Monday, August 26, 2013

All is well in Welling

So this week was really slow because elder Bendall is really sick. Poor guy has IBS so he constantly is using the bathroom and feeling ill.  This week it got worse. So we had to call the Mission pres. and call the mission doctor so elder Bendall may or may not be moving to get some help. The African food is definitely making it worse as well. It doesn’t help that I absolutely love spicy food so all the families here know me so when we go to DAs they make the food spicy and he just suffers. He is a good guys and doesn’t ever mention how hard it is.  So this week was pretty slow because we had to take tiny breaks while he threw up. But he never wants to just rest and that is good, so we were contacting a lot of this week and it proved futile. No one was stopping. The computer I am on won’t let me put pictures up because it doesn’t  have any usb inserts. So no pictures.  Sorrrrry.

As far as my reading this week, I am in 2 Kings at the moment so that is nice. I have gone through the religion manuals for the first half of the Old Testament. So I am learning a lot in there. So that’s a plus. I can’t believe you bought Millie a car. I am sure Bret loves the idea of driving a bug around as well. What happened to the truck? Does that mean you are going to buy me a car when I get home? Or even better a motorcycle? It’s funny because 95% of cars in the UK are manual. Thankfully the mission cars aren’t and they were automatic. That helped me. Man I miss elder Armijo. He has been home for over 4 months now. The best time on my mission was with him and elder Hansen. But Armijo made Yeovil. It’s crazy to think that only 2 of my companions are still on the mission. Elder Kretsu and Elder Bendall. Elder Martins finishes at the end of this move and elder Diaz went home because he got really sick whilst in Staines.  Don’t get me wrong, I like all of my comps, but Armijo and Hansen both clicked with me as far as the things we liked including sports and food.  Sounds like elder Reel and I would have a good time then. When I get back we will have to meet.  You said he is from Utah right? I don’t think I am too sarcastic anyways though. Wow about Ricky. I didn’t know married guys were even allowed to fight mma. That’s good for Ricky. Congratulate him for me.

Well summer is now officially over for us. We got like 1 sunny day this week and the rest was raining, but on Saturday it wasn’t just raining it was like pouring all day and I lost the hood to my jackets so I am hoodless and my hair is just soaked. I forgot how much it rains here. 

 Also say hi to Alexis because she only talks to you. So this week just seemed to be another average week. A lot of people cancelled appointments on us which seems to be the usual in this area. But for the most part all is well in Welling. We actually split up our area because we have 6 missionaries working in it so now we work in Bexleyheath, Welling, and Abbeywood. I am doing well.  Wish the work was more productive, but we are working hard all the same.  I wish I had more to tell you. .  In D&C 18 it says if you bring just one soul to the Lord your joy will be great.  Sometimes I feel like that scripture is for me.  The work is hard, but I am happy.

I am out of time,

Love Elder Mecham

Monday, August 19, 2013

How da bo-de?


With some of my friends after the conference with Elder Evans
Ok so it is going to be a quick email for two reasons the first because transfers are happening and we find out tonight if anything is happening. I was kind of hoping I would get moved or something but in reality nothing will probably change. I am good with that, but am ready for whatever is sent my way.  The second reason is because we have nothing much to talk about as far as investigators. Nothing is really going for us in the sense of tracting and teaching. It can be discouraging, but we just keep at it.  We have no progressing investigators right now. I would like to see it change.  Pray for that. We had a conference with elder David F Evans of the seventy. It was good. He was funny and a really good speaker.Very inspirational. So we went to Crawley to hear him. On another note, I am trying to work on my vocabulary and need big words so I can speak very intelligently with the higher ups in the world. So I need help and all. But back to missionary work. On Wednesday we went to an African da and had African chicken and joliff rice and then had shockey. Elder Bendall got full and so I had to eat like 6 sheets of shockey. Shockey is cow stomach. Ask the Patterson’s if they ever had it. Tell the hello for me and that we talk to a lot of people from Sierra Leone. I can understand creole for the most part. But that’s because it is like super broken English. Like to ask how someone is doing you say, “How da bo-de?” Which means how is the body. And they say “Da bo-de fine.”  The body is fine. It is a lot  like that, so I can understand for the most part, especially if they speak slowly.So tell Brother Patterson I asked, “How da bo de?” I can also kinda understand Jamaican creole. But only if they speak really really slow. Like they say “Wagwon?” Which means, “What’s going on?” It is a little more difficult to understand because they speak super fast. On Saturday we went to a member’shouse.  He had all the missionaries over for dinner and he gave us pepe stew and fufu and goat meat. I ate it all and everyone else wasn’t even into their 4th bite. The family was so impressed. I have built a reputation with the African members that I can eat a lot of pepe and that I like all their food. Ask the Pattersons if they ever ate pepe. We had a pepe challenge but I didn’t need to participate because it was all the new elders. So Elder Bendall, Elder Johnson and Elder Wilson. Elder Bendall was a riot.  He got all spaced out and such. It was so hot he  looked like he was about to cry and then we started walking home and he was like my stomach burns and then the poor guy threw up.  He really struggles with African food. The other elders didn’t feel well either but they just went home and used the bathroom. Also side note English people don’t say bathroom they just say toilet. Like I need to use the toilet or the toilets are over there. Very refined. Oh and mum, no pictures because I have my sd card all filled up so I just bought a brand new one. Did you get the box that I sent? It  had all my pictures in there and a  jacket and all my ties I sent home. I sent it the same time I sent Bret’s stuff so it should be there.

That is it for today.  Time’s up. 

Love you all, Elder Mecham

Monday, August 12, 2013

People I hang out with are getting married. I think I am going to throw up.

Hello everyone,
Elder Mecham and his Comp in the back row
Wow, no I have never heard the story of Nana’s ancestors.  That is pretty cool.  I have never heard that story at all. And,  sorry I can only answer the questions that have been  specified in a list format, other questions probably won’t be answered. haha The  reason I have not written anything about investigators is because we have nothing happening at the moment our investigators are not progressing and we don’t even really have any investigators in the first place really. It’s tough to be truthful. But the limited investigators we do have aren’t progressing which is very hard to see. We just keep trying. The Work is good though and I am still enjoying it.   The number of teaches we have been getting has dropped a bit and we now average around 16, which still isn’t too bad, but I  would like to see more. Our mission has been doing really well for teaches as a whole though. We got over 2000 teaches this last week. And about 2 months ago we had not been able to get over 1000 but we have increased  our teaches in 3 months and are teaching a lot as a mission in general. So that is pretty cool. Most of our teaches come from street contacting around the Thames. Also I still haven’t received any letter from Emily, but I got a little note from Hailey in the package. Shout out to the younger Stolworthy sister. The package was so sick I am wearing the tie to a mission conference we are having tomorrow in Crawley. Tell Johnson thanks for the usb. Also the candy was good but the tie was the best. Harrison would love it maybe send him one too. I am going to sell everything and only wear only Nantucket style upon my return. I will include a picture with the B--- family. That is F----, D---- and their family.  They are very disappointed that they can’t be baptized and it is a super difficult situation. Remember I told you he is a tribal man who is polygamist.  It is part of their culture and is how he was raised. I don’t know a lot about marriage in the first place how am I supposed to handle a situation where the person has two wives. So it is an impossible situation for them really, but they are a great family.  WOW I can’t believe Mike and Marleice are engaged... well I can because I only set up the best of the best. They were just clients number 1... There will be a lot more in the furture. It was so not a surprise to hear that they were engaged but at the same time it was just because of the joy I have for them now. I am getting old. People I hang out with are getting married. I think I am going to throw up. I am happy for them though, that is really cool. There is actually a mystery about who actually hooked them together. Some say Lythgoe some say me and some say Stoker. No one knows so i am just waiting to find the official deets from the actual couple on who hooked them up. I feel bad for Riley Hales (byu lax) though. He wanted me to hook him up with some girls and we tried but not as hard as we did with Marleice and Mike.  I would imagine that he is still single he is still having fun as a bachelor though I bet! Our conference we have for tomorrow is with David F Evans of the seventy and is in Crawley. The entire mission is going to hear him. I don’t know what he is coming for though. It was a nice surprise. Onto what I learned this week from study of the Old Testament. Two big things and a lot more. First Jacob’s ladder. Jacob has a dream that he is at the bottom of the ladder and the Lord is at the top and the ladder has rungs on it, obviously. Now Jacob calls the place where he had a dream Bethel. If we break bethel down it separates into two Hebrew words. Beth, meaning house and El, meaning God or Lord. So the direct translation is house of God or house of the Lord. Now if the house of the Lord is the celestial kingdom then the rungs on the ladder must be the covenants the Lord  makes with Jacob’s (Israel) future generations. Or the covenants that we make so we can enter into Bethel. Second thing. If we take the Pentateuch (five books of Moses) of the Old Testament and compare it to the four Gospels of the New Testament we see  God showing how things need to be. In the Old Testament God (Jehovah) uses Moses to tell the children of Israel how to offer burnt offerings and other sacrifices, how to be blessed, who to worship, and where to go, what to do, how to live the Law of Moses essentially. In the New Testament God uses Christ (Jehovah) to show the people how to repent, how to pray, how to be blessed, who to worship, and where to go, what to do, how to live the law of Christ essentially. Now if we take Joshua and Acts, the first books following the basis of the testaments. We see how god Leaves it into our hands to be able to decide what we do, essentially leaving the church in the hands of the Prophets and Apostles or seventy. After we are shown how to make the correct choices and having a guide, God lets us make our own choices without the help of someone being attached to our hip in a sense. (Children of Israel and Jehovah, disciples and Christ)... But you can see the direct correlation. I am learning so much.

That is it for this week.  I wrote a lot to Dad so you can see his too.

Love, Elder Mecham