Thursday, May 30, 2013


It is Thursday and all I got this week from Elder Mecham was this,

I am moving to Welling which is in the London area.  My flat is in Woolwich.  Mum, I know you will be worried, but it is probably the safest place on earth right now. 
More later,
Elder Mecham

I sure do hope I hear from him before Monday with an address, because on Monday he turns 20 and I want to, in the words of Pedro from Napolean Dynamite, "Build him a cake or something."
Love that boy!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

A parcel in the post

In today's mail
If you know Elder Mecham you know getting family footwear is no surprise!

Sweats for big daddy.
A little music for the family, since he knows we are missing his 'system as he rolls up the driveway.
A package from Joey would not be complete without an animal calendar.  Notice the hedgehog is the cover model.

Last but certainly not least, my Missionary bear.  Fuzzy Wuzzy.
 The missionary bear is a tradition in our stake, or at least it is among our dear friends.  Many of the boys and girls make these bears with the help of the sisters in their ward to give to their mums as they are about to head out into the field.   Joey has never been one to follow the crowd, so try as she might, Dee could never convince Joey that I 'just had to have one' before he left. She went so far as to buy the bear a little missionary suit and tag! I never let him know that I was a little disappointed but I think he must have sensed it.  You can imagine my great joy today when I opened the box to find this little guy who has a sound bite that says, "I love you," when you squeeze his paw.

The other items in the box  speak to Elder Mecham's personality perfectly.  The footwear pays tribute to his love of shoes.  The sweat suit is for his dad.  It is a team GB suit from the 2012 Summer Olympics. The suit is a fitting addition to the package as Joey is passionate about sports.  The CD is music from an African Christian artist.  The music on the CD is fantastic with inspired messages like, "I am blessed, blessed, blessed by the best, because Christ has ransomed me."  The calendar needs no explanation.  I am sure it is Elder Mecham's favorite addition to the package.   Those of you who know Elder Mecham know animal videos are his favorite form of weekend entertainment.  I am sure he threw this in so we can get to know his new animal friends in the UK.

I can't wait to write him and tell him how much I love this little guy.

Monday, May 20, 2013

The sisters are great. They seem to get more teaches than the elders do. Figures.

Hi everyone,

This week was a pretty good week. We taught a less active and her son who isn’t a member but wants to be baptized... they just don’t come out to church so we are working on that.  We also had 3 people on the streets that we taught a full lesson but when we get to the end none of them are interested so we were bummed about that.  We also had like 6 less actives and a couple of recent convert teaches so we are in good form. Our investigators A… and S…should be back this week so we will try to go see them.  We are just waiting on a proposal that is slow coming.  Keep praying for that one too.

We had zone conference on Tuesday which was nice, we got to listen to an area presidency speak and that was very good. We always learn a lot and it is good to see the other elders.  The APs stayed at our flat and got there pretty late, like 11 and I try to get to bed at like 9:30 so it was very late for me. . The APs are good. Elder Curran who has been my zl my entire mission is an AP now. We have extra beds here so there is room and it is good to have them.

 In  the morning I went running with elder Dressman, the other AP, he loves to run and I haven’t run in a year so that was interesting. It was about a 45 minute run and we ran to the beach. I am so out of shape. It’s funny what a year can do. But I already set a goal that once my year mark comes around that I will go running every morning so I still have a couple months left on the lazy days. That’s good news for Harry he must have done well this season and I am sure he more than deserved it.

We had stake conference yesterday and got to listen to Richard G. Scott and Henry B Eyring.  Those were good talks and I suggest you read them or listen to them. We haven’t even had a lot of teaches lately because things have been funny with the stake conference and a lot of times we schedule during church. The weather this week went back to normal and it has been cloudy and rainy most of the days. So we had a good 4 days of summer!! Welcome to England.

 I sent home a package. The sweats that are in there are for dad WHEN he can fit into them. If he can’t fit into them by the time I get home then I will claim them back. It was expensive to ship the box weighs like 2.5 kilos and cost 40 pounds to send home. I also sent a package to Tay Lythgoe but it takes forever to get to Chile so I wonder if he will even get it. As far as my birthday I don’t need anything, but thanks. There are no birthdays on missions. I seriously forgot everything that I like and that I used to do.  All of that seems kind of unimportant here so I can’t think of anything for my birthday anyhow. 

I have been reading 3rd Nephi again.  I love when Christ visits the Americas.

Sister Bertha is the best. Whenever the zone leaders hand out mail I can always count on her to make me look like I have a bunch of friends with the mail she sends! Also I got a little package from the Tuckers which had bandanas but I think I will have to leave them in England. I don’t think I should take those colors home.haha

Brother Dixon’s talk sounds like a good one and I liked the story you sent a lot.

So our mission is getting huge.  The sisters are great.  They seem to get more teaches than the elders do.  Figures.  Well thanks for everything.  Back to work.

Elder Mecham-

Love you all

PS look out for the package I sent you.  I am glad you liked my handwritten letter.  You will get another in a year.  hahahaha


Monday, May 13, 2013

It really was so good to Skype with the fam and good to see the cats as well.

My family,
It was good talking on Mother’s day yesterday, but because of that there isn’t much I can say in this email. I think that hoodie is great though. I will thank Robert.   It sounds like sacrament was good as well so that is always nice.  Our ward always has good speakers.   I don’t know what to type up and send because everything was discussed yesterday in our chat. It really was so good to Skype with the fam and good to see the cats as well. I will start taking more pictures so that I can start sending them. I will in a couple months probably, or less send a small package home that will have my picture cards in them so be on the lookout.... but I will probs procrastinate for a while and never send them. Just being honest with you.  Everything is going very well in Christchurch. We went on exchanges with the zone leaders who are only 10 minutes away so I stayed in Poole for Friday and Saturday. The thing I like about Poole Christchurch and Bournemouth is that they are each only 5 minutes away from each other right on the coast so it is easy to set up p-day activities and what have you. Also the area really doesn’t change from place to place. So you get them same type of people in Poole and Bournemouth. A lot of times we will also have the same struggles. Like all 3 of our areas struggle finding new investigators, but we always have a good amount of teaches with less active members and others. Usually what doesn’t work for one area won’t work for the other two areas but what does work with one area usually works with the other two. So whenever we find that something is effective we usually will call the other guys up and tell them that it worked for us and it usually works for them. I really enjoyed Jim’s talk. It was good.

Until next week,

Elder Mecham- love you all

A mum's thoughts on Mother's day.

Happy Mother's Day
Yesterday was Mother's day US (I have to indicate that here because Mothering day in the UK is in March.)  The Mother's day Skype session was much anticipated and as I prepared my list of questions I thought about how proud I am of my son and how honored I am to be his mother.  Many of you who read this blog know Joey well and know that he is a young man who holds his card close to his chest, so you will understand that his words today were carefully chosen and sincere. 
We all talked as a family on Skype and at the end of our time we passed around the tablet and each spoke to him individually.  I loved it.  I am attaching a few of the photos for you so you can see him. He is very happy and working hard. 
He talked to me about how his testimony has grown. He went on to say that he now knows beyond any doubt that the church is true and missionary work is the Lord's work. He played a ukulele for us which was a huge treat that we all enjoyed.
Later when we were alone talking he talked about how lucky he is to have been blessed with an obedient heart.  I laughed a little thinking about how he was a rather willful child and sometimes could be a disagreeable teenager, but true to his statement, Joey was always obedient.  He may have complained while doing what he was told to do, but he always did it.  He said that by holding on tight to the gift that he was given (an obedient heart) he has been given the greater gift of now having a believing heart.  He said he does not feel that he was blessed or given the gift of a believing heart because he first had to prove to Heavenly Father that he would stay true to the gift of obedience that he was given.   Some people, he said, are able to hear the truth and it just resonates with them but it has never been that way for him, and in fact he spent much of his time questioning what he was told before he served his mission.  Again true to his obedient nature he kept the commandments, often wondering why he did.  He said even going out to serve was another aspect of  being obedient, hopeful that it was the right choice, but never entirely certain. Praying that he would believe 'more and better'.  Today he said, "I can't tell you exactly when or how it happened, but I know with a certainty  that this is the truth."  He said he is grateful that because he honored the  gift of an obedient heart he was able to get to the point where he was given the gift of having a believing heart. He feels like his test thus far was to be obedient and that had he decided to be disobedient he may never have had the opportunity to become a person with a believing heart.  He said it was as if Heavenly Father was saying, "OK...wait for it, wait for it..... BAM, now you have it and it can never be taken from you because you earned it though your obedience." 
Those words were truly  the best mother's day gift a gal could ever get.
In Sunday School today our lesson was on Seeking the Best Gifts.  This was in today's lesson. 
President George Q. Cannon taught: “If any of us are imperfect, it is our duty to pray for the gift that will make us perfect. Have I imperfections? I am full of them. What is my duty? To pray to God to give me the gifts that will correct these imperfections. If I am an angry man, it is my duty to pray for charity, which suffereth long and is kind. Am I an envious man? It is my duty to seek for charity, which envieth not. So with all the gifts of the Gospel. They are intended for this purpose. No man ought to say, ‘Oh, I cannot help this; it is my nature.’ He is not justified in it, for the reason that God has promised to give strength to correct these things, and to give gifts that will eradicate them” (Millennial Star, 23 Apr. 1894, 260).
I am certain that Heavenly Father has many gifts for each of us and that as we magnify the gifts that He has given us He will bless us with more gifts.  I am so grateful to  have a loving Father in heaven who has blessed us with His Son that we may all return to live with him again.
 As the mom of a missionary I can tell you today was the best day of 2013 so far!
All the Best,

Happy to see his face!

My boy!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I am an experienced painter now as well as a wood chopper...

Hi family,

We have been doing service all day by building the base to a mini house/ workshop.  It was a ton of work. Then the guy we were doing it for fed us lunch. I like doing service. He also owns a laser for engraving things, and he engraved my t-book and next week he will engrave my scriptures. I am super siked about that.  Later we had dinner with our awesome family of investigators,  M, S and C and their baby S. They are so cool and they are really coming along.  I hope he proposes and we can get them all baptized soon.  It would be so good for their family.   The week went very well and I think we are making a lot of progress with this family.  The others I told you about A and S are in Romania for 2 weeks now on holiday, but I think they will be baptized upon their return.  Continue to pray for all of them and us.
In other news, I got candy and Tom Brady from Bruce in a package so now Tom Brady just chills on my window sill ready to throw touchdown passes all day.
Tom Brady
Thanks Bruce

The candy was good as well! I have been giving some of it out to ward members and they enjoy it a lot, especially the kids. Tell Brucie thanks for me please. Then I got the big package from you mom.  Thanks!   I loved the lacrosse notes and the sweats and the Brady’s Bunch hoodie.
Representing the Bunch in England

 I also got the BYU girls soccer shirt and sent that off to the Tuckers so I need you to find out if they received it yet.   Please tell the Tuckers elder Kopischke is from my group and we are buddies. Also tell them it’s the roster that went to the final 4. I hope she likes it.  The Tuckers are great.   Make sure you thank the girls for getting it for me too, Mum.

BYU soccer for Emily Tucker
Final Four team- I am so dialed in
Also, thanks for the ties, they are ill. I especially enjoy the pink one. They are perfect. I really enjoyed all the lacrosse notes as well. They are good guys so I hope they do well in the Natty tournament.  Go BYU!!!!I will be thinking of them and I hope they win it all.  Tell Tank the sweats are dope. I am always a Bulldog too.   I hope they win it all too.  

 We went on exchanges last week and I went to Poole with a greenie and he was actually very very good at talking to people on the streets. It was a lot of fun with him.  He already knew a lot of stuff so that made for a great exchange. I really enjoyed my time with him. His name is elder Stradling. He is from Mesa, Arizona but didn’t know any of my friends.  We got a lot done, and he is already a great missionary.  It was a good day.   


I have been writing to Quincy and Mary, but I haven’t been able to really write to Harrison lately or any of my buds like Lythgoe or Brady and all the rest.  I haven’t had much time to write anyone really because we stay pretty busy in Christchurch. Tay sent me a package. He sent me a french cuff shirt with cufflinks that are playing cards to represent our Vegas roots.  They are cool. So when I wear everything I will send him a picture of it and to you as well.

Package from Elder Lythgoe in Chile
Last week we didn’t get too many teaches which is always a bummer, but we did a ton of service for people which helps us to get into the community. We spent 2 days building the base for the workshop and then we helped our investigator D... paint a bedroom. That went well. I am an experienced painter now as well as a wood chopper, and I enjoyed getting to know him better. The weather has been the best weather since I have been in England. It has been 20 and sunny all week for the most part. It reminds me a lot of California. it stays cloudy until about 11 and then it goes sunny and stays sunny the rest of the day.
Just a typical day in Christchurch

 We also get fed really well in this ward so that always makes things easier and it’s always nice to spend time with the families in the ward.  I am really grateful to them. I think you asked how many in our ward.  There are 171 at sacrament meeting with people from old to young  Elder Kretzu and I get along great, but are very different.   Time is going by really quickly in Christchurch. Like it is already May,  and almost Bret’s birthday  Happy birthday bro.

Talk to you Sunday,

Elder Mecham

So for skyping I will try to get to the family's house at 2 my time.  We get out of church about 1 and then I will head straight over with Elder Kretzu.  I can’t wait to talk to you guys.