Monday, February 25, 2013

Well yes, I had a cat in my dorm room for a while, yes


Well yes, I had a cat in my dorm room for a while, yes. It was a secret of sorts. You need to have Lythgoe tell you about the crazy cats we caught and how bad they smelled and how mean they were. That was fun. Oh and my lack of sleep is getting better.  Elder Armijo has a ukulele so now I play it right before I go to bed it soothes the mind

So it was a lacrosse weekend for you. How did Harry and everyone from the Vegas crew do in all their games? And how was my team doing? I am glad you saw Jake and Chance.  How is BYU doing on face-offs? I didn’t know the Grants were interested in going to BYU? Why didn’t Jordan come last year? That’s really cool you have stuff to send me. I ah can’t wait.. Did Elliot come down?  Does he even coach anymore? It sounds like the weekend was great, just filled with lacrosse like usual. Did the Chapman game even come close to last year’s Chapman game? Good thing they went 3-0 it sounds like a good road trip. The coaches should seriously consider working with me on the gear designs before I come home... I can come up with some nasty ideas. Hayden might be good with that as well so we could collaborate. Although I might be too busy with missionary work. If you ever see Stephen Cameron again tell him when I get home I want to book an appointment with him so he can give me a hot towel shave. How is Connor doing? What does Stephen’s hair look like? Who is everyone that asks for me? That’s a lot of questions I just gave you so I will start to talk about what I did this week. Our car gets taken away on Wednesday so Saturday we did a whole tour of the area because it’s likely that I will never get to see it all again because it is so big. We tried to visit EVERYONE.  When we were out in the corner of the area we got a referral from a lady who was interested, while we were out there is was just awesome we ended up giving her a Book of Mormon, but we probably will never be able to go see her again because the corner of our area is impossible to get to unless you have a car. We hope we can figure out ways to get to her. So we will see what happens. The Portuguese family doesn’t want to see us anymore. They flogged us and then texted us and said they weren’t ready at the moment. I was bummed.  

It was really cold this week and we had absolutely no sunshine at all. It was just grey skies all the time and started to snow just a tad. It didn’t rain though so that was good. I need more ties too.  I love my ties.  Elder Armijo gave me like 6 that he isn’t taking home but I need more ties. Ties and socks. Last week was probably the longest week of my mission. Time was going by really slowly for some reason which was alright.  It is all good.  We went and bought a blender and a ton of milk and mint ice cream and just made shakes the entire week at night. They were deeeelicious. We had zone conference and the whole thing was filled with President talking about the effect that the Book of Mormon play will have on missionary work. The church bought out every single advertising space in Charring cross. Which is the major tube station. I will have to send you pictures of what everything will look like. It will only help our effort regardless of the storyline.  People will get interested in our message. Elder Armijo and I set up a ‘preach my gospel’ class so that ward members can become better ward missionaries. That starts in 2 weeks so that will be good for Yeovil.  I am looking forward to the opportunity to teach. Zone conference was good also beacuse I got to see the elders that I knew from when I was in Croydon. It was good to catch up with them. The west side of the mission is weird. It doesn’t have as many missionaries And it seems like all the weird elders are out here.(hmmmmmm- what does that say about me?) The west side of the mission has the awkward elders. How are Pat and Emma doing?  Please say m hellos to them. Oh and also another request for the package. Can you put in a robe? One that I could lounge about in at night. Our flat gets pretty cold so it would be useful at night. Thank you mum for everything. I gave a talk in sacrament on Sunday. It went really well I thought.   I talked about being your best self,  and based it on a talk given by president Monson. The talk was really good. In the talk he lists 3 things to stay strong in faith. 1. Study every day 2. Pray every day and 3. Live righteously. That is good advice for all of us. I connected it to alma 37. When alma is talking to his son Helaman and gives him 3 rules. 1. Pray fervently 2. Learn wisdom and 3. Don’t be slothful.  Also good advice. They wanted me to speak for 15 minutes, I’m not sure how long my talk was but I think it was shorter, maybe longer, oh well. I thought Jenna was going to BYU-Hawaii.  Seriously she will love BYUI.  College and life in general are what you make of it.  Tell her to be at Provo when I get back.

Thanks for all those photos. Tell Jordan and Jeremy I said, “Meow”. Oh and I might be able to call March 10th.  Long story. And I know I am a VERY lovable person, so thanks for all the love.  Oh and as far as England, I love it here.  Hate the politics here though.  Really weird.  Love the people and the members.  And thanks for Sister Nihipali’s talk.  I will use that with people. I like the rescue.  Everyone has scars.  They should be glad they have them. It makes us more like Him.


Joey- Love you all


PS I bought this cup for me to drink out of it.

New cup
Quite a view

Love the loyalty

Just a Brit I guess!

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  1. I want a pair of those socks! Seriously, a little quid pro quo? One air of Union Jack socks for another, right Doug?