Wednesday, July 17, 2013

It has been getting really hot.( around 30 degrees).

Hi Mom,

Thanks for that talk, but I can’t really print it easily so please send it via real mail.  Also thank s for the other letters.  Joseph DiBartolomeo looks to be very Italian.

 To answer some of your questions, the work is going very well we are constantly getting around 20 teaches every week now.

As far as D--- and F--- go, they are just stuck because of the whole polygamy thing so no one in their family can be baptized.

Thanks for the packages, I really like anything so thanks, just surprise me maybe a little gum or something, other cool ties. Anything is great.

My new comp is really nice. His name is elder Bendall. And yea, our whole flat at the moment is very musically inclined... except for me.  I ruin their harmony.
I haven’t been eating more pepes, no.  We haven’t had too many DAs lately. 
So this week seems to be a very usual one. I got a new companion. His name is elder Bendall from Aberdeen, Scotland. He is 23 joined the church when he was 20 but grew up an atheist. He has a uni degree in music and likes to conduct music. He is always singing like opera or something. It’s pretty cool. So now everyone in the flat is musically inclined and likes music and no one likes sports but me. Like I said, everyone is musical but me.  I still enjoy playing my ukulele. I like when elder Schmoekel plays songs because he is pretty good. So for the most part the flat is filled with 3 other missionaries singing whenever there is free time. So I don’t have much time to think.  I just close my eyes and listen to them.  Everything is going well. Alison came to church and she is doing well after her baptism. Toby and jade are both doing well. And at the moment we have a HUGE stack of less actives that the senior couple in our ward want us to go and visit all the ones that have been assigned to us. We make lots of contacts that way and it is good to see the less actives. As for this week nothing much happened but, we have been doing a lot of street contacting as result of trying to go to all the less actives. Which is good because it gives us the opportunity to get to know how each other works and we also get a lot of street teaches so it is kind of like a win win. It is hard only having a companion for a short time because you get used to how they teach and everything and then they are gone and you have to get used to a completely different person. So this week has had its fair share of hiccups but I think it is mostly just trying to get used to each other is all.  My comp has never been on the east side of the mission or in London. So we are just working out the little kinks. Everything is going well. The weather here has been superb. It has been sunny all day for the past week now and it has been getting really hot.( around 30 degrees). I will try to attach some photos that I have taken throughout the week.

The Thames.  FYI Smells awful

Follow the leader

Introducing Elder Bendall

Elder Mecham- love you all

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