Monday, May 13, 2013

It really was so good to Skype with the fam and good to see the cats as well.

My family,
It was good talking on Mother’s day yesterday, but because of that there isn’t much I can say in this email. I think that hoodie is great though. I will thank Robert.   It sounds like sacrament was good as well so that is always nice.  Our ward always has good speakers.   I don’t know what to type up and send because everything was discussed yesterday in our chat. It really was so good to Skype with the fam and good to see the cats as well. I will start taking more pictures so that I can start sending them. I will in a couple months probably, or less send a small package home that will have my picture cards in them so be on the lookout.... but I will probs procrastinate for a while and never send them. Just being honest with you.  Everything is going very well in Christchurch. We went on exchanges with the zone leaders who are only 10 minutes away so I stayed in Poole for Friday and Saturday. The thing I like about Poole Christchurch and Bournemouth is that they are each only 5 minutes away from each other right on the coast so it is easy to set up p-day activities and what have you. Also the area really doesn’t change from place to place. So you get them same type of people in Poole and Bournemouth. A lot of times we will also have the same struggles. Like all 3 of our areas struggle finding new investigators, but we always have a good amount of teaches with less active members and others. Usually what doesn’t work for one area won’t work for the other two areas but what does work with one area usually works with the other two. So whenever we find that something is effective we usually will call the other guys up and tell them that it worked for us and it usually works for them. I really enjoyed Jim’s talk. It was good.

Until next week,

Elder Mecham- love you all

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