Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Elder Armijo and his brother Ammon came by for a visit

A familiar scene!

Queston and his brother enjoyed the 'cave'.

Yup, in my pajamas, but I had to get a photo before they left for Utah.

From the Broadcast~ Hastening the Work

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I felt all the blood go to my face. My face was like swelling up I could fell my heart beat in my face and neck. They kept asking if I was going to pass out.

Hi family,

Well I will start by answering a few  of your questions- Yes I got some mail from Sister Bertha, who left me with a cliffhanger!  Can’t wait to hear the rest.  As for food, I ate the hottest pepper in Africa, perhaps the world.  It is called the ghost chili.  It was insanely hot.  Dad, It looks like you are the best ward mission leader ever…at least mum says so?  How are our ward missionaries doing?  How small or large is their area?

We went to the temple with A--- on Thursday. We were supposed to go with her daughter and her daughter’s boyfriend also, but J--- was ill so she could not make it with us and we only went with A----. She just loved it there.  It was awesome to be with her as she felt the spirit there.  She wants to be baptized, but that won’t happen for along time.  She lives with her partner who is an immigrant.  They have a great boy together but in order to be baptized obviously one has to move out, or they need to be married. He cannot move because he is an immigrant and is assigned to her address.  Because of his immigrant status he can’t get a job until he is signed up properly which takes time.  A--- can’t have him leave because she is the reason he is surviving and they can’t be married because he is married to a different English lady who he has lost all contact with.  Even if he got the papers, he wouldn’t be able to divorce her because he could be deported I guess.  It is confusing, but tonight we are having the Bishop over to talk with them.  He will hopefully be able to find a solution to this that will help them create a path leading to their baptism.

We saw Q---, our recent convert this week.  He is doing well!  He is funny, he whipsers at random times to answer you and whenever he does we start laughing so hard.  Then he starts laughing too.  We are teaching an 8 year old boy who is being baptized Sunday.  He is a child of record but his family wanted him to be taught by us.  We were finishing up and were about to leave when the parents said we have a few jackets that don’t fit G--- anymore (dad) so let us see if they fit you.  We scored because one fit me and the other fit Diaz.   Elder Keller leaving meant lots of packing and trades.  I bought a suit from him really cheap so that was a great deal!  So as for you asking how my clothes were holding up clothes, I am still alright and don’t need anything at all. I have plenty.
Looking great! Ready to teach the world!

So let me tell you about the pepper… we went to a Ghanaian family and did service for them and then we ate fufu and peanut stew.  I still love it.  Please tell the Pattersons. Haha Then, as we were leaving I asked if they had any pepe (pepper) and they said they had the hottest pepper in the world! It’s called the ghost pepe so they gave it to me to take home. I was going to give it to elder Wilson because I knew he would accept the challenge and then I thought that it isn’t fair to make someone do something I wouldn’t do so I ate it. Man it was spicy! As soon as I ate it my nose started dripping and my eyes were just tearing up immediately...  I felt all the blood go to my face. My face was like swelling up I could fell my heart beat in my face and neck. They kept asking if I was going to pass out. It was so hot! But I am a man, and waited probably 2 minutes and then had something to drink.  It was bad.  Hottest thing I have ever eaten.  Tell your elders the habanero is kids' stuff. 
The ghost chili


It’s pretty depressing in our 4 man flat right now because none of us EVER get real mail so we always hear the mail man and we never hear any mail. Whenever someone gets mail we get it at district meeting so we see who has mail and I always have one because of Sister Bertha. The other elders think that she is a girlfriend but I always explain to them that I don’t have any girlfriends, let alone one that lives in Encinitas. I explain that she is a friend’s mother, but they never believe me.  Oh well.  Either way I am glad she writes me.  I know my friends are glad you write them mum. 

Have a good week and write me a real letter.

Elder Mecham- love you all

Monday, June 17, 2013

I am pretty yakked so people don’t mess with me.

What a week. This week we went to the temple with Q--- who was just baptized on Saturday and I confirmed him a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, the Lord’s true church. It was really cool.  Really it was. He is 18 and used to be Muslim but converted to Christianity about a year ago.  He later came to England and stayed with his cousin who is a member.  She introduced him to us and the rest is history. So I will attach photos with him. A--- and J--- are doing well we have T--- as well, who is J—‘s partner too. All of them have baptism dates for the 29th. J--- is A---‘s daughter.   We found them  by knocking.  A miracle really. They are excellent but they both have partners that they live with, so that’s been  the challenge. A lot of English people don’t marry and many of them have problems with the word of wisdom because it is so natural for them and many things are just part of their culture. (Think- tea time) So we taught them the word of wisdom and the law of chastity and the latter part didn’t sit well with T---.  He got somewhat angry because J--- believed it, but he is coming along. Both A--- and J--- are trying really hard to find other places to stay. They have been to church the past 2 weeks now which is huge. In other news,  elder Keller who was elder Schmoekel’s comp got E moved and we are getting a new elder in our flat. We were all so sad that elder Keller was moving because he was so kool and he loved basketball so most of our pdays were going to be spent playing basketball. But we will see how the new kid is later today and I am sure he will be a great kid. Also I would like it if you could send me the talk. But yea a 4 man flat is hectic there is really no time for yourself, not that there is on a mission anyways but now there is completely none. Elder Schmoekel and Diaz both like music so when we have downtime we create songs with my ukulele. I feel bad because I have had no time to email any of my buddies so I made sure to send them just a little something today.  Which cuts us short.

The work is going well.

To answer a few of your questions, Elder Schmoekel is one of my favorite missionaries.  He reminds me of Bret.  The cow’s foot wasn’t bad, not too much meat on it though! I do have more baptism’s coming up on the 29th so I am happy about that and our investigators are growing.  I have not ever been chased by a dog or a person.  I am pretty yakked so people don’t mess with me.

Love you all- Elder Mecham

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The reason I didn’t email yesterday was because I was above the river at the Hyde Park chapel listening to ELDER BALLARD SPEAK.

Hello family,
So to start off with, I only have 30 minutes so it could be short and no pictures today, sorry mum. But the good news,  I did get 41 other emails and haven’t read any of them, you are first! And last actually, because time is short and there is work to do. The reason I didn’t email yesterday was because I was above the river at the Hyde Park chapel listening to ELDER BALLARD SPEAK.

 It was a huge meeting and he gave a very important talk to us, only thoe missionaries close to London got to go so it was a special event for us.   Elder Ballard gave a good talk about how if the church is to grow in Europe it needs to grow in England and if it is to grow in England it needs to grow in London.  This is a fact that we as missionaries need to understand and act upon.  Our efforts have to be strong to get the church to grow.  It was an incredible experience. He also told us a lot of stories about his childhood.  His grandfather was Joseph F Smith.  It was really cool.  He has many old family journals and shared a ton of stories.  Only the missionaries closer to London were able to go. We also saw some of the London mission and it was nice too. So we got to go through some very popular rail roads and saw the London Eye the London Bridge and Big Ben.

We went through the Waterloo station and also Charring Cross. Oh and of course I picked up a tie and a wallet whilst I was above the river. It is a completely different mission/city up there. It is so much nicer like posh wise. Everyone was in suits walking around we saw Lamborghinis everywhere and Ferraris. It’s completely different. The less fancy part of London is the south and the nice part is the north, but we have the south and it’s good.  If you were to visit here though, I think the Northern part of the city would be more impressive to a tourist. It was awesome to hear Elder Ballard.  He is a powerful speaker and we learned a lot.   It was nice also to go above the Thames. Unfortunately, mum,  I have no pictures for you. Oh and guess what, I ate cow foot at an investigators house and I also ate bones of a chicken. This week was really good and we did a lot of work. Sorry I don’t have more time. You can ask questions about it next time though. Oh and  funny thing, I also met a sister who is in my zone that recognized me from efy like 6 years ago... that was so strange so we were trying to catch up with what has happened in 6 years.haha but it was good to see a sort of familiar face. This week was good.

To answer your questions, I am doing really well, I am happy and learning a lot, yes I love being back in the city. I can’t do any photos today, sorry. We have a huge teaching pool.  It is great.  Baptisms coming up for Q---- on June 15 and A----, J--- and T---- on June 29.  Teaching is going really well.  We had 24 teaches this last week.  TWENTY FOUR!!  I am re reading the New Testament. The weather is getting a little better and as far as animals go I see foxes and pigeons, but no hedgehogs. And YES I have had fufu again.  I still love it. I have some great stories about my comp and I but not enough time to tell them. Next week I will.  As far as the groceries go, they were the best!  The cake too.  Well, time is up.  Thanks for everything.

Love, Elder Mecham

Monday, June 3, 2013

Birthday boy

Early b-day before he left Christchurch
So last week was so busy with the end of school that I completely forgot to update Elder Mecham's blog.  He turned 20 last Monday!  Here is his note-

Hi family,
So this week was an interesting one. I was sad to leave Christchurch but when I found out I was going to welling I was stoked. Welling has a reputation of being a really good area for the work and a  fun area  as well. We have3 sets of companions in welling. In our flat we have Elder Keller, Elder Diaz, Elder Schmoekel and me. Then we have the zone leaders on the other side of welling. So its easy to have fun. Also its only 30 minutes away from Croydon so sometime I could run in to the Tuckers. The area is great because we can get a lot of teaches which is well new to me really. We have 16 investigators and the other day we contacted most of the day and got 4 street teaches and one door teach. So teaches are fairly easy to get here which is fantastic. There are a lot of Africans in welling. Mostly from Nigeria and Ghana but because it is London it is still very diverse.  I really enjoy that aspect.  English/white is the high minority. Hey, I can brush up on my language skills again. Because Elder Diaz speaks Spanish we have to teach a Spanish class on Monday and see all the Spanish speakers throughout the week. I admit it's awkward for me because I just sit there and smile since I don't speak Spanish but I can get little tiny words or sections out of it.  It is good and I just nod.  We ended up getting 19 teaches this week 13 are since Thursday basically since I got here because move week kinda throws everything off teaching wise so its always hard to schedule with people. I got the groceries and everyone in the flat was excited about that, thank you mum. It was a good bday present. I don't know too much about this area because I have only been here for 4 days but so far its nice. The ward seems good and the other elders are good so I am happy.
To answer your questions-
1.Elder Diaz is my new companion.  He is from venezuela. He loves music and is very outgoing and a good talker.We get along great, he is a really good elder and we work hard together.
2.I don't have photos this week. Next week I will.
3. I got mail from sister Bertha, so thank yo to her and emails from lots of folks.  Thanks Bruce.
4.Our investigators are really good. I honestly cant remember their names yet because there are lots of them and I am new.  Next week I will tell you more about them.
5. I have not had fufu yet here but yes Elder Diaz likes it, so we will soon.
6.I only cover the welling ward. It is average sized.
7.We do not work too much with the WML.  I am glad dad is investing so much time in that.  It will make a big difference.
8.For Pday hopefully we will play basketball.
9.My new flat is great, I will send photos next time.
10. Yes, good news.  Baptism set for June 15th
Love, Elder Mecham