Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I have lost half a stone already...


Ok so the area Yeovil is awesome it is all country and the closest village is Glastonbury which is like 30 minutes’ drive and check this, it is a witchcraft place!!!! It has the creepiest vibe to it. There is this big tower on a hill that overlooks everything and it’s crazy. Witches just walk the streets. No lie. So elder Armijo is the exact same as me except instead of lacrosse he plays basketball. We have the exact same personality. He likes the same music and movies as me and most importantly he likes to do contacting the same way I do so it is perfect and really fun all the time. Have Shawn Hansen tell you about him. We never have a quiet moment because there is so much to talk about. He got me hooked to Pepsi max and we came up with a new diet called the max cheese diet. I have lost half a stone already. All we do is eat cheese and drink a ton of Pepsi max. (oh and with him we do and workout in the mornings after we pray and before we study)  It’s working really well. We have a ukulele in our flat so elder Armijo is teaching me how to play. It’s also a lot of fun learning to play and it is good. Speaking of fun, driving is a lot of fun. I just want to go out to buy sunglasses today because no matter what there is always sun right in my eyes and it makes me squint more than I already do!! haha Oh also I’m sure you were freaking out, but I will be emailing late like this from now on because instead of having to work from 6-9 pm after pday we have to do it before so we have the night left. Here we  can get more work in this way because people are active at 11 and we don’t bother their tea times this way. That is a big thing out here and it better not to bother them then.  Yeovil is a pretty old area like age wise. All of our investigators except one are over 40. There are a lot more old people here.


I really like it over here. Not much street contacting but the knocking is really fun and successful and people aren’t in a huge rush everywhere so it’s easy to get a good convo going with them. Here is how it goes-Normally  now the first thing we mention is the gospel and how we are from America and how I live in Las Vegas and then, boom,  I have their attention. Then we tell them what we are doing in Yeovil.  Often they ask lot of questions about Vegas. Vegas opens a lot of doors here.  Seriously.  After talking for a bit about Vegas I can talk to them about the gospel and what I really have to say.  They have to want to talk to us first and somehow Vegas gets people talking.  I am glad for that because people here don't just talk otherwise.

 Good for Garrett Winters and Robert Pike. Serving will make a big difference in their lives and change them both for the better. It has me.  They just have to remember that the first night they are doing the right thing for the right reason and once they get out of the MTC it will be good.  The MTC is like that Elder said.. Spirit Prison.

So why will Zac be playing with me for 2 years? I am glad, but why? Where did Hayden have surgery and what for?

Ok so funny story, the ward here is a little crazy But it is awesome. Sacrament meeting had some interesting testimonies this week. There are some characters in this ward but they love the Lord. We are fed really well too so that’s always good. What do you have for me from Tank?  How to whistle? Or some motivational speech that would make a kid cry? Ha I’m excited to see what it will be, it will probably be something classic.  He is really important to me and taught me a lot.  I always smile thinking of the good old days of playing highschool lax for him. Those were the days. Man I miss those days. Tell the kids to enjoy it.  I often reminisce about those days  and even conditioning and stuff. Tank probably has the same memories… (after all we were the dream team...)

Going to a new area is crummy for this reason- because now I have no idea where places are so I’m am always asking directions and even I get annoyed with myself. The language over here is well different from Croydon. it’s like a whole new dialect. I don’t have much to write this week because I emailed 4 days ago. I will send pic to make up for the lack of a letter... also should I send the sd cards?  Let me know.
As far as Robert Pike goes- He is going to be a great missionary. He knows what it takes. The only place in the US better than where he is going is New England…of course but Green Bay will be fun (and cold like here). Remind him that he will be able to convert the likes of Aaron Rogers. That should be his goal. Not quite as cool as Tom Brady, but a close second. Tell him to try the cheese max diet that I am on and we can write once he gets his ldsaccount.

Here are the answers to some of your questions

1. Letters? none

2. Car? What type? Vauxhall meriva. Silver with suicide doors. It’s fly.

3. Driving? What is it like? A lot of fun. The roads are tiny it’s awesome.

4. Comp? Tell us about him. The exact same as me except he is ridiculously good at basketball. He is known throughout the mission as the best bballer. Hardest worker in the mission. President loves him.

5. Teaching? What are you doing? We have a good bunch of investigators. Driving frees up time so we visit a lot of less actives and go knocking and stuff... hard to street contact because no one is really on the streets

6. Who are you investigators? Melanie. Ann who has a member husband. June who is solid. And others that I can’t remember. Oh and Richard who is an older guy

7. Is it city or country where you are? Country as can be... separated by little villages

8. SEND MORE PHOTOS of your new area. k

9. Can I send packages to your flat or should I send them to the mission home? Flat.

10. Why do you drive instead of your comp? Because he can’t and I can due to the way we can drive with US license for one year.

Elder Mecham- love you all


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