Monday, July 29, 2013

Also tell dad -mom you can skip over this- that I want to get a motorcycle

Hello Family,


So this week we are working with a lady named M--- who is Catholic. We knocked on her door and she invited us back. So we will see how that goes this week.  We are pretty excited to get to know her and we hope we can start teaching her regularly.
We do our best to get to as many of the less actives each week as we can, but there are a lot.  We can’t see them all. The 2 less actives we are working with came to church on Sunday, so that was a victory of sorts.  We just need to keep them coming. That is where the members come in too mom.  When less actives come to the ward you need to really be friendly and be friends with them.
Right now I am reading Leviticus which is translated as the law. It is interesting to me.  I like how the Lord spoke to Moses like he speaks to the prophets today.  He tells Moses, Go and tell the children of Israel… Just like He does today.  He lays out in the book how things should be done, just like He does still today.
Will you ask Hayden to email me I have questions to ask him. And yea I made it my goal that once I hit my year mark I would start getting into shape because I am well out of it. So I have been running most mornings which is good. Maybe you can sign us up for those apartments and talk to the Wardles about it. Harrison said it is a long wait list so maybe you can put us down on both and if we don’t get into one we will get into the other. Yea and i will talk to the crew about having some old pops enter into our fold. I don’t know how well it will go over with the guys though. But we will give it the consideration it deserves. Congratulations to Johnson and the Moodys. I am sad I had to miss it but glad my flat self was there. 
Flat Mary and Flat Joey at the Moody reception
Did I have fun?  Send me pics. That’s pretty typical I guess having friends getting married when you’re on the mission.... really cool though and I wish them the best. And let’s get realistic about the situation that is occurring about Carleigh’s sister and me.  You know I am committed to bachelor style. Ok now this has been all cleared up I can move on to my letter. So where shall I begin. This week has been interesting, exactly like the weather. It has been raining then lightning storms (which is a first for me in England) and then sunny all within 30 minutes. The other day I was wearing a rain coat getting completely soaked and elder Bendall was walking with his shirt rolled up enjoying the sunshine. That’s how sporadic it was. Very intriguing. I have sent the post cards to Grampie.  I hope he is doing well. Also I am looking at buying new glasses.  To make sure my prescription hasn’t changed I am going today to get an eye test and then hopefully get some new frames.  My glasses are like 3 years old now. My contact supply is doing really well though. See if you can actually get me glasses using the insurance back home. That would be very helpful for me. I need them desperately. My glasses are breaking. I doubt my prescription has changed. Also tell dad -mom you can skip over this- that I want to get a motorcycle when I am back home. And then dad and I can go on rides like he always wanted to do.  Just think if I were to get a motorcycle think of all the useful things I could do for you guys and all the cool things I could do with dad. and it would be so much easier because you don’t have to worry about me driving around with a group of friends because I could only go by myself and think of all the gas money that I could save. I would be able to get home from Provo to Vegas to see guys whenever because of how fast I could get there and how little money it would cost. (See I still haven’t lost my very fine ability to convince and persuade)....

Sorry I got sidetracked-The weeks have been going so fast since I have been with elder Bendall. Like it feels like the other day was pday and now I am here emailing again... so good. I have been working so hard I think I beat Bruce with number of rejections and denials. Some older lady even tried to run away. She pointed and told me to look at the boat on the river Thames and I look, and then I look back at her and she is trying to get away. She only moved a couple of steps. (She used the Grampie shuffle technique. That’s about how fast she was.)  It is okay, but sometimes it is hard to work and work and feel like nothing is coming from it.  I guess this all part of my mission though.  Just doing what we can to plant seeds and hoping some take root.  It is a lot of rejection though.   Our number of teaches hasn’t been as high this week, but that could be because we have been taking driving lessons for elder Bendall to learn to drive and get his license. Also this week,  a lot of appointments flogged us and cancelled and stuff. I am not worried, It will be better next week.  We just keep working.  How is Tank doing by the way? haven’t heard anything about anyone in lacrosse for a while now.
Our great flat

A building in London. Quite tall.
Oh and this will make you proud, apparently I have become the mission fashion person so when our zone leaders want to go shopping they call me and say hey this pday I need you to go with us shopping. and everyone was asking about clothes and shoes and what they should buy at zone conference... Which reminds me ... we had zone conference this week. It was really good. They are always nice because you can meet up with all the buddies that you have made on the mission. A lot of my buddies are home now. (thanks to elder Armijo and his group.haha) Also President always gives a great talk and really encourages us to do our best and work hard. It is always really good to hear from him.  This ZC it was just the eastern zones and the Wandsworth stake.  Like I said, Pres. spoke to us .  He is inspired and it always pumps me up for the work.

That’s all for now,

Last week I told you I can find all of the best fruits.  Here is proof.

Love, Joey

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