Monday, June 17, 2013

I am pretty yakked so people don’t mess with me.

What a week. This week we went to the temple with Q--- who was just baptized on Saturday and I confirmed him a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, the Lord’s true church. It was really cool.  Really it was. He is 18 and used to be Muslim but converted to Christianity about a year ago.  He later came to England and stayed with his cousin who is a member.  She introduced him to us and the rest is history. So I will attach photos with him. A--- and J--- are doing well we have T--- as well, who is J—‘s partner too. All of them have baptism dates for the 29th. J--- is A---‘s daughter.   We found them  by knocking.  A miracle really. They are excellent but they both have partners that they live with, so that’s been  the challenge. A lot of English people don’t marry and many of them have problems with the word of wisdom because it is so natural for them and many things are just part of their culture. (Think- tea time) So we taught them the word of wisdom and the law of chastity and the latter part didn’t sit well with T---.  He got somewhat angry because J--- believed it, but he is coming along. Both A--- and J--- are trying really hard to find other places to stay. They have been to church the past 2 weeks now which is huge. In other news,  elder Keller who was elder Schmoekel’s comp got E moved and we are getting a new elder in our flat. We were all so sad that elder Keller was moving because he was so kool and he loved basketball so most of our pdays were going to be spent playing basketball. But we will see how the new kid is later today and I am sure he will be a great kid. Also I would like it if you could send me the talk. But yea a 4 man flat is hectic there is really no time for yourself, not that there is on a mission anyways but now there is completely none. Elder Schmoekel and Diaz both like music so when we have downtime we create songs with my ukulele. I feel bad because I have had no time to email any of my buddies so I made sure to send them just a little something today.  Which cuts us short.

The work is going well.

To answer a few of your questions, Elder Schmoekel is one of my favorite missionaries.  He reminds me of Bret.  The cow’s foot wasn’t bad, not too much meat on it though! I do have more baptism’s coming up on the 29th so I am happy about that and our investigators are growing.  I have not ever been chased by a dog or a person.  I am pretty yakked so people don’t mess with me.

Love you all- Elder Mecham

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