Monday, April 29, 2013

As soon as I said that the wife Says, “I believe you. I believe it already.”

 Hello Family,

So this week was good, great really. We didn’t get a ton of teaches or anything really with investigators but we got a ton of less active and recent convert teaches. When I got here in this area they didn’t have anything going.  We are trying to get more teaches with investigators and now we have about ten less active teaches a week.  We had a referral from London for a Romanian wife and husband. We stopped by for like a week every day to see if they were in and they were never in.  We figured we would just keep trying, so Saturday at like 9.30 in the morning I was reading and just stood up and went and grabbed the hair clippers and just started to cut my hair and as soon as I took the clippers to my head we got a call from this Romanian family asking if we could come over after church. ( By the way I cut my hair and it is the shortest that it has been for probably 5 years.) So we went and met this family the wife’s name is A…. and the husband is S…. They are so cool and very interested. Please pray for them so they will open to hear more.  The husband is pretty quiet and won’t say anything unless ask him a question, but the wife just says whatever, whenever. As soon as we sat down she asked where our church was and that she would like to go. Then we taught them about the book of Mormon and I explained the first vision.  It was great and I knew they felt the spirit.  Normally after I explain the vision the person almost always says something like, “So you are telling me that this kid saw God the Father?” I am so used to it now that after I explain the vision I always follow up by saying something like,  “Look I know it is different than what you have been taught and that most people don’t believe God still reveals Himself in modern days, but I know this is true.” As soon as I said that the wife Says,  “I believe you.  I believe it already.”  The husband just says “If it means this much to someone like you then it means this much to us.” The lesson went on and the wife kept asking questions that would lead directly into the next part of the lesson so they said they would read and pray and I am sure they will. The only problem is that they are going on holiday for 2 weeks to Romania. So please keep praying for them.  Then the next family we are working with is a less active man, his girlfriend and kid. They came to church yesterday and the wife S…. and girl, C…. really want to be baptised but they have to get married first, so we are just waiting for M…, the man, to propose to S…. so those are the main people that we are working with that are close to baptism. this week got cold towards the end of the week. On Friday we went to a family for lunch and then went to a less active family and as soon as we got there they just said, “Oh good your coming with us to Nandos.” Nandos is a really nice restaurant, one that I want to open in Las Vegas. We got home right in time for a dinner appointment with members. I was so full I though I was going to die our whole day was spent eating. My new companion is a good guy.  He is 22 and has been out 6 months.  I like him a lot.  He is often sick or hurt so it is hard on Pdays because we can’t do much, but I just stick with him.  He has a hard time with his back and knees.  We get along well though.  I also got the tie you sent me.  It is sick.  I love it.  Sorry I haven’t been taking a ton of photos lately.  I will get back at it.  I wrote to a few of my friends today including Quincy and Mary. I will set up times for mother’s day when it gets closer.   We have had no success at all when we knock doors.  It is frustrating to have it slammed every time.  Even when we street contact we have had nothing. The people won’t even take cards or anything.  It is tough but we just keep going at it. The only investigators that we have been able to keep are the ones that the members find. So this week was alright, pretty good week here in England not much more to report so I will just send along some pictures. 


Love you all,

Elder Mecham

Elder Kretzu and Elder Mecham

Beautiful England



Short hair-don't care!

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