Monday, July 8, 2013

Another week, another 3 hot pepes

The Peanut and Pepe Stew

Ok so I will start off with the funny story. I ate another one of those peppers this time it was with elder Wilson, the newer elder in the flat.  He challenged me to eat it with him and I did and so I chewed and swallowed it and he chewed and kept chewing and he couldn’t swallow it. Finally it slips down his throat and he starts hiccupping and he can’t talk and started turning read. Finally he squeaks out...”I need milk.” He is just dying and I am sitting there just laughing because I can eat anything. Finally he goes and drinks a lot of milk and then goes to the bathroom and throws up.. Poor guy.  I am still the champion of hot foods! I tried to warn him. It was the funniest thing ever.

On to more of my week as a missionary but yet another hot pepe story- We did service for the A----family and they are from Ghana and we just took down all the wallpaper and scraped the walls and then afterward they gave us this pepe stew and burritos. It was so good but then I get to the end and I see the pepe in it and the family is just watching me so I eat the pepe right in front of them. So I had 3 of these pepes within a week of each other. Man, now everyone in the ward knows I love pepe so they always feed me spicy things now... it’s a blessing and a curse. It gains me a lot of respect within the African culture and community if I can eat spicier food than they can. It gets us in a lot of doors to be truthful.  We are also teaching a royal Nigerian family. D---- and  F---- and the two daughters M---- and  P----. D---- is a prince over a very large tribe and F---- is a princess over another big tribe. But because    D---- is a prince he can have as many wives as he wants so he has another wife in England too. So this is the only problem with the whole family, they can’t be baptized until he divorces the other wife and marries F---- legally under England’s law. But they know everything is true. Whenever we go over there they feed us this huge feast and make us take it all home. They are very nice people.

 In fantastic news, A----- is getting baptised on the 6th of July so we are obviously very excited... she is really nervous though but all the members try to calm her down. We haven’t taught J---- or T---- in almost 3 weeks. They are really nervous as well so when we saw them at service we just talked to them and see how they were doing. We had to move one of A----’s daughters to a new house and some of the members came to help so she really appreciated that.

To answer your questions-Yes I got to see the broadcast. I hope it motivates members all over the world,  but only 4 members stayed to watch it here. The rest went home which was a bummer for us.  Really.  I hope everyone in the family is inviting their friends to teaches. Especially you mom. You need to invite more friends for the missionaries to teach.  Support dad by filling the missionary schedule.

 I miss the really hot weather. I would appreciate some of that right now. It actually was really hot yesterday but only like 80 degrees and it was sunny all day.

So we have been teaching a member’s son who is 8 and he got baptised yesterday on Sunday. it was good his older brother did the baptising and we were the witnesses. It was really good, I enjoyed it. that’s is all for this weekly epistle...

Joey, to the ones at home

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