Monday, May 20, 2013

The sisters are great. They seem to get more teaches than the elders do. Figures.

Hi everyone,

This week was a pretty good week. We taught a less active and her son who isn’t a member but wants to be baptized... they just don’t come out to church so we are working on that.  We also had 3 people on the streets that we taught a full lesson but when we get to the end none of them are interested so we were bummed about that.  We also had like 6 less actives and a couple of recent convert teaches so we are in good form. Our investigators A… and S…should be back this week so we will try to go see them.  We are just waiting on a proposal that is slow coming.  Keep praying for that one too.

We had zone conference on Tuesday which was nice, we got to listen to an area presidency speak and that was very good. We always learn a lot and it is good to see the other elders.  The APs stayed at our flat and got there pretty late, like 11 and I try to get to bed at like 9:30 so it was very late for me. . The APs are good. Elder Curran who has been my zl my entire mission is an AP now. We have extra beds here so there is room and it is good to have them.

 In  the morning I went running with elder Dressman, the other AP, he loves to run and I haven’t run in a year so that was interesting. It was about a 45 minute run and we ran to the beach. I am so out of shape. It’s funny what a year can do. But I already set a goal that once my year mark comes around that I will go running every morning so I still have a couple months left on the lazy days. That’s good news for Harry he must have done well this season and I am sure he more than deserved it.

We had stake conference yesterday and got to listen to Richard G. Scott and Henry B Eyring.  Those were good talks and I suggest you read them or listen to them. We haven’t even had a lot of teaches lately because things have been funny with the stake conference and a lot of times we schedule during church. The weather this week went back to normal and it has been cloudy and rainy most of the days. So we had a good 4 days of summer!! Welcome to England.

 I sent home a package. The sweats that are in there are for dad WHEN he can fit into them. If he can’t fit into them by the time I get home then I will claim them back. It was expensive to ship the box weighs like 2.5 kilos and cost 40 pounds to send home. I also sent a package to Tay Lythgoe but it takes forever to get to Chile so I wonder if he will even get it. As far as my birthday I don’t need anything, but thanks. There are no birthdays on missions. I seriously forgot everything that I like and that I used to do.  All of that seems kind of unimportant here so I can’t think of anything for my birthday anyhow. 

I have been reading 3rd Nephi again.  I love when Christ visits the Americas.

Sister Bertha is the best. Whenever the zone leaders hand out mail I can always count on her to make me look like I have a bunch of friends with the mail she sends! Also I got a little package from the Tuckers which had bandanas but I think I will have to leave them in England. I don’t think I should take those colors home.haha

Brother Dixon’s talk sounds like a good one and I liked the story you sent a lot.

So our mission is getting huge.  The sisters are great.  They seem to get more teaches than the elders do.  Figures.  Well thanks for everything.  Back to work.

Elder Mecham-

Love you all

PS look out for the package I sent you.  I am glad you liked my handwritten letter.  You will get another in a year.  hahahaha


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