Monday, March 4, 2013

I am living off the ramen you sent at Christmas.

Hi everyone,

It sounds like the weekend was great and I am glad you got to help Brady.  The story was great. The hoodie is proper. I am well excited for it. Have they ever actually tried to contact Tom Brady? If not then I will when I get home.  I’m excited for the package. Nothing ever comes this way. In Croydon it was easy getting mail and staying connected with everyone and everything like news or ward members and stuff but out in Yeovil I don’t have a clue of what’s happening. It’s a little ‘boring’ sometimes lately because we have not got many people to work with. I don’t know if I have entered into a routine of  being a missionary and feeling like I’m going through the motions sometimes or if it is actually really boring just seeing some of the same people and walking for ages and not seeing a single person out on the streets. I am basically living from teach to teach.  I love when we have work and do work. It has been a pretty ordinary weekend except our car is officially gone now. Elder Armijo said that losing the car was the saddest day of his entire mission. We have to walk everywhere and Yeovil isn’t the busiest place in England. We are basically stuck in Yeovil itself because everything is too far away in walking distance and buses only come every 2 hours. All of Yeovil has been knocked and contacted. So whenever we knock on someone’s door we sometimes will get someone telling us that last time they told us to never knock here again. So that is our main challenge. But at least our teaching pool is decently sized so we can stay busy. We are working with part member families. So we have 4 of those. Working with a couple less actives and recent converts and then mostly people your age.  They are very uncommitted kind of they go through their ups and downs. It is hard work.

The grocery list looks great THX.!! I am living off the ramen you sent at Christmas.  We have no DAs here.  We missed our one opportunity to have Chipotle. Chipotle is above the Thames and a sister in our district had to get her visa and passport to go to America to serve her real mission. So she took our car up to the temple and the office elders and the sisters went up north where they ate Chipotle. I remember when I was first out I wanted to be an office elder. I changed my mind. They don’t get to do a lot of the missionary type work and have to be on the computers a lot of the day. They do get to do origami and take mini mission vacations all the time. But anyhow, they were supposed to bring us some but they wouldn’t drive into Yeovil to drop it off for us It is  only 30 minutes away when coming from the temple. So we ended up not getting any Chipotle. That was a bummer. I bought some things to send home I just need to make time to get it to the post office to send home. I will probably do that after my stuff arrives. I need some additional ideas on what to send. Shipping I guess is very expensive so we will see how this works out. By the way you keep spelling Croydon wrong. Its Croydon with an o instead of an e.

 It’s hard for me to write emails because I can’t remember everything that happened during the week. Sorry I am not much of a story teller. Not any photos today either, sorry.

That’s all for now.  Sorry it’s not much.  I have to go.

- love you all

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