Sunday, February 3, 2013

Yeovil (yo-vil) and Elder Armijo (arm-e-ho)

Ok so big news I’m out in Yeovil. (yoh-vul) It is going to be great. We had to take a train up to Staines and then met a bunch of missionaries there... I got elder ARMIJO (ar-mi-ho). And his companion gives me the keys and just says 'are you ready to drive' and leaves the keys with me. So I have a car in Yeovil because our area is freaking huge. It covers so much space. Oh and I’m DRIVING!. It is so crazy. President Millar didn’t even tell me I was going to drive right away really ha-ha. This came at such a surprise but it’s awesome. After I had elder Armijo I had to take elder Lamb to his new are in Christchurch which was a 2 /12 hour drive and then we went and picked up some items for Armijo and then drove to Yeovil which was another 2 hours. It is crazy driving here. Elder Armijo is a boss me and him are the exact same. Like literally I will ask him what kind of food he likes and he says really spicy food. He is a ridiculously good basketball player. He was friends with Taylor Heyman too. It is going to be a short email because I haven’t really done anything in Yeovil yet and I haven’t met anyone either. Armijo says our ward is awesome. It is going to be a fun moves. He is super hard working but also loves to have a ton of fun. President loves him. And when elders were asking me who I was with and I told them Armijo they all said how lucky I was and that he is everyone’s favorite and how much they wanted to serve with him. He goes home in April so I will probably kill him off as well. Our flat in Yeovil is so nice it’s awesome we both have our own bathroom and our flat is huge. It is so sick. Send me the shirt before you send it to the tuckers. I will send it from Yeovil to them. Elder Blumenthal was fairly close to Croydon but now we are on opposite sides of the mission. Elder Fingerle is in Staines about a 3 hour car drive. Happy birthday Mum!You are old... like an antique now. Hahahaha Oh and send me the package of stuff like the comfortable foot things. Thank you.. I will email you back on Monday. Oh by the way elder Albrechtsen isnt ap anymore. He is training a newb for his last moves. It is a good way to go. He will be great. I am good the work will be great here in Yeovil. Joey~ love you all Elder Joey Mecham 6 Somerset court Preston road Yeovil, Somerset, England BA21 3FD

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