Monday, September 9, 2013

My first teach I couldn't even say a word. I would look at Elder Hansen and be like, "Help me!"

So I am really only going to email about wednesday for obvious reasons. But just as a point of interest on Tuesday night we had a big toasting to elder Bendall where it was like an hour long of just toasts to the good times we had together. Ok on to Wednesday, we cleaned the flat big time for my new elder.  After study and everything  the zone leaders came to pick us up and we made the hour and a half journey to the temple.... really uncomfortable. My legs are just too long for the back seats here. So that part was a pain, haha literally. Then we get to the temple and i meet my boiiiiiiiii!!! His name is Elder Michael Morales. Completely french. He is from Nantes,France. He still has a lot to learn with english  but we can communicate fine as long as I speak slowly, so I do. He seems really cool. He has been a less active member his whole life basically he said so it is great that he was able to get active and get on a mission. So after we picked him up and said hey to everyone there and stuff we left but had to go through Maidstone which is and area in our zone so that added another 1 and a half to the journey.  We finally got back around 4 and we got him some food for the week, came back and unpacked all his stuff. then we went straight to a teach. We taught a guy named Antony who isn't a member but his wife Ashley is a member. We taught him the plan of salvation. Probably the hardest lesson for a greenie to teach. I didnt know how much of the lesson he could do in english or even how much he knew so I talked a majority of the time but he would come in with some good points. The family really liked how he was trying to speak English and in general, they really liked him. I remember my first teach and I couldn't even say a word. I would just look at elder Hansen and be like 'help me'. Thankfully he would, so I did last night as well. We haven't really gone street contacting with him yet. But from the people we stop it goes fine. We get an extra 2 hours of study now. One for him being a new missionary. We get that for 12 weeks and then we also get one for him to learn English and that is for the rest of his mission. Seriously I really enjoy that part because it is also additional time for me to study and I do enjoy that. This reallyshould be a good moves.
Love, Elder Mecham

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