Monday, September 30, 2013

I look like Superman?

It was great to see President and Sister Stoloworthy. I am so glad I got to see them and they took us to my favorite place called Nandos. President Stolworthy can turn up the heat in his food but Sister Stolworthy, lets just say, mom, you gotta take her out for wings or something.  ok so this week was a little slow again... not much is changing which is tough.  I wish we could see more progress  It gets discouraging. The French investigator elder Morales and I were teaching isn’t interested anymore. So it really is just back to contacting and stuff which isn’t too much fun I guess. I mean we make the most of it, but the days go by and there is not one person who will talk with us. I’m sorry I know I haven’t really had the best stories for a while now. Not too many interesting things are happening. We have been doing a lot of service for ward members like gardening and cleaning out garages stuff. I have spent this entire year serving others.  That is pretty cool.  I was thinking about that.  When 2013 ends I will have been serving others for every single day of that year.  That is pretty cool, don’t you think.  It is probably one of the best things I will ever do with a year of my life, don’t you think. So like I said, with the Stolworthys we went to Nandos and talked for a while and ate good food. It was good seeing them. they have good stories. Elder Morales really liked them and said they were really nice. Transfers are in two days but I already know what is happening. Elder Schmoekel is training and elder Wilson is leaving, and of course elder Morales and I are staying. I feel like I have been in Welling forever now. It has been a super long time. The weather this week actually wasn’t too bad. we had like a 2 day sunny stretch so that was good.... you can know when I run out of things to say because then I will start talking about weather... probably the most boring depressing subject ever and I think that’s why the English like to talk about it so much.  I really like the glasses and the ties as well. Oh I do have a funny story, everyone keeps saying that I look like Clark Kent. Everyone says that! It cracks me up.  Everywhere I go,  especially when the superman poster were everywhere... people would just stare at me and then I would look behind me and see the poster. It would go like this, "Eh everyone ever tell you you look abit like the bloke who plays Superman?"  Then they point to the poster and I just laugh.  Even President tells me I do.   I have to re read that email dad sent me about Superman/Christ.  It may help me start a conversation with people and get an in with them.  It could work.  I will let you know next week how that goes.

Love you all,
Elder Mecham



Monday, September 23, 2013

Sept. 22

Sept 22 

Mum, You said there were only going to be a few questions but I saw like a million so looks like I just have to pick the ones I want to answer.... and no I get no mail except I finally got Emily Stolworthy's letter. It was really funny. The girl is a riot.  She made me laugh right out loud! But our zone leaders are slacking and haven’t been to the temple to collect or mail so I don’t know what I am getting now. It’s been like 4 weeks.  So I don’t really get mail. I didn’t understand anything about what is happening with lacrosse. You made that pretty confusing so if you could write it more clear next time it would be good.  But thanks for the updates.  It is hard to even think about that now to tell you the truth.  

I am so excited to be going to lunch with president Stolworthy today in about an hour. They are coming to woolwich so it will be an interesting experience for them.  It is great that they are coming to see me and I am glad that worked out.   Blake Dowling fills me in on sports every email.  His family keeps him informed because of his dad’s work, so I stay informed as much as possible. Dad should stop whining about the packers losing. Everyone knows that is how they really are anyways. Good for a year then bad for ten. But from what Blake has told me it seems like all the good teams are doing poorly and all the bad teams are doing well....except the Pats.

Okay on  to my mission-It seems like the further I progress on time in the mission field the more the weeks blend together.  Sometimes I don’t know what to say because this seems like normal now. I mean it used to be very hard for me to talk to people so talking to someone on the street doesn’t really stick out now because I do it so readily. We ran into a former investigator from the other elders the other day. He is French and we have a high council member over missionary work in our ward who went on his mission to France. So he has been telling us that we need to find French people so he can teach them with elder Morales. And we did so on Saturday brother Millburn and elder Morales taught in French while I listened in. We have some really cool members in this ward. One being the Italian guy and his wife. His name is Gianpaulo Vitulano but his wife is American and her name is Hailey Vitulano. They make me think about all our ancestors that you have been working on mum. They moved flats and we helped them move and the whole time we were talking about food and the word of wisdom... I have been thinking about going vegetarian for one month just to see what it’s like when I get home and after talking to them I am totally going to do it now. They live exactly like Norwood does.... which reminds me. When I get home in a long time can you get appointments back with Norwood before I head up to BYU please. Ok back to food. You need to watch 2 movies. One is called food inc. and the other is called fat sick and nearly dead or something...  they said they are crazyyyy movies and since you care about food they said you will really want to see them.  But yea they are super healthy and vegetarians in the home but out of the home they are normal.... I probably just killed dad.... if you read the word of wisdom that how I want to eat now... we started talking about how if all you eat is meat everyday its breaking the word of wisdom and it is exactly like doing heroin. You are breaking the same rule. Just society makes the latter one look a lot worse, which it probably is, but you are still breaking the word of wisdom if you eat meat everyday or if you drink a can of beer everyday. So when I have the opportunity to go vegetarian for a month I will, but not within the first month of being home because i still enjoy a nice ribeye every here and there.  But yea  just a tiny experiment I want to do upon my return. Obviously it can’t happen in the mission, I don’t want to be a hassle to the families that go through a lot of effort and then me show up and say I don’t want this. So don’t worry it won’t happen for like another year. You can wake dad up now and tell him I want a ribeye and sushi.... I have been craving sushi this whole time in England. And those burgers dad and I would make and also those brats. Speaking of experiments.  I want to try the vegetarian thing out and it might be the thing that changes my life style.  I wish people would try out the LDS thing.  You know like it says in the book of Mormon, experiment upon my words.  If we can as missionaries and members get people to just try out ‘praying, reading the scriptures, following the laws of God’ that experiment, like my vegetarian one might just change their lives.  Pretty cool.  Sadly, we have a hard time getting to talk to people about this. So this week has been pretty good though, elder Morales English is getting better so that’s good. Everything is going well.  I am learning to be more patient than I ever thought I would be in my life.  It is hard sometimes because the people here are not too interested in what we have to say, but we keep trying and I know that the Lord is pleased with our efforts.

Keep reading the scriptures and be sure to help the missionaries out whenever you can.


Elder Mecham

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

That mouse came into the wrong flat! Like, literally the worst one a mouse could choose. A flat with 4 twenty year old guys.... What a dumb mouse.

So this week we had a lot of fun. We have entered the rainy season for sure... it has been nonstop rain since last Monday. Everyone gets a bit more depressed than usual and they are ignoring us... again. But contacting in the rain makes for good stories. This week we have been getting fed a lot of african food. So I have been training Elder Morales not only in the ways of missionary work, but also how to eat large quantities of food now. I have also taught him how to eat fufu. I know that sounds crazy but, there is a technique to eating fufu; you don’t chew it. You just swallow fufu whole. He struggles with that, but we are working on it. Also I think the pepe is a little too spicy for him. I am going to make fufu for you when i get home and all the African dishes I have learned how to make. But, I warn you, they will be spicy. We have been working on his English and it has really been improving quickly. I have almost gotten back to normal speed in my speech. I have found that when I talk with him it helps if I leave certain words out, because he does as well or better if I leave out extraneous stuff. So, I won’t say certain words because in French they don’t have translation for these certain English words words so it is like broken English. I have been trying to speak proper English but it gets hard because there are no words like to or if or things like that. If that makes any sense. But we have quite a bit of time to study now.  Training elder Morales has showed me how to “cut out the fluff” as Pres. Millar would put it. So I can teach very simply now. Missionary work is going well. The most promising investigators are A----- who is married to a less active member named A-----. Well, to be honest, she isn’t less active anymore, so we teach him every Wednesday night. He will be baptised soon I think  Please pray for him to make the right decision. Then we are working with A-----‘s daughter Z---_. When we first taught A----, Z---- said she would never listen to us then she started to listen to us.  Later, she said she would never take the lessons and now she is taking the lessons.  Then she said she would never come to church, and yep, yesterday she came to church and she said she really like it. It is awesome to see her come around.  The Gospel is what they need in their lives. Pres. Millar called this morning and told me that our number are really good and that we are doing an excellent job.  I am so happy about that.  It means a lot to me because it’s hard to get a lot of teaches in the first place but then you add on training and the 2 hours of study there really isn’t much time to find if you have other lessons throughout the day, but we are working very hard.  Sadly we still have some empty days in which we are struggling  to find anyone to talk to. Walking around in the rain looking for people makes for goods stories though, as I mentioned before. One day it was just pouring.  I mean pouring rain, and there was one guy in the street, only one, and we stopped him and he told us that he doesn’t speak English.... (in perfect English.) I asked him what language he spoke and (in perfect English) he said oh I speak French.  Haha jokes on you buddy! Elder Morales steps up and spoke to him in French and taught him!!!   He told us to call him so we can teach him again. He later told us that he just didn’t want to talk to us and tried to avoid us by saying he only spoke French, but it never works, umm we have God on our team so no one can out strategize us.

Oka and for my funny story this week, we found a mouse in our flat. We killed it then buried it under our basil tree we have in the flat. That mouse came into the wrong flat. Like, literally the worst one a mouse could choose. A flat with 4 twenty year old guys.... What a dumb mouse. (editor's note- Elder Mecham attached a photo of the dead mouse. I will spare you, the reader, the image.)
Hey, so where is my truck by the way. I have asked this question like 10 times and no one answers me.  Is Murph dead? To answer your questions that I haven’t yet, I am doing very well with Elder Morales.  We get along really well as I told you.  I am still loving study time and am reading the Old Testament.  I love Proverbs and right now it is my fave in the OT.

Love, Elder Mecham

Monday, September 9, 2013

I used my little Yoruba Nigerian language skills and had very basic conversation with them and they loved it.

First, Happy birthday to Millie and also belated birthday wishes to Dad.  He is old!  Millie is young.  Lucky Millie. Okay, all about my new companion- He is French. He likes to cook and play football (soccer). We get along really well. I just need to speak slowly with him so he can process it all. He understands everything but his response is really slow because he has to process it all. Everything is going well with us. He isn’t homesick really. And of course, study has been going well with him. We are getting along really well. The whole flat likes him so we are having a lot of fun. We went to a senior missionary couple’s house for dinner so they could meet him and they used green dye so everything was green. Our drinks were green the mashed potatoes were green the gravy was greenish and, of course, we had green jello. It was so funny. He didn’t really understand it though, but still funny. Also, one day we were coming home from a member’s house after we finished dinner and this African family came and asked us for directions to another house. It was on the street where the member lived that we just came from. We ended up taking them there and the whole time we were just chatting.  I used my little Yoruba Nigerian language skills and had very basic conversation with them and they loved it. We ended up taking them to the place and it was someone’s birthday. Because we were so nice to them they gave us a ton of food and we stayed at this party for a little while talking about the church a little but also just being nice.  They treated us like royalty. They gave us so much food and listened to us. It was so fun. Elder Morales was just laughing the whole time... I will have to get you the pictures soon.  I  would love to see the Stolworthys... see if I can give them like a bag to take home to you guys.

Jenna should have so much fun at college... it was such a fun time for me I loved it so I hope she does too! Sorry for the short email. But we ran out of time today... ciao ciao,

Love, Elder Mecham

My first teach I couldn't even say a word. I would look at Elder Hansen and be like, "Help me!"

So I am really only going to email about wednesday for obvious reasons. But just as a point of interest on Tuesday night we had a big toasting to elder Bendall where it was like an hour long of just toasts to the good times we had together. Ok on to Wednesday, we cleaned the flat big time for my new elder.  After study and everything  the zone leaders came to pick us up and we made the hour and a half journey to the temple.... really uncomfortable. My legs are just too long for the back seats here. So that part was a pain, haha literally. Then we get to the temple and i meet my boiiiiiiiii!!! His name is Elder Michael Morales. Completely french. He is from Nantes,France. He still has a lot to learn with english  but we can communicate fine as long as I speak slowly, so I do. He seems really cool. He has been a less active member his whole life basically he said so it is great that he was able to get active and get on a mission. So after we picked him up and said hey to everyone there and stuff we left but had to go through Maidstone which is and area in our zone so that added another 1 and a half to the journey.  We finally got back around 4 and we got him some food for the week, came back and unpacked all his stuff. then we went straight to a teach. We taught a guy named Antony who isn't a member but his wife Ashley is a member. We taught him the plan of salvation. Probably the hardest lesson for a greenie to teach. I didnt know how much of the lesson he could do in english or even how much he knew so I talked a majority of the time but he would come in with some good points. The family really liked how he was trying to speak English and in general, they really liked him. I remember my first teach and I couldn't even say a word. I would just look at elder Hansen and be like 'help me'. Thankfully he would, so I did last night as well. We haven't really gone street contacting with him yet. But from the people we stop it goes fine. We get an extra 2 hours of study now. One for him being a new missionary. We get that for 12 weeks and then we also get one for him to learn English and that is for the rest of his mission. Seriously I really enjoy that part because it is also additional time for me to study and I do enjoy that. This reallyshould be a good moves.
Love, Elder Mecham

Monday, September 2, 2013



Hello family,

Ok so sorry I don’t have too much time for this email. Man that message you sent about the post by Hayden made me trunkee, I just want to play lacrosse with him so bad. It’s been 3 years since I have been able to do that. Tell him to avoid marriage until I get back. I don’t want to lax with a married man. And plus he needs to make a summer ball team. But I miss him for sure. Send him my best and tell him I will see him next summer, and I will always be ready to lax. So a huge surprise happened last night and I am very excited about it. So this whole week poor elder Bendall has been really sick still. Like any time we eat food he throws up.  He has been really sick, and it was pretty bad so the whole week was making calls to the area medical advisor and to President and Sister Millar. All of which were so helpful and kind.  Then, last night Pres. calls me and says that elder Bendall is getting moved to Eastbourne and I am getting a brand new missionary coming from the mtc. I will have a son.  So I am training and he is from France and President said that he needs to learn English and who better to stick him with than a proper English speaker. So yea my son is coming in on Wednesday and elder Bendall is going out.  I am looking forward to this opportunity to train.  So that was really it for this week in news because my comp has been so sick. We have had a good amount of member present lessons though and those always help. Usually the wife is a member and they want the rest of their family taught.  It is always best when members are present. I am quite short on time today so I will not have much more to write. As far as my reading I am in 2nd Chronicles. It recounts things in a different light. So sometimes it is interesting but not always. And yes I am still in Welling. The Elder that moved from Croydon to Welling is elder Kopicshke an elder from my group. He is the zl, a good friend and a great guy. Right now we have 3 sets of elders in welling and the zl's live in a different flat than us. But yes he is here. I was recently going through old pictures when I was back in Croydon and came across the Tuckers obvi... they were the best family  and one of the best I have met on the mission. Usually there is always one good family in each ward that you can remember. Sometimes not but there is only one family you remember. The Tuckers I will remember and the Falls  and the Hazels. There are more but I will remember them for sure.  The Tuckers were the coolest Texans I have ever met. And ok I will send photos... ciao ciao.

Next week there should be lots to tell.  Wish me luck with my new responsibilities here in Welling.

Love, Elder Mecham

You must be of royal birth

A few weeks ago Joey sent an SD card that was filled with photos- I will upload more soon.  This photo made me laugh so hard! Obviously Joey's Mission President has a great sense of humor and is a blessing to all of the missionaries in his mission.  Joey loves him!

Both this week's and last week's letter will be up today!