Monday, February 18, 2013

Well, me and Armijo had water of course, but they had coffee

Hey Everyone,

Elder Armijo and I cut our hair. We shelf hard now!. I will get pictures up of it. This week has been really good. We went on exchanges, and I absolutely hate exchanges because we all know how I feel about change.  The only good thing about them is that it kinda throws off your schedule and keeps you from getting stuck in a routine. This week we found like 8 new people to teach one was a Portuguese family and I was able to use the limited amount of Portuguese I learned from elder Martins to teach them. It was pretty cool.  We also found a group of 20 year olds that are interested and we sat down with them in a cafe and shared a coffee with them (well me and Armijo had water of course, but they had coffee.) It was a good time and they seemed liked really kool kids. The ward is devastated that we are losing our car. The one good thing from it though is that we will get in shape before Armijo goes home. We tried a little basketball contacting but no one plays basketball here and of course lax is out of the question. No one is even outside really. We have had sun for the past 3 days for a little, like maybe 2 hours a day.  Anyhow, we have been doing a lot of work in the villages outside of Yeovil that you need a car to get to and we found great people but when our car gets taken away we really have no way of getting out there so that bites. But we will figure it out and get back to them.

 Oh so the reason that we are on the other side of the fence at Stonehenge is because we didn’t have the 30 pounds that is required to get in but I still wanted pictures of it so I got them from outside the fence. Oh and yea I will take that Brady’s bunch hoodie with me everywhere that would be ill. That is good with lacrosse and stuff I am glad you still do all that. I know you are a big help to everyone. That is the very first thing president says to me whenever he sees me. It always has something to do with lacrosse.

I haven’t really had any proper English food. I don’t mind the food anyways I like it all. Dad said he cheated on his diet earlier but that’s good he is losing so much. The biggest loser thing is a joke right? What does dad think about it? I bet he would win though.  Not much to write this week, nothing spectacular happened or really stuck out.  We just keep working and trying. If you would send me a package it would be good.  I need those foot things, ties but not gross ones, take dad with you and he knows what ties I like, I like Evan R. Lawson ties. Just mention that to him. That shirt, the thing Tank is sending me and just have Chance Cooper go get the shirt and bring it down with him. Get pictures of the team and stuff if they do a fireside and tell them I say hello and tell Pat that there is an elder here that knows him and he is from Fiji. his name is elder Tabakece (pronounced tam-buh-kethay). Oh and yes Marleice is going on a mission. We have emailed once or twice. I am really happy for her and think it’s great.   I am doing well. the only problem I had is that I can’t sleep. I lie in bed until like midnight and then wake up probably 10 times during the night.

This was probably the most depressing Valentine’s days ever...I mean for all the girls at home. In my entire 19 year existence, it is not like I even accepted Valentine ’s Day as a real day anyway. But I am sure it is depressing solely for the fact that I know I was breaking girl’s hearts because I am a missionary and their valentine’s day is ruined for two years in a row. Poor girls.

 I will slowly send more pictures

Note the lacrosse sticks to theright of Elder Mecham's study area.


View of Glastonbury (aka Witch country)
Ok so I found some interesting stuff- Did you know that Brigham young was visited by all the presidents up until his time and he did their temple work for them. Fact! That missionary work in the spirit world is going to be the exact same as it is here with zone leaders, district leaders and mission presidents and stuff.  So get ready to serve if you haven’t and even if you have you will serve again.
I want to start a collection of religious books when I get home. I already have the Quran in English and the Jehovah’s witness new world translation bible.  I think it would be cool to have lots of religious books and I can pick out all the true doctrine that stems from the Gospel.  Lots of religions have lots of good, they just don’t have it all.

Oh mum, ramen is always nice. And I need more hot sauce. Rooster sauce.

Love, Elder Mecham


  1. It's not worth the thirty quid to get in the fence, you still have to stay on a little walkway and you can't touch the stones or anything. The only time you can touch the stones is at the midsummer solstice, but missionaries don't want to be around when that happens, too many "fertility rituals" going on...

  2. On the other hand if they ever get a chance to go to Salisbury for a p-day they need to take the tower tour. It's 11-ish quid, but it's well lush.