Monday, June 3, 2013

Birthday boy

Early b-day before he left Christchurch
So last week was so busy with the end of school that I completely forgot to update Elder Mecham's blog.  He turned 20 last Monday!  Here is his note-

Hi family,
So this week was an interesting one. I was sad to leave Christchurch but when I found out I was going to welling I was stoked. Welling has a reputation of being a really good area for the work and a  fun area  as well. We have3 sets of companions in welling. In our flat we have Elder Keller, Elder Diaz, Elder Schmoekel and me. Then we have the zone leaders on the other side of welling. So its easy to have fun. Also its only 30 minutes away from Croydon so sometime I could run in to the Tuckers. The area is great because we can get a lot of teaches which is well new to me really. We have 16 investigators and the other day we contacted most of the day and got 4 street teaches and one door teach. So teaches are fairly easy to get here which is fantastic. There are a lot of Africans in welling. Mostly from Nigeria and Ghana but because it is London it is still very diverse.  I really enjoy that aspect.  English/white is the high minority. Hey, I can brush up on my language skills again. Because Elder Diaz speaks Spanish we have to teach a Spanish class on Monday and see all the Spanish speakers throughout the week. I admit it's awkward for me because I just sit there and smile since I don't speak Spanish but I can get little tiny words or sections out of it.  It is good and I just nod.  We ended up getting 19 teaches this week 13 are since Thursday basically since I got here because move week kinda throws everything off teaching wise so its always hard to schedule with people. I got the groceries and everyone in the flat was excited about that, thank you mum. It was a good bday present. I don't know too much about this area because I have only been here for 4 days but so far its nice. The ward seems good and the other elders are good so I am happy.
To answer your questions-
1.Elder Diaz is my new companion.  He is from venezuela. He loves music and is very outgoing and a good talker.We get along great, he is a really good elder and we work hard together.
2.I don't have photos this week. Next week I will.
3. I got mail from sister Bertha, so thank yo to her and emails from lots of folks.  Thanks Bruce.
4.Our investigators are really good. I honestly cant remember their names yet because there are lots of them and I am new.  Next week I will tell you more about them.
5. I have not had fufu yet here but yes Elder Diaz likes it, so we will soon.
6.I only cover the welling ward. It is average sized.
7.We do not work too much with the WML.  I am glad dad is investing so much time in that.  It will make a big difference.
8.For Pday hopefully we will play basketball.
9.My new flat is great, I will send photos next time.
10. Yes, good news.  Baptism set for June 15th
Love, Elder Mecham

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