Monday, March 25, 2013

If you want me to write more you need to ask me more in depth questions though. Dad is cool he asks in depth questions so I answer him with in depth answers.

Hey Thanks to Tank , Lori, Maddyn, Bishop Anderson, Sam  Justin and Vinny.  It was good to hear from you.  I appreciate you taking a minute to write me. It sounds likee ven though there weren’t any W’s you had a good trip to Seattle.

This  week was a good one again. On Saturday our stake had ward missionary day where all the youth came to Yeovil and went out and did missionary things like street greet, knocking and teaching lessons and it was a lot of fun and really good for the youth. I have found one thing I like the most about my mission is teaching in a very simplified form. It is always good for my brain to have a constant simple refresher whenever we teach someone. The gospel is simple and true. The world would like us to think everything is complicated.  We got to see the zone leaders and the elders from Salisbury came over Friday and slept over so that was a lot of fun too.   The sisters from Weymouth came over.  One of the youth was there and I started talking to him.  He  asked where I was from and I said Vegas and he started freaking out but then got a little depressed and said, “ I have wanted to always meet an elder from Boston,”  and I was like wait a minute my mom is from Boston I used to go there a lot.   He got really excited again and we started talking about the Patriots so he was just filling me in on everything that has been going on with the team in free agency ha! It was a funny coincidence. we all got new ‘companions’  for the day that were from the youth groups that were there.  I ended up getting a 16 year old from our ward and then a 19 year old that has been less active for 5 years. We went out and taught the 16 year olds Nan but he was really sick the whole day so we dropped him back off at the chapel after a while and then me and the 19 year old went out. We had a really good talk about church and everything as we worked.  It was fantastic.  I think it must have made an impression because he showed up for church the next day!  Later, he had to leave so we went back to the chapel and I took a 12 year old kid out knocking who was super excited to go knocking. His name is Willard and he is really cool. He was super enthusiastic about it and he did well.  He brought his enthusiasm with him so everyone welcomed us.   Saturday was fun. Like I said, the 19 year old ended up coming to church which was his first time in a while so that is always good. On Wednesday we had district meeting in Bournemouth and elder Armijo made enchiladas for our district and they were delicious and really easy to make so now I can make them too.  He goes home in just a few weeks.  He is a great companion and we get along really well.  The other district wanted these enchiladas so bad but we didn’t make enough so it was too bad for them while they watched us eat the enchiladas. They were good. I also have been really liking knitted ties. Everyone seems to like them. My emails are never as long as Brady’s are so I will have to email him for some tips. He types just about as fast as he talks. If you want me to write more you need to ask me more in depth questions though.  Dad is cool he asks in depth questions so I answer him with in depth answers.

WE will do a bunch of service tomorrow that I am looking forward to.  I like doing work.  I am glad to hear about Austin Evans and also to hear Robert is in the MTC.  They will both do well.  Austin’s weather will be good and it is probably a really great place.  All the Africans I have met here in London are nice people.
I like the reference you sent me from Alma 17.  I do think it will be like that with my friends when we return.  (I sent him Alma 17:1-4)  I also will be happy to have that reunion with my cats.

There are other Mechams in my mission now so my mail has been going to them.  It is taking a long time to get to me.  If people can just write direct to my flat it would be good. I got a letter from Bruce and Sister Bertha that was sent to the senior couple Mechams.   There is an Elder here that knows Iron Rod and Tuesday.  I will send his photo.  He is a good guy.

The weather has been really bad lately.  Super cold and raining all the time.  I don’t know if I will ever get completely used to it. I will write to Grampie.  I am glad he is doing well. 

I have not met any of the newbies yet.  That is the downside to the West.  We are pretty spread out so we don’t get to see others as much.  I imagine I will meet some soon.  The mission is being flooded with new elders and sisters.  It will be good. I think it is likely I will stay in Yeovil next move, but you never know.  I did like being closer to London.

Mum can you please forward me everyone’s letters to their families.  I like reading them.  Quincy’s letter was wicked funny and ya, I am gonna write to her and Mary. 

I have to go.  Thanks for everything,

Elder Mecham- love you all
The enchiladas


Monday, March 18, 2013

#shoutouttothecatholicsforelectingthenewpope... #witnessinghistory

1. How is everything going with your less actives?

2. What adventures did yo have this week?

3. How was church Sunday?

4. Any new leads this week?

5. How are your DAs? Any fun things to share?

6. Did you dear 'sister' Quincy or Mary?

7. Are you feeling okay? How is the sleep going?

8. What is with the trick about Guernsey?


1. Really well.  We are busy visiting them. the letter

3.It was fine.  Some of our people showed up.

4.Not so much

5.Good we have lots of appointments

6.Not yet

7.I am better and my sleep is the usual

8. HAHAHA  I am funny


Hey so say Happy birthday to the man, the myth, the legend, Tank Thomas for me.

So I realized about a day after I pranked you hardddddd that it delayed my package being sent to me. So I guess I pranked myself.  Please send it to Yeovil. I have been waiting for this package for like 3 months now. I can’t see any youtube videos because they don’t work on the church computer. You mentioned Hayden but I didn’t know what you were referring to. I assume it was a video, but I can’t see it.  I knew you loved Guernsey so that’s why I pulled off the prank it was too easy.  Who knows, maybe I will end up there some time.  This week was actually pretty good though. We have a lot of people who are potential investigators.  We have been going back to them to try to talk to them, but some don’t answer the door. It’s frustrating, but we make the best of it. We had transfers this week and its official that I am staying in Yeovil with elder Armijo. Armijo trained a kid from my group, elder Holmes, who is now in the district. Also one of my good friends that I have made on the mission has just become my zone leader in Poole.  His name is elder Paulo. So me and elder Armijo have started a new thing where for lunch we go to cafe Nero and we just sit down and enjoy the best hot chocolate ever while we do our weekly plans there as well. It just one of the small moments to enjoy on the mission. Yeovil isn’t the most diverse place in England. In fact it is 99% English people. So I haven’t been able to meet any people from different parts of the world here like in Croydon. Also, all the languages I learned have gone out the window now. This week was well cold. It started snowing a little this week but it didn’t stick or anything. It also rained really heavy for a couple days so that wasn’t the best. It’s funny that England is in a drought and it rains most every day. At church a kid who got of his mission from Milan Italy gave a talk and he knows Blake Dowling and Will Locklear. I got the impression that this kid was an AP. So we talked about his mission in Italy for just a little bit.   It is amazing how many people are going all over the world now.

That is great for Bret.  He is the chessman.

Got to go. I don’t have much to write about this week, Elder Armijo and I had some good studies.  I am learning a lot.  All is well, mum.

#shoutouttothecatholicsforelectingthenewpope... #witnessinghistory

Salt Lake City —

The First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints issued the following statement Wednesday:

On behalf of the leadership and members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we extend our warmest wishes to His Holiness Pope Francis and pray he will feel the peace of the Lord as he serves as pontiff of the Catholic Church.

We have been honored and pleased as our two faiths have worked together on issues of faith, morality and service to the poor and needy. We value the relationships that have been formed in these joint efforts and are grateful for the good that has been accomplished.

We look forward to pursuing together, as the Apostle Paul wrote, all things that are true, honest, just, pure, lovely and of good report (see Philippians 4:8).

Elder Mecham~ love you all

Monday, March 11, 2013

I learned a valuable skill- how to chop wood.

Hi everyone,

Ok so this week was pretty good except it will be a short email most likely. Very busy day.  Today has been the coldest day of my mission so far. With the wind chill it has been -9 degrees. So cold in other words. We had exchanges this week and I learned a valuable skill- how to chop wood. We did the work for a less active member and it was fun but now I have little blisters on my hands and my hands are a little sore. The ward in Yeovil is really starting to love us. We went from having 1-2 d.a. a week to 5 this week so hopefully the luck rolls on and we keep getting fed. Sister H---- and her family are very good to us. They are recent converts.  We still are working mostly with part member families and members that are less actives.  There is not a lot of contacting because the area is so large geographically and we have tracted out the areas we can walk to. Taking busses takes forever.  Some of our area is so far away it is a few hours on a bus. Remember on Sponge Bob when he goes to Rock Bottom and then he misses the bus back? That is what it’s like here.  If we go out to the edge of our zone we might be stuck there . haha One of the sisters in our district is going to Idaho but she was temporarily in this mission while she waited.  She just got her visa yesterday. We went to Bournemouth on Wednesday to have our district meeting now that we don’t have cars it takes all day literally. Sadly it feels like it is a complete waste to go there. We had to wake up at 6 and leave at 6.30.  We got there at 11 had the district meeting and had lunch and then when we got back we had a d.a. at 6.30 and then had our meeting with the ward mission leader. Our whole day was spent travelling and eating basically. Our ward mission leader is a really cool guy and he is really easy to work with. Elder Armijo and I went out to buy Nando peri peri sauce. It is by far the best sauce ever and then we bought rolls and made chicken sandwiches. They were some of the best sandwiches I have ever had. I will try to find some photos that I can send you. I have been really slacking lately with taking pictures but that is all i will write for today. I might get to email you on Wednesday we will see. This week is the transfers but I will be staying and same with elder Armijo.  Next move is only a 4 week move.

ciao ciao

Elder Mecham- love you all
We had a broken computer so this is the remedy.

Tank Museum

Tank Museum

The day we lost our car

Monday, March 4, 2013

I am living off the ramen you sent at Christmas.

Hi everyone,

It sounds like the weekend was great and I am glad you got to help Brady.  The story was great. The hoodie is proper. I am well excited for it. Have they ever actually tried to contact Tom Brady? If not then I will when I get home.  I’m excited for the package. Nothing ever comes this way. In Croydon it was easy getting mail and staying connected with everyone and everything like news or ward members and stuff but out in Yeovil I don’t have a clue of what’s happening. It’s a little ‘boring’ sometimes lately because we have not got many people to work with. I don’t know if I have entered into a routine of  being a missionary and feeling like I’m going through the motions sometimes or if it is actually really boring just seeing some of the same people and walking for ages and not seeing a single person out on the streets. I am basically living from teach to teach.  I love when we have work and do work. It has been a pretty ordinary weekend except our car is officially gone now. Elder Armijo said that losing the car was the saddest day of his entire mission. We have to walk everywhere and Yeovil isn’t the busiest place in England. We are basically stuck in Yeovil itself because everything is too far away in walking distance and buses only come every 2 hours. All of Yeovil has been knocked and contacted. So whenever we knock on someone’s door we sometimes will get someone telling us that last time they told us to never knock here again. So that is our main challenge. But at least our teaching pool is decently sized so we can stay busy. We are working with part member families. So we have 4 of those. Working with a couple less actives and recent converts and then mostly people your age.  They are very uncommitted kind of they go through their ups and downs. It is hard work.

The grocery list looks great THX.!! I am living off the ramen you sent at Christmas.  We have no DAs here.  We missed our one opportunity to have Chipotle. Chipotle is above the Thames and a sister in our district had to get her visa and passport to go to America to serve her real mission. So she took our car up to the temple and the office elders and the sisters went up north where they ate Chipotle. I remember when I was first out I wanted to be an office elder. I changed my mind. They don’t get to do a lot of the missionary type work and have to be on the computers a lot of the day. They do get to do origami and take mini mission vacations all the time. But anyhow, they were supposed to bring us some but they wouldn’t drive into Yeovil to drop it off for us It is  only 30 minutes away when coming from the temple. So we ended up not getting any Chipotle. That was a bummer. I bought some things to send home I just need to make time to get it to the post office to send home. I will probably do that after my stuff arrives. I need some additional ideas on what to send. Shipping I guess is very expensive so we will see how this works out. By the way you keep spelling Croydon wrong. Its Croydon with an o instead of an e.

 It’s hard for me to write emails because I can’t remember everything that happened during the week. Sorry I am not much of a story teller. Not any photos today either, sorry.

That’s all for now.  Sorry it’s not much.  I have to go.

- love you all