Monday, February 11, 2013

we made a tiny little pitstop at …STONEHENGE!

1. All info about the area??? Photos too if you have some.

Yeovil itself is very small and there are a lot of surrounding villages. We have the second biggest area in the mission.

2. Companion stories? Tell us about him and what you two like to do

 Sadly, we are scraping to get by right now. He is a big time spender and so am I so we always end up convincing each other to buy a lot of little stuff. He is a big tie buyer. He is good missionary though. Really good.

3. Ward? How is it?

The ward is great. They are all really nice. It’s a smaller ward. Probably about 50 people give or take 15.

4. How is dinner there on Sundays? Hansen was wondering if you have had your fill of Brussels sprouts out there?

I haven’t had any Brussels sprouts but that was one of the questions Armijo asked the first day. Dinners are good though.

5. Is the food way different there than London?

Yes because there are no African people in Yeovil so now it’s just straight English food.

6. Any investigators?

We have a recent convert that we work with who was baptized 3 months ago his name is Dave and he loves music. He has vinyl of all the old music. Probably over 2000 records.


This week was a lot of fun. Even though we got some horrible news; our car is getting taken away. Not because I’m a horrible driver but because a senior couple is coming into the mission so they will get the car. Which is lame. We have the second biggest area right behind Barnstable and they have a car. Bus passes are well expensive so it will probably cost more. But they dont give cars to missionaries because this mission has the highest accidents so they have taken most of the cars out. But we need a car in Yeovil. Not having one is going to seriously hinder the work because we can never go outside of Yeovil now. Its absolute rubbish, but oh well, we will work with what we have. Armijo and I were fairly upset when we got this phone call. It gets taken away the first of March. But after that little tirade we had a lot of fun. We had to drive a lot because the sisters in Weymouth (haha your old town Mum) missed their train so we had to drive them to their flat which is an hour to get there and hour back. Then Salisbury had a baptism yesterday so on Thursday we had to drive out there which is an hour and half. After we interviewed the little lady we made a tiny little pitstop at …STONEHENGE! It was proper. I got to see one of the wonders of the world! Remember how I was talking about once in a lifetime opportunities, along with teaching the gospel, well this was definitely one of them. It was a good time I got a couple pictures and stuff which will come attached. The experience was unreal.

 Me and Armijo are the exact same. We get along very well, it’s so much easier when you have a companion that you get along with. We worked a lot with less active members this week and yesterday at church we had 4 less actives show up!!!! That was good. It’s so nice to see the hard work that gets put in actually does something so quickly. An answer to prayers really.

Bummer is I am sick again this week. This is like my 4th time being sick I don’t know what’s going on. Armijo and I just woke up one morning and both looked at each other and were like dang this stinks. So we got some of this olbas oil which is exactly like vicks vapor rub (mom) except a lot higher potency- like it makes your sinuses burn and it makes your skin get really cold and stuff. It’s wicked. But anyhow,we put drops of the oil on our pillow cases to sleep better and I put a lot on and I guess sometime during the night it got on my face/eyes so my eyes were BURNING but because they were really cold, not hot. It reminds me of icy hot. I’m like addicted to the olbas oil now and I always just carry it around and sniff it and stuff. I probably look ridiculous.  Elder Armijo has some really cool church music. It’s basically primary songs but on like techno and dubstep beats so driving around is awesome fun and jamming out to hymns. I’m looking for a good hill to get my whip off the ground. Haven’t really found any yet but I’m fairly persistent.


Elder Mecham- Love you all

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