Monday, August 19, 2013

How da bo-de?


With some of my friends after the conference with Elder Evans
Ok so it is going to be a quick email for two reasons the first because transfers are happening and we find out tonight if anything is happening. I was kind of hoping I would get moved or something but in reality nothing will probably change. I am good with that, but am ready for whatever is sent my way.  The second reason is because we have nothing much to talk about as far as investigators. Nothing is really going for us in the sense of tracting and teaching. It can be discouraging, but we just keep at it.  We have no progressing investigators right now. I would like to see it change.  Pray for that. We had a conference with elder David F Evans of the seventy. It was good. He was funny and a really good speaker.Very inspirational. So we went to Crawley to hear him. On another note, I am trying to work on my vocabulary and need big words so I can speak very intelligently with the higher ups in the world. So I need help and all. But back to missionary work. On Wednesday we went to an African da and had African chicken and joliff rice and then had shockey. Elder Bendall got full and so I had to eat like 6 sheets of shockey. Shockey is cow stomach. Ask the Patterson’s if they ever had it. Tell the hello for me and that we talk to a lot of people from Sierra Leone. I can understand creole for the most part. But that’s because it is like super broken English. Like to ask how someone is doing you say, “How da bo-de?” Which means how is the body. And they say “Da bo-de fine.”  The body is fine. It is a lot  like that, so I can understand for the most part, especially if they speak slowly.So tell Brother Patterson I asked, “How da bo de?” I can also kinda understand Jamaican creole. But only if they speak really really slow. Like they say “Wagwon?” Which means, “What’s going on?” It is a little more difficult to understand because they speak super fast. On Saturday we went to a member’shouse.  He had all the missionaries over for dinner and he gave us pepe stew and fufu and goat meat. I ate it all and everyone else wasn’t even into their 4th bite. The family was so impressed. I have built a reputation with the African members that I can eat a lot of pepe and that I like all their food. Ask the Pattersons if they ever ate pepe. We had a pepe challenge but I didn’t need to participate because it was all the new elders. So Elder Bendall, Elder Johnson and Elder Wilson. Elder Bendall was a riot.  He got all spaced out and such. It was so hot he  looked like he was about to cry and then we started walking home and he was like my stomach burns and then the poor guy threw up.  He really struggles with African food. The other elders didn’t feel well either but they just went home and used the bathroom. Also side note English people don’t say bathroom they just say toilet. Like I need to use the toilet or the toilets are over there. Very refined. Oh and mum, no pictures because I have my sd card all filled up so I just bought a brand new one. Did you get the box that I sent? It  had all my pictures in there and a  jacket and all my ties I sent home. I sent it the same time I sent Bret’s stuff so it should be there.

That is it for today.  Time’s up. 

Love you all, Elder Mecham

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