Monday, July 8, 2013


Hello family,

Ok so I will email more photos next Monday because this computer is a little slow but A---- got baptised on Saturday!!!!! I will try to send you that picture. It is hard for me to send pictures on this computer because it is so slow. I will answer the questions now.


As far as my reading-I have read the New testament twice and the Book of Mormon twice I have not made it all the way though the OT yet.  Just read it out of order during study. D&C I am also not through yet. I have read the Pearl of Great Price 1 time.  My mission goal is to read everything twice, at least, including Jesus the Christ

I got mail from you , Sister Bertha and Megan Skousan.  It was a great week. 

D and F still love us and are actually making me a traditional African gown , but because he has 2 wives no one can be married until he only gets one. They are still learning and they love us. They are the best people.

 I did get the tie for hump day and the card.  Both were great!  Thank you very much.
Ok so we baptised A----- and before the baptism she was saying that she feels nervous and i just told her that she would be happy we led her to baptism. 

 After she was baptised she said that she was happy that she was baptised. I confirmed her a member of the church.  It is an awesome experience to confirm a person a member of the Church.  It is such a great feeling and spirit in the room. Sister Bertha recently said that Andrew loves to confirm and it is the same for me. It is really cool and the feeling is like no other. Now that dad is the WML does he have to give so many talks. Our WML has to give at least 2 a week because we have a lot of baptisms in this ward and he is a good speaker. T----- and J---- are doing well they still struggle with the word of wisdom, but they are progressing. We went to the temple on Sunday after church. We walked around the gardens with A----, J----, T---- and M----- and J------. It was fun... AND, it was the first time I have ever been to the temple and it has been sunny.

The 4th of July here was lame. Obviously, because to the folks here it is not a day to celebrate. I wore my American tie and everyone was just staring at me but I got a lot of comments saying that they loved the tie. After that our flat sang the Star Spangled Banner and that was basically all we did on the 4th of July. We had a good amount of teaches this week as well even though we were so busy with the baptism and temple organising. Oh and Mum, I saw elder Blumenthal who is in  Catford right now. He said thank you for telling his mom about online food.  We elders like to eat!  So the weather in London has been great. Mid 80's all week and sunny so it was really good. On Thursday we had lunch at like 1 and then went to a less active member and she fed us Chinese food then at like 4 we went to another less active and she took us to KFC and then we had a DA (dinner appointment) at 7. At the da elder Diaz was serving the food. He got me good.  We all play small jokes on each other and this one was pretty good. I told him to stop at like 2 scoops of this food and he gave me like 6 and he gave himself one scoop so I was dying to finish it. I felt sick until Friday night when I started to eat again basically. Worst experience ever with food. Almost worst then that time I ate so much sushi and as soon  we got outside I threw up everything. On a side note, sushi tastes good coming up as well so that ‘aint no thang.’ Lucky Millie, working for D must be great. Tell Darren hello and to hook me up with a job when I get home.  I would love to work with him.
Oh and as far as the tie-the best present ever... the tie is the sickest thing... I wore it to the temple.  You know how I love ties.
Love, Elder Mecham

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