Sunday, February 3, 2013

Elder Mecham's last night with the Tuckers

This is from Sister Julie Tucker- Elder Mecham has come to love this sweet family as he has served in the Croyden area.

Elder Mecham shared the spiritual message with us Sunday evening.

Phillipean 4:5-8 "You can't have the spirit when you don't have good thoughts. The spirit can't direct you if you're not thinking good thoughts. It can be hard to keep virtuous thoughts. When you have bad thoughts, then the spirit can't help you. If you're thinking about how bad the kids are at school or homework, then you won't have the spirit with you. We are brought closer to our Heavenly Father through virtuous thoughts." Elder Mecham I had my computer with me and typed away while he spoke. I missed a few lines here and there, but those were his words, generally. I was impressed by his choice. I think all of us, particularly my teenagers, get negative about being here sometimes, that we're going to totally miss out. We need to be more positive. His message was definitely tailored toward our family.

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