Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The reason I didn’t email yesterday was because I was above the river at the Hyde Park chapel listening to ELDER BALLARD SPEAK.

Hello family,
So to start off with, I only have 30 minutes so it could be short and no pictures today, sorry mum. But the good news,  I did get 41 other emails and haven’t read any of them, you are first! And last actually, because time is short and there is work to do. The reason I didn’t email yesterday was because I was above the river at the Hyde Park chapel listening to ELDER BALLARD SPEAK.

 It was a huge meeting and he gave a very important talk to us, only thoe missionaries close to London got to go so it was a special event for us.   Elder Ballard gave a good talk about how if the church is to grow in Europe it needs to grow in England and if it is to grow in England it needs to grow in London.  This is a fact that we as missionaries need to understand and act upon.  Our efforts have to be strong to get the church to grow.  It was an incredible experience. He also told us a lot of stories about his childhood.  His grandfather was Joseph F Smith.  It was really cool.  He has many old family journals and shared a ton of stories.  Only the missionaries closer to London were able to go. We also saw some of the London mission and it was nice too. So we got to go through some very popular rail roads and saw the London Eye the London Bridge and Big Ben.

We went through the Waterloo station and also Charring Cross. Oh and of course I picked up a tie and a wallet whilst I was above the river. It is a completely different mission/city up there. It is so much nicer like posh wise. Everyone was in suits walking around we saw Lamborghinis everywhere and Ferraris. It’s completely different. The less fancy part of London is the south and the nice part is the north, but we have the south and it’s good.  If you were to visit here though, I think the Northern part of the city would be more impressive to a tourist. It was awesome to hear Elder Ballard.  He is a powerful speaker and we learned a lot.   It was nice also to go above the Thames. Unfortunately, mum,  I have no pictures for you. Oh and guess what, I ate cow foot at an investigators house and I also ate bones of a chicken. This week was really good and we did a lot of work. Sorry I don’t have more time. You can ask questions about it next time though. Oh and  funny thing, I also met a sister who is in my zone that recognized me from efy like 6 years ago... that was so strange so we were trying to catch up with what has happened in 6 years.haha but it was good to see a sort of familiar face. This week was good.

To answer your questions, I am doing really well, I am happy and learning a lot, yes I love being back in the city. I can’t do any photos today, sorry. We have a huge teaching pool.  It is great.  Baptisms coming up for Q---- on June 15 and A----, J--- and T---- on June 29.  Teaching is going really well.  We had 24 teaches this last week.  TWENTY FOUR!!  I am re reading the New Testament. The weather is getting a little better and as far as animals go I see foxes and pigeons, but no hedgehogs. And YES I have had fufu again.  I still love it. I have some great stories about my comp and I but not enough time to tell them. Next week I will.  As far as the groceries go, they were the best!  The cake too.  Well, time is up.  Thanks for everything.

Love, Elder Mecham

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