Tuesday, April 2, 2013

"and my tie and shirt are permanently stained with the stench.

Happy Easter,
So this week was really very good. I now, when I wake up say, “16 more days, or 15 more days,” for how many days Elder Armijo has left. So I am doing all the counting for him.  Aren’t I such a good companion? So this week we went to visit a lady out in the middle of the smallest town ever! Literally nothing is out there. It just seems like such a hard place to live. A member of the ward found her on the missionary day so we went back with him to teach her the first lesson. She loved it. It was a great lesson and she is happy to have us visit her. Funny story-On our way there we had to walk basically on a freeway that has no sidewalks to get to the train station.  The station is about 1 1/2 hours walk away. Towards the end we found a public footpath through some farmer’s field so we took that for the last 15 minutes of our walk. Then coming back we decided to take that same way through the field again but noticed that it smelled horrible. Just as soon as we smelled the field we see a tractor in the distance laying down what appeared to be mud..... Well it wasn’t mud, it was~manure! We just decided to run through it because it smelled so awful and we were about a third of the way through the field already. When we got past the field we still smelled manure. We look and our shoes are just covered in the crap and my tie and shirt are permanently stained with the stench. So gross.  We ended up finding a shortcut/ the footpath for the whole way to the train station so we don’t have to walk on the freeway~anymore. We went to Salisbury for pday which was fun I bought a new jacket that was 80% off in getting ready for spring but I am still freezing so it was a good buy.   It is such a sick find it is this huge wool coat that I can wear over my suit for the rest of this winter and next. I also started to buy a lot of socks that are really colorful or bright. That’s our new thing to do in our zone so all the elders show up to district meeting and zone training in dope socks. Everyone gets a kick out of it. I got a pair of slot machine socks that have the 7's and cherries and bar and all that on them. They are sick. That family of baptisms is actually a gypsy Irish family. But I have never met them yet.  They have been taught when we are on splits so I missed out but I will get to know them soon.  Mum, I feel like I finally understand the whole faith and works/ grace and saved thing. In part because of a really good talk given by Brad Wilcox entitled 'His grace is sufficient' Please read it.  Have everyone read it.  I came up with an analogy that I think applies well to grace. 'We do not earn the sun but the activities that we partake in while there is sunlight prove how thankful we are for the sun'. The atonement being the sun, if you will.  I am grateful for that.  This is from the talk:

The Book of Mormon teaches us to rely solely on “the merits, and mercy, and grace of the Holy Messiah” (2~Nephi 2:8). As we do, we do not discover—as some Christians believe—that Christ requires nothing of us. Rather, we discover the reason He requires so much and the strength to do all He asks (see Philippians 4:13). Grace is not the absence of God’s high expectations. Grace is the presence of God’s power (see Luke 1:37).

Also I have created my mormon.org profile so here it is~ILOVE CATS!~

Love you all and this work,

Elder Mecham

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