Monday, April 22, 2013

I also learned how to play the djidjededo

So my new address is 16 The stables, Dragoon way, Christchurch, Dorset, BH23 2TY

My new comp is cool and get this,  he can see the Eiffel tower from his home. He has a dad and mom and he doesn’t like sports, but he is cool even though he doesn’t like sports. His first name is Andre.

The ward seems very good and active. The work though is very slow here. I haven’t met many investigators yet really and only spoke to one at church for a little.

The area seems good, we are right on the coast so that’s nice. I haven’t met many investigators but I met most of the less active members that we are working with they are all cool but we have a lot to do. The flat is decent the floor creeks whenever you walk around so that stinks and it is well annoying. My bed in the flat is really comfortable so that’s a plus to our flat. My companion has a bad back and bad knees so we can’t really play any sports on Pdays and he hates walking so we always ride bikes.  We do have buses that we can take. I will send some pictures in this email. My comp is a good cook so sometimes he cooks. A lot of times we have members that tell us to come over whenever we are hungry so I have been fed well since I have arrived. We have also received some excellent weather and it has been sunshine and probably 60's outside so that’s not terribly bad at all. It sounds like lacrosse is going decent, nothing like the glory days but it sounds alright. I hope I stay in Christchurch for a while now and we can get some things going here. Moving after only 2 transfers is hard, I just want to stay in an area for a while so we can make something happen. I have been reading books and playing the ukulele whenever there is free time which isn’t too often. One  of the less active members have tons of instruments including the guitar, the drums, the ukulele, the piano and so they always hand me the ukulele and we just play for a bit as we visit. I also learned how to play the didgeridoo. It’s the Australian sound that the aboriginals used to go into a trance... it’s a lot of fun. 

I hope to have more to report next week.

Joey with the ZL

Passed on the Flag tie to his friend from Spain
Elder Mecham

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