Monday, March 18, 2013

#shoutouttothecatholicsforelectingthenewpope... #witnessinghistory

1. How is everything going with your less actives?

2. What adventures did yo have this week?

3. How was church Sunday?

4. Any new leads this week?

5. How are your DAs? Any fun things to share?

6. Did you dear 'sister' Quincy or Mary?

7. Are you feeling okay? How is the sleep going?

8. What is with the trick about Guernsey?


1. Really well.  We are busy visiting them. the letter

3.It was fine.  Some of our people showed up.

4.Not so much

5.Good we have lots of appointments

6.Not yet

7.I am better and my sleep is the usual

8. HAHAHA  I am funny


Hey so say Happy birthday to the man, the myth, the legend, Tank Thomas for me.

So I realized about a day after I pranked you hardddddd that it delayed my package being sent to me. So I guess I pranked myself.  Please send it to Yeovil. I have been waiting for this package for like 3 months now. I can’t see any youtube videos because they don’t work on the church computer. You mentioned Hayden but I didn’t know what you were referring to. I assume it was a video, but I can’t see it.  I knew you loved Guernsey so that’s why I pulled off the prank it was too easy.  Who knows, maybe I will end up there some time.  This week was actually pretty good though. We have a lot of people who are potential investigators.  We have been going back to them to try to talk to them, but some don’t answer the door. It’s frustrating, but we make the best of it. We had transfers this week and its official that I am staying in Yeovil with elder Armijo. Armijo trained a kid from my group, elder Holmes, who is now in the district. Also one of my good friends that I have made on the mission has just become my zone leader in Poole.  His name is elder Paulo. So me and elder Armijo have started a new thing where for lunch we go to cafe Nero and we just sit down and enjoy the best hot chocolate ever while we do our weekly plans there as well. It just one of the small moments to enjoy on the mission. Yeovil isn’t the most diverse place in England. In fact it is 99% English people. So I haven’t been able to meet any people from different parts of the world here like in Croydon. Also, all the languages I learned have gone out the window now. This week was well cold. It started snowing a little this week but it didn’t stick or anything. It also rained really heavy for a couple days so that wasn’t the best. It’s funny that England is in a drought and it rains most every day. At church a kid who got of his mission from Milan Italy gave a talk and he knows Blake Dowling and Will Locklear. I got the impression that this kid was an AP. So we talked about his mission in Italy for just a little bit.   It is amazing how many people are going all over the world now.

That is great for Bret.  He is the chessman.

Got to go. I don’t have much to write about this week, Elder Armijo and I had some good studies.  I am learning a lot.  All is well, mum.

#shoutouttothecatholicsforelectingthenewpope... #witnessinghistory

Salt Lake City —

The First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints issued the following statement Wednesday:

On behalf of the leadership and members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we extend our warmest wishes to His Holiness Pope Francis and pray he will feel the peace of the Lord as he serves as pontiff of the Catholic Church.

We have been honored and pleased as our two faiths have worked together on issues of faith, morality and service to the poor and needy. We value the relationships that have been formed in these joint efforts and are grateful for the good that has been accomplished.

We look forward to pursuing together, as the Apostle Paul wrote, all things that are true, honest, just, pure, lovely and of good report (see Philippians 4:8).

Elder Mecham~ love you all

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  1. Elder Armijo is a great kid, he was a greenie in London (Brixton if I remember correctly) when I was a dinosaur in Peckham. Yeovil's a great place too, Elder Smyth had a lot of success when I was in Salisbury, as did Elders Kuhse and Harding. Yeaovil is mostly English, but there's also a huge Polish population there. The way to say "hello, how are you" is "cześć, jak się masz?" (pronounced chesht, yak seen mahsh, almost don't pronounce the "n")
    Also, be careful about making too much noise in the flat, the crazy Polish guy in the flat below get upset if you play cricket with a small ball and a frying pan for too long :D