Monday, July 29, 2013

Also tell dad -mom you can skip over this- that I want to get a motorcycle

Hello Family,


So this week we are working with a lady named M--- who is Catholic. We knocked on her door and she invited us back. So we will see how that goes this week.  We are pretty excited to get to know her and we hope we can start teaching her regularly.
We do our best to get to as many of the less actives each week as we can, but there are a lot.  We can’t see them all. The 2 less actives we are working with came to church on Sunday, so that was a victory of sorts.  We just need to keep them coming. That is where the members come in too mom.  When less actives come to the ward you need to really be friendly and be friends with them.
Right now I am reading Leviticus which is translated as the law. It is interesting to me.  I like how the Lord spoke to Moses like he speaks to the prophets today.  He tells Moses, Go and tell the children of Israel… Just like He does today.  He lays out in the book how things should be done, just like He does still today.
Will you ask Hayden to email me I have questions to ask him. And yea I made it my goal that once I hit my year mark I would start getting into shape because I am well out of it. So I have been running most mornings which is good. Maybe you can sign us up for those apartments and talk to the Wardles about it. Harrison said it is a long wait list so maybe you can put us down on both and if we don’t get into one we will get into the other. Yea and i will talk to the crew about having some old pops enter into our fold. I don’t know how well it will go over with the guys though. But we will give it the consideration it deserves. Congratulations to Johnson and the Moodys. I am sad I had to miss it but glad my flat self was there. 
Flat Mary and Flat Joey at the Moody reception
Did I have fun?  Send me pics. That’s pretty typical I guess having friends getting married when you’re on the mission.... really cool though and I wish them the best. And let’s get realistic about the situation that is occurring about Carleigh’s sister and me.  You know I am committed to bachelor style. Ok now this has been all cleared up I can move on to my letter. So where shall I begin. This week has been interesting, exactly like the weather. It has been raining then lightning storms (which is a first for me in England) and then sunny all within 30 minutes. The other day I was wearing a rain coat getting completely soaked and elder Bendall was walking with his shirt rolled up enjoying the sunshine. That’s how sporadic it was. Very intriguing. I have sent the post cards to Grampie.  I hope he is doing well. Also I am looking at buying new glasses.  To make sure my prescription hasn’t changed I am going today to get an eye test and then hopefully get some new frames.  My glasses are like 3 years old now. My contact supply is doing really well though. See if you can actually get me glasses using the insurance back home. That would be very helpful for me. I need them desperately. My glasses are breaking. I doubt my prescription has changed. Also tell dad -mom you can skip over this- that I want to get a motorcycle when I am back home. And then dad and I can go on rides like he always wanted to do.  Just think if I were to get a motorcycle think of all the useful things I could do for you guys and all the cool things I could do with dad. and it would be so much easier because you don’t have to worry about me driving around with a group of friends because I could only go by myself and think of all the gas money that I could save. I would be able to get home from Provo to Vegas to see guys whenever because of how fast I could get there and how little money it would cost. (See I still haven’t lost my very fine ability to convince and persuade)....

Sorry I got sidetracked-The weeks have been going so fast since I have been with elder Bendall. Like it feels like the other day was pday and now I am here emailing again... so good. I have been working so hard I think I beat Bruce with number of rejections and denials. Some older lady even tried to run away. She pointed and told me to look at the boat on the river Thames and I look, and then I look back at her and she is trying to get away. She only moved a couple of steps. (She used the Grampie shuffle technique. That’s about how fast she was.)  It is okay, but sometimes it is hard to work and work and feel like nothing is coming from it.  I guess this all part of my mission though.  Just doing what we can to plant seeds and hoping some take root.  It is a lot of rejection though.   Our number of teaches hasn’t been as high this week, but that could be because we have been taking driving lessons for elder Bendall to learn to drive and get his license. Also this week,  a lot of appointments flogged us and cancelled and stuff. I am not worried, It will be better next week.  We just keep working.  How is Tank doing by the way? haven’t heard anything about anyone in lacrosse for a while now.
Our great flat

A building in London. Quite tall.
Oh and this will make you proud, apparently I have become the mission fashion person so when our zone leaders want to go shopping they call me and say hey this pday I need you to go with us shopping. and everyone was asking about clothes and shoes and what they should buy at zone conference... Which reminds me ... we had zone conference this week. It was really good. They are always nice because you can meet up with all the buddies that you have made on the mission. A lot of my buddies are home now. (thanks to elder Armijo and his group.haha) Also President always gives a great talk and really encourages us to do our best and work hard. It is always really good to hear from him.  This ZC it was just the eastern zones and the Wandsworth stake.  Like I said, Pres. spoke to us .  He is inspired and it always pumps me up for the work.

That’s all for now,

Last week I told you I can find all of the best fruits.  Here is proof.

Love, Joey

Monday, July 22, 2013

Everything comes with age and grey hair. Dad should be a master at almost everything now because almost all of his hair is silver


First shout out to Darla and the Herdts.  That was a killer package and the jerky was great.  I love the tie.  It is Evan R. Lawson for sure. I hope Elder Herdt is enjoying Chicago dogs and becoming a fan of the Bears . That is pretty cool that you are doing all those family things for the research. Soon you are going to become like Todd and start travelling,  just taking random photos of things that link with your family doing everything from your ipad.

This week we did a ton with less actives who haven’t been to church in some time, or are lost sheep, so we spent a lot of time doing  ‘in between’ contacting which is pretty cool. A is doing great but we have not seen T or J this week.  We will.  They are really awesome people.  D and F are busy this week with business affairs so we will catch up with them soon.  The polygamy thing is a huge hold up for them, but they know it is all true and it may take time but it will all work out.  . Having 6 missionaries in this one area can be really hard. The area is a little bit big but everyone only works in the Woolwich and Abbeywood areas... and then all the other areas go untouched so at church our WML told us that we needed to separate from Woolwich and go into the surrounding areas which means we may not get as many teaches. But I think it will be good I like all the surrounding areas anyways and I am sure there are people there waiting to hear from us. I liked what you said about everyone being sent to teach the gospel.  It is true and it is good when you find the ones who are ready to hear it.  Even if they aren’t it is good to plant the seeds so they can see the Lord in their lives. 

I have turned into the best wild fruits spotter... I can just spot cherry trees from a distance and I have a good vertical jump which allows me to get the tasty cherries. I have to get them for my comp so I am jumping all the time. Whenever we are going in between appointments I am eating wild cherries that are really delicious. Except some cherry trees trick you and are actually terribly bitter and not really tasty.  As for hitting the half way mark and officially hitting the latter half of my mission is strange. I think and am like whoa I have been out for forever and then the other half is like whoa I haven’t even been out long so as to questions regarding that its strange. I just realized that I hit my year mark as I was just sitting in bed one night remembering when I would think like I still have one more July 22 or one more December 1 or one more day of that on my mission but then it hit me and I was just like whoa this was my last July 20 etc.  I have one more year and only one more of each day as a missionary. I have to use them wisely and do my best to build the kingdom. There is lots of work to do. It is a good feeling because I remember coming out the one thing I wanted to be able to do was to be able to carry a conversation with rando people about the gospel and to have learned a lot more of the scriptures. when I got Elder Bendall our first weekly planning the first thing he said was 'man, you know your scriptures well can you show me how you study your stuff' and I was just like whoa I remember when I didn’t know anything and then I just realized yesterday when we were on the streets that I can carry on gospel conversations, well, any conversation really,  better than I could a year ago and I was like whoa I remember when I hated talking to people... I still do (hate talking a lot that is) but not because I don’t know how to get past “Hey how are you doing?”,  but because I just don’t enjoy talking like you do mum. You would be a great missionary really.  Everything comes with age and grey hair. Dad should be a master at almost everything  now because almost all of his hair is silver.... next step is platinum... He is kinda like Gandolf when he evolves in wizardom and moves from like black to grey to silver to white. ok I will be on the lookout for the tie and stuff. Hopefully the usb is in there. I am enjoying all the sunshine that we have been getting. I can’t imagine what it is like for Harrison where it is like 120 all day. It’s like 85 and I am complaining that it is really hot... I think I am going to melt when I return home.

Ok so funniest thing ever.. Elder Bendall and I went to a da on Friday and they fed us fufu and agoussi soup. Anyways fufu is really filling (ask the Pattersons about it) and Elder Bendall couldn’t finish it so I had to help him eat the other half... he was struggling to eat... it was his first time so he didn’t know how to go about eating it with your hands and stuff... so funny. I actually might get you pictures of that. Yea, this week was good. It has been hard for me to sleep because it is so hot outside and we have no fans or anything... it is deadly. But that should be all this week not the best of letters... this next week should be good because we have zone conference tomorrow and I will have a lot to write about.

Did you take any videos of Bret or Jenna that you could send me? Also how old is Carleighs sister? if reasonable age is she cute?  Tell Johnson I love him and enjoy the wedding.  Also love to everyone there.

Ciao Elder Mecham

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

It has been getting really hot.( around 30 degrees).

Hi Mom,

Thanks for that talk, but I can’t really print it easily so please send it via real mail.  Also thank s for the other letters.  Joseph DiBartolomeo looks to be very Italian.

 To answer some of your questions, the work is going very well we are constantly getting around 20 teaches every week now.

As far as D--- and F--- go, they are just stuck because of the whole polygamy thing so no one in their family can be baptized.

Thanks for the packages, I really like anything so thanks, just surprise me maybe a little gum or something, other cool ties. Anything is great.

My new comp is really nice. His name is elder Bendall. And yea, our whole flat at the moment is very musically inclined... except for me.  I ruin their harmony.
I haven’t been eating more pepes, no.  We haven’t had too many DAs lately. 
So this week seems to be a very usual one. I got a new companion. His name is elder Bendall from Aberdeen, Scotland. He is 23 joined the church when he was 20 but grew up an atheist. He has a uni degree in music and likes to conduct music. He is always singing like opera or something. It’s pretty cool. So now everyone in the flat is musically inclined and likes music and no one likes sports but me. Like I said, everyone is musical but me.  I still enjoy playing my ukulele. I like when elder Schmoekel plays songs because he is pretty good. So for the most part the flat is filled with 3 other missionaries singing whenever there is free time. So I don’t have much time to think.  I just close my eyes and listen to them.  Everything is going well. Alison came to church and she is doing well after her baptism. Toby and jade are both doing well. And at the moment we have a HUGE stack of less actives that the senior couple in our ward want us to go and visit all the ones that have been assigned to us. We make lots of contacts that way and it is good to see the less actives. As for this week nothing much happened but, we have been doing a lot of street contacting as result of trying to go to all the less actives. Which is good because it gives us the opportunity to get to know how each other works and we also get a lot of street teaches so it is kind of like a win win. It is hard only having a companion for a short time because you get used to how they teach and everything and then they are gone and you have to get used to a completely different person. So this week has had its fair share of hiccups but I think it is mostly just trying to get used to each other is all.  My comp has never been on the east side of the mission or in London. So we are just working out the little kinks. Everything is going well. The weather here has been superb. It has been sunny all day for the past week now and it has been getting really hot.( around 30 degrees). I will try to attach some photos that I have taken throughout the week.

The Thames.  FYI Smells awful

Follow the leader

Introducing Elder Bendall

Elder Mecham- love you all

Monday, July 8, 2013


Hello family,

Ok so I will email more photos next Monday because this computer is a little slow but A---- got baptised on Saturday!!!!! I will try to send you that picture. It is hard for me to send pictures on this computer because it is so slow. I will answer the questions now.


As far as my reading-I have read the New testament twice and the Book of Mormon twice I have not made it all the way though the OT yet.  Just read it out of order during study. D&C I am also not through yet. I have read the Pearl of Great Price 1 time.  My mission goal is to read everything twice, at least, including Jesus the Christ

I got mail from you , Sister Bertha and Megan Skousan.  It was a great week. 

D and F still love us and are actually making me a traditional African gown , but because he has 2 wives no one can be married until he only gets one. They are still learning and they love us. They are the best people.

 I did get the tie for hump day and the card.  Both were great!  Thank you very much.
Ok so we baptised A----- and before the baptism she was saying that she feels nervous and i just told her that she would be happy we led her to baptism. 

 After she was baptised she said that she was happy that she was baptised. I confirmed her a member of the church.  It is an awesome experience to confirm a person a member of the Church.  It is such a great feeling and spirit in the room. Sister Bertha recently said that Andrew loves to confirm and it is the same for me. It is really cool and the feeling is like no other. Now that dad is the WML does he have to give so many talks. Our WML has to give at least 2 a week because we have a lot of baptisms in this ward and he is a good speaker. T----- and J---- are doing well they still struggle with the word of wisdom, but they are progressing. We went to the temple on Sunday after church. We walked around the gardens with A----, J----, T---- and M----- and J------. It was fun... AND, it was the first time I have ever been to the temple and it has been sunny.

The 4th of July here was lame. Obviously, because to the folks here it is not a day to celebrate. I wore my American tie and everyone was just staring at me but I got a lot of comments saying that they loved the tie. After that our flat sang the Star Spangled Banner and that was basically all we did on the 4th of July. We had a good amount of teaches this week as well even though we were so busy with the baptism and temple organising. Oh and Mum, I saw elder Blumenthal who is in  Catford right now. He said thank you for telling his mom about online food.  We elders like to eat!  So the weather in London has been great. Mid 80's all week and sunny so it was really good. On Thursday we had lunch at like 1 and then went to a less active member and she fed us Chinese food then at like 4 we went to another less active and she took us to KFC and then we had a DA (dinner appointment) at 7. At the da elder Diaz was serving the food. He got me good.  We all play small jokes on each other and this one was pretty good. I told him to stop at like 2 scoops of this food and he gave me like 6 and he gave himself one scoop so I was dying to finish it. I felt sick until Friday night when I started to eat again basically. Worst experience ever with food. Almost worst then that time I ate so much sushi and as soon  we got outside I threw up everything. On a side note, sushi tastes good coming up as well so that ‘aint no thang.’ Lucky Millie, working for D must be great. Tell Darren hello and to hook me up with a job when I get home.  I would love to work with him.
Oh and as far as the tie-the best present ever... the tie is the sickest thing... I wore it to the temple.  You know how I love ties.
Love, Elder Mecham

Another week, another 3 hot pepes

The Peanut and Pepe Stew

Ok so I will start off with the funny story. I ate another one of those peppers this time it was with elder Wilson, the newer elder in the flat.  He challenged me to eat it with him and I did and so I chewed and swallowed it and he chewed and kept chewing and he couldn’t swallow it. Finally it slips down his throat and he starts hiccupping and he can’t talk and started turning read. Finally he squeaks out...”I need milk.” He is just dying and I am sitting there just laughing because I can eat anything. Finally he goes and drinks a lot of milk and then goes to the bathroom and throws up.. Poor guy.  I am still the champion of hot foods! I tried to warn him. It was the funniest thing ever.

On to more of my week as a missionary but yet another hot pepe story- We did service for the A----family and they are from Ghana and we just took down all the wallpaper and scraped the walls and then afterward they gave us this pepe stew and burritos. It was so good but then I get to the end and I see the pepe in it and the family is just watching me so I eat the pepe right in front of them. So I had 3 of these pepes within a week of each other. Man, now everyone in the ward knows I love pepe so they always feed me spicy things now... it’s a blessing and a curse. It gains me a lot of respect within the African culture and community if I can eat spicier food than they can. It gets us in a lot of doors to be truthful.  We are also teaching a royal Nigerian family. D---- and  F---- and the two daughters M---- and  P----. D---- is a prince over a very large tribe and F---- is a princess over another big tribe. But because    D---- is a prince he can have as many wives as he wants so he has another wife in England too. So this is the only problem with the whole family, they can’t be baptized until he divorces the other wife and marries F---- legally under England’s law. But they know everything is true. Whenever we go over there they feed us this huge feast and make us take it all home. They are very nice people.

 In fantastic news, A----- is getting baptised on the 6th of July so we are obviously very excited... she is really nervous though but all the members try to calm her down. We haven’t taught J---- or T---- in almost 3 weeks. They are really nervous as well so when we saw them at service we just talked to them and see how they were doing. We had to move one of A----’s daughters to a new house and some of the members came to help so she really appreciated that.

To answer your questions-Yes I got to see the broadcast. I hope it motivates members all over the world,  but only 4 members stayed to watch it here. The rest went home which was a bummer for us.  Really.  I hope everyone in the family is inviting their friends to teaches. Especially you mom. You need to invite more friends for the missionaries to teach.  Support dad by filling the missionary schedule.

 I miss the really hot weather. I would appreciate some of that right now. It actually was really hot yesterday but only like 80 degrees and it was sunny all day.

So we have been teaching a member’s son who is 8 and he got baptised yesterday on Sunday. it was good his older brother did the baptising and we were the witnesses. It was really good, I enjoyed it. that’s is all for this weekly epistle...

Joey, to the ones at home