Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I am an experienced painter now as well as a wood chopper...

Hi family,

We have been doing service all day by building the base to a mini house/ workshop.  It was a ton of work. Then the guy we were doing it for fed us lunch. I like doing service. He also owns a laser for engraving things, and he engraved my t-book and next week he will engrave my scriptures. I am super siked about that.  Later we had dinner with our awesome family of investigators,  M, S and C and their baby S. They are so cool and they are really coming along.  I hope he proposes and we can get them all baptized soon.  It would be so good for their family.   The week went very well and I think we are making a lot of progress with this family.  The others I told you about A and S are in Romania for 2 weeks now on holiday, but I think they will be baptized upon their return.  Continue to pray for all of them and us.
In other news, I got candy and Tom Brady from Bruce in a package so now Tom Brady just chills on my window sill ready to throw touchdown passes all day.
Tom Brady
Thanks Bruce

The candy was good as well! I have been giving some of it out to ward members and they enjoy it a lot, especially the kids. Tell Brucie thanks for me please. Then I got the big package from you mom.  Thanks!   I loved the lacrosse notes and the sweats and the Brady’s Bunch hoodie.
Representing the Bunch in England

 I also got the BYU girls soccer shirt and sent that off to the Tuckers so I need you to find out if they received it yet.   Please tell the Tuckers elder Kopischke is from my group and we are buddies. Also tell them it’s the roster that went to the final 4. I hope she likes it.  The Tuckers are great.   Make sure you thank the girls for getting it for me too, Mum.

BYU soccer for Emily Tucker
Final Four team- I am so dialed in
Also, thanks for the ties, they are ill. I especially enjoy the pink one. They are perfect. I really enjoyed all the lacrosse notes as well. They are good guys so I hope they do well in the Natty tournament.  Go BYU!!!!I will be thinking of them and I hope they win it all.  Tell Tank the sweats are dope. I am always a Bulldog too.   I hope they win it all too.  

 We went on exchanges last week and I went to Poole with a greenie and he was actually very very good at talking to people on the streets. It was a lot of fun with him.  He already knew a lot of stuff so that made for a great exchange. I really enjoyed my time with him. His name is elder Stradling. He is from Mesa, Arizona but didn’t know any of my friends.  We got a lot done, and he is already a great missionary.  It was a good day.   


I have been writing to Quincy and Mary, but I haven’t been able to really write to Harrison lately or any of my buds like Lythgoe or Brady and all the rest.  I haven’t had much time to write anyone really because we stay pretty busy in Christchurch. Tay sent me a package. He sent me a french cuff shirt with cufflinks that are playing cards to represent our Vegas roots.  They are cool. So when I wear everything I will send him a picture of it and to you as well.

Package from Elder Lythgoe in Chile
Last week we didn’t get too many teaches which is always a bummer, but we did a ton of service for people which helps us to get into the community. We spent 2 days building the base for the workshop and then we helped our investigator D... paint a bedroom. That went well. I am an experienced painter now as well as a wood chopper, and I enjoyed getting to know him better. The weather has been the best weather since I have been in England. It has been 20 and sunny all week for the most part. It reminds me a lot of California. it stays cloudy until about 11 and then it goes sunny and stays sunny the rest of the day.
Just a typical day in Christchurch

 We also get fed really well in this ward so that always makes things easier and it’s always nice to spend time with the families in the ward.  I am really grateful to them. I think you asked how many in our ward.  There are 171 at sacrament meeting with people from old to young  Elder Kretzu and I get along great, but are very different.   Time is going by really quickly in Christchurch. Like it is already May,  and almost Bret’s birthday  Happy birthday bro.

Talk to you Sunday,

Elder Mecham

So for skyping I will try to get to the family's house at 2 my time.  We get out of church about 1 and then I will head straight over with Elder Kretzu.  I can’t wait to talk to you guys.   

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