Monday, March 11, 2013

I learned a valuable skill- how to chop wood.

Hi everyone,

Ok so this week was pretty good except it will be a short email most likely. Very busy day.  Today has been the coldest day of my mission so far. With the wind chill it has been -9 degrees. So cold in other words. We had exchanges this week and I learned a valuable skill- how to chop wood. We did the work for a less active member and it was fun but now I have little blisters on my hands and my hands are a little sore. The ward in Yeovil is really starting to love us. We went from having 1-2 d.a. a week to 5 this week so hopefully the luck rolls on and we keep getting fed. Sister H---- and her family are very good to us. They are recent converts.  We still are working mostly with part member families and members that are less actives.  There is not a lot of contacting because the area is so large geographically and we have tracted out the areas we can walk to. Taking busses takes forever.  Some of our area is so far away it is a few hours on a bus. Remember on Sponge Bob when he goes to Rock Bottom and then he misses the bus back? That is what it’s like here.  If we go out to the edge of our zone we might be stuck there . haha One of the sisters in our district is going to Idaho but she was temporarily in this mission while she waited.  She just got her visa yesterday. We went to Bournemouth on Wednesday to have our district meeting now that we don’t have cars it takes all day literally. Sadly it feels like it is a complete waste to go there. We had to wake up at 6 and leave at 6.30.  We got there at 11 had the district meeting and had lunch and then when we got back we had a d.a. at 6.30 and then had our meeting with the ward mission leader. Our whole day was spent travelling and eating basically. Our ward mission leader is a really cool guy and he is really easy to work with. Elder Armijo and I went out to buy Nando peri peri sauce. It is by far the best sauce ever and then we bought rolls and made chicken sandwiches. They were some of the best sandwiches I have ever had. I will try to find some photos that I can send you. I have been really slacking lately with taking pictures but that is all i will write for today. I might get to email you on Wednesday we will see. This week is the transfers but I will be staying and same with elder Armijo.  Next move is only a 4 week move.

ciao ciao

Elder Mecham- love you all
We had a broken computer so this is the remedy.

Tank Museum

Tank Museum

The day we lost our car

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