo of the dead mouse. I will spare you, the reader, the image.)
Hey, so where is my truck by the way. I have asked this question like 10 times and no one answers me.  Is Murph dead? To answer your questions that I haven’t yet, I am doing very well with Elder Morales.  We get along really well as I told you.  I am still loving study time and am reading the Old Testament.  I love Proverbs and right now it is my fave in the OT.

Love, Elder Mecham

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